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    Pepper All Snouts in the Game

    There are a total of 59 snouts in the game each level holding or containing a different amount of snouts. Just by pressing in any chapter will tell you how many Snouts you have and how many are in that chapter. You will know when one is in the area, because the snout will start to make pig sounds, so make sure to listen out for them. You can only use the Pepper Grinder to make it sneeze. Here is a breakdown of how many are in each chapter:

    1. Chapter one (1) has fourteen (14) snouts
    2. Chapter two (2) has fifteen (15) snouts
    3. Chapter three (3) has eleven (11) snouts
    4. Chapter four (4) has eleven (11) snouts
    5. Chapter Five (5) has eight (8) snouts
    6. Chapter six (6) has zero (0) snouts

    Please use this thread to help find all the memories for this trophy. Collectable Guide (WIP) -

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  • Bar none the worst trophy if you dont get it in your first playthrough. At least the memories have a list for them that displays the ones you have.
  • what i did was turn off the music to help with hearing the noise they make. also equipped the outfit that has shrink sense always on to help find the invisble ones.

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