Painting the Town Red Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • Painting the Town Red


    Complete all Radula Rooms

    How to unlock Painting the Town Red

    There are 16 Radula Rooms in total and you first get access to them in the second chapter of the game, there will be a big snail shell that you can walk into and the cat will sometimes appear. With each room you complete you will be able to paint the rose red and 4 will get you another rose to add to your rose life bar. After you have completed the last Radula room, the trophy will pop after you have picked up the last rose paint and are waiting for the loading screen to go away.

    There are 4 rooms in each Chapter starting from chapter 2 all the way up to 5. There are 4 rooms and each room has a specific challenge assigned to it; one challenge is a riddle, another is surviving while enemies try to kill you, another is actually fighting and killing enemies while the fourth challenge is world specific, Please see the second spoiler tag for more info. Please use this guide to help find all the rooms (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

    • Deluded Depths (Second Chapter) has you go through another HMS Gryphon type mini game.
    • Oriental Grove (Third Chapter) has you go through another side scrolling mini game.
    • Queensland (Fourth Chapter)has you go through another Giant Alice mini game.
    • The Dollhouse (Fifth Chapter) has you go through another Off With Her Head mini game.

    Credit to Keyser Soze for this image.

    Chapter Two -- First Radula Room
    Q: How is the queen of hearts like a Typhoon?
    A: In all ways But the Typhoon doesn’t mean to be.

    Chapter Two -- Second Radula Room
    You will have to survive the fight to earn the second Rose paint.
    You don’t have to kill them all, just stay alive until the time is up.

    Chapter Two -- Third Radula Room
    You will start on a boat, reach the end alive and the rose paint is yours.

    Chapter Two - Fourth Radula Room Kill or be Killed.
    Make sure to kill all the enemies that are around. There will be 2 waves of enemies, one round with One three-faced Ruin and 2 teapot monsters and the next round will be one three-faced ruin and 4 teapot monsters. I would advise killing the teapot monsters as quickly as possible and then handle the Three-faces ruin when it’s alone.

    Chapter Three -- First Radula Room
    Q: We welcome the arrival of a Phantom at sunset, only to rue its departure at sunrise. What is it?
    A: Dreams

    Chapter Three -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of bolterflies and Madcaps.
    There will be 4 Bolterfly hives and three Madcaps.

    Chapter Three -- Third Radula Room
    Can you survive the passage of time? You have to last about a minute to successfully complete the room, There will be Cannon Crabs and Madcaps.

    Chapter Three -- Fourth Radula Room
    One of the side scrolling paintings, get to the end and this will be completed.

    Chapter Four -- First Radula Room
    Q:What comes next in the sequence 1 3 4 7 11

    Chapter Four -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of wasp archers, samurai wasps, and an eyepot. Taking out the Wasps fist with the Longest distance weapons is good to do first, that way the eyepot cannot hit you. Make sure to dodge when you can.

    Chapter Four -- Third Radula Room
    Survive the passage of time. Enemies here consist of maiymo wasps and drowned sailors. Simply run around the outer edge and evade them. Use the dodge button to evade all attacks. Will last about a minute.

    Chapter Four -- Fourth Radula Room
    Giant Alice again. Stomp () on the red enemy generators to weaken the walls. Smash through them and rip out the tentacles (), then destroy the cannon tower.

    Chapter Five -- First Radula Room
    Q: The one that uses it never Knows that he's using it. What is It?

    Chapter Five -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of card guards, armored card guards and ice snarks. Make sure to use the Teapot Cannon to deal damage to the armored Card guards.

    Chapter Five -- Third Radula Room
    Can you survive the passage of time? Enemies here consist of an executioner, samurai wasps, and ink wasps. Evade around the outside until you complete the trial. Will last about a minute to complete. Again just use the dodge button to run around and evade any attacks.

    Chapter Five -- Fourth Radula Room
    Complete the doll head rolling mini game. Nothing to hard about this one.


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