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  • Everything Fit to Remember


    Find all Memories

    There are a total of 94 Memories all together. If you need to view how many you have, from the main menu; press and see how many you have and need to collect. After that from the main menu go to memories to see which ones you are missing directly and which chapters they are in. Please use this thread to help find all the memories for this trophy (credit to Moosh for this): LINK


    • Bumby (Glasses)
    • Liddell (House)
    • Pris (Potion)
    • Dr. Wilson (Needle)
    • Nanny (Feather)
    • Radcliffe (Ink Pen)

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  • Alice: Cllectables madness should be an appropiate alt title for this game. 252 collectables is insane. I'm just missing a few after my 1st playthru but this time I'll use a guide, no way I'm goin mad by searching them all.
  • It helps if you have the dlc and equip the outfit the has shrink sense active.
  • I just hate I forgot just a single one and I don't know which one haha :)

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