Madness Prevails Trophy

  • Madness Prevails


    Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty

    We advise going for this on after you have beaten the game on easy or normal the first time around and using the glitch (located below) to get this trophy and any other trophy you might not have received yet. The key thing you need to do while going for this trophy is to always use the dodge button (). Doing that will make your body disappear for a short while, but let you dodge all attacks very quickly. Also in this playthrough, you should be able to use the Hysteria anytime you need it, unless you didn't get it on your first playthrough.

    The game is fairly easy and can be breezed through without much effort if you have completed the game once before. If you plan to start the game on Nightmare on your first playthrough, I would advise looking into buying the DLC and using one of those Dresses to help aid you in this game. This trophy stacks with the lower difficultly trophies, so the platinum is obtainable in one playthrough.

    Alternative Method: Do this if you played the game on a lower difficulty level, Obtained all the collectibles (Memories and Snouts) and want to cut out the second playthrough. Both Guide writers would like to thank the members from this thread for confirming this works: LINK

    1. First start a New Game+
    2. After the first save point (The Clock on the bottom right side is gone). Quit out to the main menu.
    3. Go to chapter select and pick the last section of that chapter. Beat it and let it roll you over to the next chapter. Let it save, and then quit to the main menu (The Beginning of the End should pop).
    4. Repeat step 3 for the next 5 chapters.
    5. In chapter 6 you do not have to fight the last boss. Just choose the last sub chapter in that chapter and walk to the end, The credits will pop and this trophy along with any other difficulty trophies you didn't get. This will also pop Level-Headed, if you didn't use it more than once.

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  • *sigh* this will prevent me from getting plat... :(
  • @1: Well, that should be ok... Discussed several times elsewhere, but Plat's should not be freebie's and should take some effort. Gamer's should not be guaranteed a plat just because they purchased and played the game, if that was the case, then the whole idea of trophies/achievements is pointless. They are after all meant to show off your gaming ability. (I will never plat several games I have played because I am not good enough at them)...
  • I love the whole idea of platinum trophies. Why? Because with the old games it didn't matter if you beat the most difficult boss on super hard mode, or whatever, no one would believe it. At least w/ this trophy system you can flaunt the goods.
  • @#1. How do you know? Have you even tried it yet? Dont jump to conclusions before you at least attempt it. I love a challange and love platinums, idc how hard it may be im gonna play it till i get it! Dont let the game beat you, you beat the game!
  • i can see both sides of this arguement lol.. but in all reality a game is meant to be fun.. sometimes the hardest difficulty is a challenge, other times its a test of frustration lol. But i think most games should have a hard difficulty and a trophy to go with it... nightmare difficulty already sounds like a pain in the azz lol.
  • If you are able to dedicate yourself to a game based on its appeal of mechanics, visuals, or premise, you can apply more patience and effort towards earning the most difficult trophies (as well as in-game accomplishments without assigned reward). If you are on a schedule that does not allow a lot of time gaming or you simply cannot get into a game enough to get every last nugget of goodness, then sometimes you have to be content without a 100% cert. Then again, if games provide compelling awards for beating various difficulties (especially the harder ones) that lend to the game's gameplay, more people will pursue higher difficulties.
  • As long as it isn't Eat Lead Stupid hard!
  • i'm about to finish the game in nightmare mode (i'm in the last chapter). i'd say it isn't as hard as i've been expecting ! good news ! the ennemies just hit a bit harder, but that's all fortunately. so don't worry and go for this trophey, it shouldn't be a problem ! the trophey i'll have troubles to get will be "pulling his strings" i guess. we'll see... but platinum trophey will be mine within 48 hours ! :))
  • i dont thnk i can get this, normal difficulty is hard for me
  • ill still take a shot at it though
  • Used the Level Select trick. Got it in 15 minutres, along with Normal and Hard trophies.
  • Since there hasn't been a patch yet and it seems it won't be any then this trophy is glitchable and all those affraid of working on it can take the easy road, that I won't do since I payed for the game and I want to enjoy it a bit more, I also have the 2$ Add-on so using the dresses and the Teapot will make it doable.
  • Did Nightmare on my first playthrough, hellish in some parts :) but overall doable, especially after you've upgraded. Used the DLC once or twice (if I'd spent 2 hours on a particular fight, beat it then got killed and sent back to before the hard fight - argh!) but if you like a tough game, *do Nightmare first!* It's no challenge at all if you do it as New Game+ with everything already maxed out :
  • #13 i agree if your goin 4 the plat u shud be a proper gamer anyway not pussyin around on easy or medium
  • This was really not that bad on new game plus. I thought it was gonna be stupid hard like the original Alice game but nightmare on new game plus is like a first playthrough on normal.
  • no bs, this really does work
  • Thanks for the method guys. Made it very easy to obtain trophy
  • I am playing this game, again to make plat. I played first in difficult and it wasnt difficult so I think I can do it (:
  • thank God for the glitch. this game is so freaking boring that id die if i had 2 play it twice.
  • LOL @ Kalinho, i dunno i find it fun,l i laugh at some points..., and you are right, thank god for the glitch!!
  • What glitches I'm have hard time with this one would like it to be number 27 but wow I just don't know
  • How hard is this platinum? Getting the game finally tomorrow.
  • just finished my first playthrough on nightmare. not so bad with the dlc weapons and outfits. have to say though chapter 5 wasnt so fun compared to the other chapters. great game though
  • Thank you so much for this guide, would never have made it otherwise.
  • Does beating the game on Nightmare automatically give you the trophies for Easy mode, Hard mode etc?
  • No, but it's the same strategy with the level select thing.
  • @25, the difficulty should stack so if you do nightmare on the first go through you should get them all.
  • @5 games are meant to be fun sure, but the trophy system is not the game. Everyone is free to ignore the trophies and simply play the game. Each player has to find the happy medium that fits them best, and everyone needs to acknowledge that we aren't required to be given participation trophies just because we want to say we're trophy hunters.

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