The End of Daze Trophy in Alice: Madness Returns

  • The End of Daze


    Complete Wonderland Chapter 5

    How to unlock The End of Daze

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    This is the dollhouse, where you will meet the Dollmaker. You will meet him in the end, but it's funny he was the person you would least expect to be who he is. This chapter revolves around the doll houses and the children that are around.

    There will be a picture Puzzle you need to complete.

    - Middle left piece down
    - Center piece left
    - Top middle piece down
    - Top right piece left
    - Middle right piece up
    - Center piece right
    - Bottom middle piece up
    - Bottom right piece left

    After completing the puzzle, you will be introduce to the B*t*h Babies. The perfect time to start going for that trophy (Kill ten with Deflection).

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