Platinum For All Other Trophies Trophy

  • Platinum For All Other Trophies


    Platinum For All Other Trophies

    Congratulations you have conquered Alice's Nightmares. Collect all other trophies to obtain this, the DLC not required.

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  • terrible name
  • @1 Agreed lol
  • I totally agree!
  • This should be renamed hahah
  • wow. could've had a better name.
  • It makes sense, it is the platinum for all other trophies after all
  • Does it really matter what the name of a trophy is?
  • Yes. No. Maybe. Sometimes. It's a nice touch.
  • While I wouldn't say it 'matters' per say, it's still odd, since the rest of the trophy names are great! I especially love the difficulty trophy names, stacking up to Madness Prevails!
  • @9 Agreed!
  • this will be a little easier with the dlc that you can get for 1.99 to help out on the nightmare dificulty :p
  • lol at all the comments
  • lol at the comments about all the comments
  • Yes the name sucks lol. and I hate this game now that I have plat for all the trouble I went through for it xD
  • lol
  • LOL does name really matter so much?
  • LOL It works.
  • who cares what name it has? can somebody please just tell me if this one is hard to get or not?
  • @18. It's probably one of the easiest platinums you'll ever get. The platinum is a breeze, even without the DLC.
  • nice play...not hard
  • Thank cap obvious for the name
  • great game, loved every second(got bored at points in chapter 5 though), but i spent hours getting all of the bottles because i thought theres be a trophy for them then i got the neighslayer withought noticing and the plat popped
  • just scored this one :). i agree with #22. chapter 5 was just a bit annoying but overall a great game. some of the memories was easy to miss if you didnt pay attention to the surrondings.
  • just platinum this game. i would of a couple months ago when i got the game but i had one left which was collect all memories so i decided to get a break from the game and now i have it.. i do agree this game was very good and very under the radar.more people need to look into this game and/or hear about this game cuz its a good deal.very good in length as well.although i found myself in at least one or two chapters kinda getting to the point where i was like come on is this chapter ever going to end,sort of getting repetative.
  • I love the name! It's got a nice ring to it. At least it looks kinda cool. Just got this today, this was an easy, fun play. Except for that head rolling part. That was frustrating. Stupid head.
  • suckish name
  • it should be called something like End Of Hell or something.
  • Even madness returns would be a better name lol
  • One of the Easyiest plats by far
  • Very easy plat
  • a really easy plat to get
  • I just wanted to add another LOL to the comments

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