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    Collect all the Peaches in the Scroll of Destiny

    You will find the scroll of destiny in chapter 3, it will be the third painting you enter in that chapter, it will be close to the end of the chapter. There are a total of 4 Peaches in that chapter, each one being very easily found if you explore before going through the end door of that painting. Once you have collected the fourth peach the trophy will pop, you can use chapter select if you didn't get this trophy during your normal playthrough. Also see here (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

    Peach 1: Beside a cloud in the falling section. After you drop down from a leaf walkway, take the left path over the spikes.

    Peach 2: At end of left path over spikes, follow the path until you need to use a bounce pad. Get to the upper left ledge.

    Peach 3: On the upper left ledge keep following the path until you pull a chain to make a few vents appear, at the last one drop down to the lower walkway.

    Peach 4: On the lower walkway beside the bounce pad. Use the bounce pad and follow the path to the exit. Thanks to II OE II for the locations.

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  • My trophies is not unlocking sad I had to catch a glitch
  • you sure u didnt miss the very first one? its right at the start of the first scroll behind you in a patch of grass
  • Got every one, even the 5th one that the walkthrough doesn't list and it didn't pop for me either.
  • Disregard that last post, didn't realize there was more then one painting lol.

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