• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 45 (30, 11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 16-20 (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None, there is chapter select.
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on at least Nightmare difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None, there are dresses that you can put on but will not affect the trophies.


The Wonderland that you knew from childhood has gone horribly wrong ... again. This is the follow-up to designer American McGee's twisted take on the classic Lewis Carroll tale. Designed with the same dark style of the original, but now featuring entirely new visuals, story and game design, Alice: Madness Returns follows Alice on a journey through a wildly corrupted and shattered Wonderland to uncover the truth behind her haunted past and tortured psyche.

Alice: Madness Returns takes place 10 years after the conclusion of the original game, with Alice struggling to recover from the emotional trauma of losing her entire family in a fatal fire. After spending a decade institutionalized in an insane asylum, she is finally released to the care of a psychiatrist who just may be able to help her conquer the nightmarish hallucinations that still haunt her. Alice embarks on a mission to root out the true cause of her family's mysterious death, jumping from a gloomy and stark London to a rich and provocative Wonderland. IGN Alice Madness Returns


Note: As you go through the game you will encounter bottles, the bottles do not have a trophy associated with them, which means you don't have to collect them if you don't want to. You can collect them if you want 100% in the game. The only collectibles that have trophies associated with them are the Memories, Snouts, Radula rooms and the peaches in chapter 3.

Step One: Normal Playthrough + Getting all the Collectibles.

I'd advise starting the game on easy or normal for your first playthrough. The combat will be a little easier to tackle and the enemies will deal less damage to you if they hit you. You can also use hysteria in this playthrough whenever needed. In this playthrough you should utilize the collectibles guide (located under each collectible trophy in the guide) to find all the collectibles. There are a great amount of items to find and collect, so getting all of them in this playthrough will save you from using chapter select to get them in the end. Once you beat the game you can use Chapter Select to collect any trophies you may have missed prior to beating the game. Once you're satisfied with your completion percentage it's time to move on to getting the rest of the difficulty related trophies, plus the Level-Headed trophy. Please see the next step on how to get those trophies without doing another playthrough.

Step two: The rest of the Difficulty related trophies, Plus the Hysteria trophy.

New Game+, Make sure to use the New Game Plus tab that will be on the main menu to go about getting these trophies. Do this if you played the game on a lower difficulty level, obtained all the collectibles (Memories and Snouts) and want to cut out the second playthrough. Both Guide writers would like to thank the members from this thread for confirming this works. Nightmare trophy in 20 minutes

Please see Madness Prevails for a trick to get this trophy within twenty minutes without doing a full playthrough again.

Step three: Chapter select Clean up

This will be where you will go about getting any of the trophies you may have missed during your first playthrough. Make sure to use the chapter select Tab from the main menu to get any of the collectibles you may have missed. From that tab, it will tell you how many collectibles you are missing from each. Plus any of the trophies you may have missed. The few trophies you may have missed would be:

  1. Ship of Fools
  2. That's Using Your Head
  3. Weapon Schizo
  4. Grind 'em All!
  5. Neighslayer
  6. Eyes on the Size
  7. Brollyant
  8. Beware of the Lagomorph
  9. Cold Arms, Cold Heart
  10. Pulling His Strings
  11. Calm In the Face of Death

[PST Would Like to Thank GODCHILD1020 & Kheapathic for this Roadmap]


American McGee's Alice DLC:


Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 (in my opinion) all the trophies you get simply for playing the game, however the game itself is very touchy with the controls, you will fall off platforms and get frustrated quite a lot.
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20hrs
Offline trophies: 6 (4 , 1 , 1 )
Minimum Number of playthroughs required: 1
Do Cheats Affect trophies?: N/A
Do trophy Difficulties Stack?: N/A
Number of Missable Trophies: None



American McGee's Alice is a timeless classic that first came out in the year 2000. It quickly gained a cult following and has since been a fan favorite. The gameplay relies heavily on platforming and aiming-based combat. Alice gets what is essentially a health bar and mana bar, the later being used for special attacks from weapons. You get a vast arsenal of weapons to exact your punishment on enemies and each one provides a different style of combat and special attacks.

In this guide I have provided detailed Trophy Information as well as detailed boss battle strategies underneath each trophy for any boss that corresponds to that section of the game.


There are not really any steps, the game is very linear (although sometimes confusing) and there are no difficulty trophies, so choose what you want. I will say this however, be careful what difficulty you choose because once you choose it you cannot change it without restarting the game.

HINT: SAVE OFTEN!!! if you die in this game you have to start over from your last save. The game has an autosave feature but it only auto-saves at the beginning of each level.

HINT 2: YOU CAN SAVE DURING BOSS BATTLES use this to your advantage

[PST Would Like to Thank oversoul53 for this Roadmap]

Alice: Madness Returns Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 13  34  17  )

  • Platinum For All Other Trophies

    Congratulations you have conquered Alice's Nightmares. Collect all other trophies to obtain this, the DLC not required.

  • Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty

    All difficulty related trophies are stackable, please see Madness Prevails for more info on how to beat the game. This trophy will pop during the credits. The credits are skip-able.

  • Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty

    All difficulty related trophies are stackable, please see Madness Prevails for more info on how to beat the game. This trophy will pop during the credits. The credits are skip-able.

  • Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty

    All difficulty related trophies are stackable, please see Madness Prevails for more info on how to beat the game. This trophy will pop during the credits. The credits are skip-able.

  • Complete Chapter 1 on Nightmare Difficulty

    Once you start the game, you will be ask which difficulty do you want to play the game on, scroll to the bottom and pick Nightmare. After you have completed the first chapter on nightmare the trophy will pop up. The first chapter is more of a tutorial than anything else. You will gain a few weapons and learn the moves fairly early in this chapter. The best way to conquer this chapter with ease it to use one of the DLC dresses from the PSN store or use the dodge button often to avoid getting hit by any enemies .

    Please see Madness Prevails on how to earn this trophy without playing through the whole chapter.

  • Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty

    We advise going for this on after you have beaten the game on easy or normal the first time around and using the glitch (located below) to get this trophy and any other trophy you might not have received yet. The key thing you need to do while going for this trophy is to always use the dodge button (). Doing that will make your body disappear for a short while, but let you dodge all attacks very quickly. Also in this playthrough, you should be able to use the Hysteria anytime you need it, unless you didn't get it on your first playthrough.

    The game is fairly easy and can be breezed through without much effort if you have completed the game once before. If you plan to start the game on Nightmare on your first playthrough, I would advise looking into buying the DLC and using one of those Dresses to help aid you in this game. This trophy stacks with the lower difficultly trophies, so the platinum is obtainable in one playthrough.

    Alternative Method: Do this if you played the game on a lower difficulty level, Obtained all the collectibles (Memories and Snouts) and want to cut out the second playthrough. Both Guide writers would like to thank the members from this thread for confirming this works: LINK

    1. First start a New Game+
    2. After the first save point (The Clock on the bottom right side is gone). Quit out to the main menu.
    3. Go to chapter select and pick the last section of that chapter. Beat it and let it roll you over to the next chapter. Let it save, and then quit to the main menu (The Beginning of the End should pop).
    4. Repeat step 3 for the next 5 chapters.
    5. In chapter 6 you do not have to fight the last boss. Just choose the last sub chapter in that chapter and walk to the end, The credits will pop and this trophy along with any other difficulty trophies you didn't get. This will also pop Level-Headed, if you didn't use it more than once.
  • Upgrade a Weapon

    Once you reach the Train Station in the Vale of Tears you'll be able to upgrade your Vorpal Blade with the teeth you have collected. To upgrade your weapon you will need to collect teeth and once you have enough teeth to upgrade a weapon, your knife being the first (175 teeth) press and go to weapons to upgrade a weapon. You will first get the notice after reaching a certain part of the first chapter. Please see Armed to the Teeth for more info.

  • Fully upgrade a weapon

    Please see Armed to the Teeth for more info. All the weapons have 4 levels until they are maxed out. The easiest weapon to upgrade to the fullest is the Vorpal Blade, it’s the weapon you will mostly use throughout the game and costs the least amount to upgrade. Running you about 1650 teeth to upgrade to the max and other weapons are over 2000 teeth to upgrade to the max.

  • Fully upgrade all weapons

    There are a number of ways to get teeth to upgrade your weapons. There are a lot of breakables around the chapters and some times once you defeat enemies they will drop teeth. Finding the snouts will also pop up a basket that has a set of gold teeth that can get you a lot of teeth fairly quickly, there will be slides in every chapter that you can slide down that will have a lot of teeth on it too. You can also get this trophy on your new game plus if you didn't on your first. The weapon upgrades will carry over to the new game plus as long as you use NEW GAME +. Here is a list of all the weapons and the cost to upgrade them.

    Vorpal Blade

    1. Level 1 cost 175 teeth to reach level 2
    2. Level 2 cost 675 teeth to reach level 3
    3. Level 3 Cost 800 teeth to reach level 4

    Pepper Grinder

    1. Level 1 cost 475 teeth to reach level 2
    2. Level 2 cost 575 teeth to reach level 3
    3. Level 3 Cost 800 teeth to reach level 4

    Hobby Horse

    1. Level 1 cost 500 teeth to reach level 2
    2. Level 2 cost 625 teeth to reach level 3
    3. Level 3 cost 775 teeth to reach level 4

    Teapot Cannon

    1. level 1 cost 525 teeth to reach level 2
    2. Level 2 cost 600 teeth to reach level 3
    3. Level 3 cost 725 teeth to reach level 4
  • Collect 4 Jars of Rose Paint

    There is only one way to collect Rose Paint jars and that is to complete the Radula rooms that are in each chapter. Completing one room will give you one Rose paint and each chapter has a room for you to complete. Please see Painting the Town Red for more info on the Radula rooms. After getting the fourth rose paint, you will gain one more health rose and the trophy will soon follow. Also see here (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

  • Complete all Radula Rooms

    There are 16 Radula Rooms in total and you first get access to them in the second chapter of the game, there will be a big snail shell that you can walk into and the cat will sometimes appear. With each room you complete you will be able to paint the rose red and 4 will get you another rose to add to your rose life bar. After you have completed the last Radula room, the trophy will pop after you have picked up the last rose paint and are waiting for the loading screen to go away.

    There are 4 rooms in each Chapter starting from chapter 2 all the way up to 5. There are 4 rooms and each room has a specific challenge assigned to it; one challenge is a riddle, another is surviving while enemies try to kill you, another is actually fighting and killing enemies while the fourth challenge is world specific, Please see the second spoiler tag for more info. Please use this guide to help find all the rooms (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

    • Deluded Depths (Second Chapter) has you go through another HMS Gryphon type mini game.
    • Oriental Grove (Third Chapter) has you go through another side scrolling mini game.
    • Queensland (Fourth Chapter)has you go through another Giant Alice mini game.
    • The Dollhouse (Fifth Chapter) has you go through another Off With Her Head mini game.

    Credit to Keyser Soze for this image.

    Chapter Two -- First Radula Room
    Q: How is the queen of hearts like a Typhoon?
    A: In all ways But the Typhoon doesn’t mean to be.

    Chapter Two -- Second Radula Room
    You will have to survive the fight to earn the second Rose paint.
    You don’t have to kill them all, just stay alive until the time is up.

    Chapter Two -- Third Radula Room
    You will start on a boat, reach the end alive and the rose paint is yours.

    Chapter Two - Fourth Radula Room Kill or be Killed.
    Make sure to kill all the enemies that are around. There will be 2 waves of enemies, one round with One three-faced Ruin and 2 teapot monsters and the next round will be one three-faced ruin and 4 teapot monsters. I would advise killing the teapot monsters as quickly as possible and then handle the Three-faces ruin when it’s alone.

    Chapter Three -- First Radula Room
    Q: We welcome the arrival of a Phantom at sunset, only to rue its departure at sunrise. What is it?
    A: Dreams

    Chapter Three -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of bolterflies and Madcaps.
    There will be 4 Bolterfly hives and three Madcaps.

    Chapter Three -- Third Radula Room
    Can you survive the passage of time? You have to last about a minute to successfully complete the room, There will be Cannon Crabs and Madcaps.

    Chapter Three -- Fourth Radula Room
    One of the side scrolling paintings, get to the end and this will be completed.

    Chapter Four -- First Radula Room
    Q:What comes next in the sequence 1 3 4 7 11

    Chapter Four -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of wasp archers, samurai wasps, and an eyepot. Taking out the Wasps fist with the Longest distance weapons is good to do first, that way the eyepot cannot hit you. Make sure to dodge when you can.

    Chapter Four -- Third Radula Room
    Survive the passage of time. Enemies here consist of maiymo wasps and drowned sailors. Simply run around the outer edge and evade them. Use the dodge button to evade all attacks. Will last about a minute.

    Chapter Four -- Fourth Radula Room
    Giant Alice again. Stomp () on the red enemy generators to weaken the walls. Smash through them and rip out the tentacles (), then destroy the cannon tower.

    Chapter Five -- First Radula Room
    Q: The one that uses it never Knows that he's using it. What is It?

    Chapter Five -- Second Radula Room
    Kill or be killed. Enemies consist of card guards, armored card guards and ice snarks. Make sure to use the Teapot Cannon to deal damage to the armored Card guards.

    Chapter Five -- Third Radula Room
    Can you survive the passage of time? Enemies here consist of an executioner, samurai wasps, and ink wasps. Evade around the outside until you complete the trial. Will last about a minute to complete. Again just use the dodge button to run around and evade any attacks.

    Chapter Five -- Fourth Radula Room
    Complete the doll head rolling mini game. Nothing to hard about this one.


  • Find all Liddell Memories

    There are a total of 34 memories for Liddell. Here Memories look like a house. Please see below to find out what chapters hold how many of her memories. If you need to find out which memories you are missing, you can view them from the main menu, when you load up the game. Please use this thread to help find all the memories for this trophy (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

    Here are the name and Sub sections that are located in on each chapter:

    Chapter One (1) There are thirteen (13) Memories in this chapter.

    1. Intermingling of Species (Found in sub chapter: THE VALE OF TEARS)
    2. Parental Palpitations (Found in sub chapter: THE VALE OF TEARS)
    3. Wen What Reeks Can Kill you (Found in sub chapter: THE VALE OF TEARS)
    4. Fun By Oneself Revealed (Found in sub chapter: THE VALE OF TEARS)
    5. Nearly an Indecency (Found in sub Chapter: HATTER'S GATE)
    6. No key to my Heart (Found in sub Chapter: HATTER'S GATE)
    7. Rock Of Gibraltar (Found in sub Chapter: HATTER'S GATE)
    8. Roast in our Beds (Found in sub Chapter: ALWAYS ELEVENSES)
    9. A trip to Brighton (Found in sub Chapter: SMELLING AND REGURGITATING)
    10. Cursing the Darkness (Found in sub Chapter: SMELLING AND REGURGITATING)
    11. Sleeping Birds Lie (Found in Sub Chapter: CRANKING UP & PRESSING DOWN)
    12. Lethal Smells (Found In Sub Chapter: ASSEMBLAGE (OR DESTRUCTION))
    13. Tupper's Tragedy (Found In Sub Chapter: ASSEMBLAGE (OR DESTRUCTION))

    Chapter Two (2) There are Three (3) Memories in this chapter

    1. Photographic Memory (Found In Sub Chapter: NAVAL DISASTER)
    2. Domestic Dustups (Found In Sub Chapter: BARRELBOTTOM)
    3. Wisdom of the Ages (Found In Sub Chapter: LOST SOULS LOCKER)

    Chapter Three (3) There are seven (7) Memories in this chapter.

    1. Smoking on the Sky (Found In Sub Chapter: VALE OF DOOM)
    2. The pathetic Sailor (Found In Sub Chapter: SCORCHED EARTH)
    3. One Night Light (Found In Sub Chapter: SCORCHED EARTH)
    4. Music Must Soothe (Found In Sub Chapter: MONASTERY SHELF VALLEY)
    5. Naughty Times Two (Found In Sub Chapter: TRUNK)
    6. A Desperate Plea (Found In Sub Chapter: TRUNK)
    7. Suffer For Art's Sake (Found In Sub Chapter: HELLISH HIVE)

    Chapter Four (4) There are seven (7) Memories in this chapter.

    1. Incident At Waterloost (Found In Sub Chapter: CARDBRIDGE)
    2. Taxidermy Forbidden (Found In Sub Chapter: LEAST WING)
    3. Gun or sword (Found In Sub Chapter: LEAST WING)
    4. Another Name For Prison (Found In Sub Chapter: WASTE WING PART 1)
    5. A cry for help (Found In Sub Chapter: WASTE WING PART 1)
    6. The Ladies Washroom (Found In Sub Chapter: WASTE WING PART 1)
    7. Slimy Like an Eel (Found In Sub Chapter: DARK OF HEARTNESS)

    Chapter Five (5) There are four (4) Memories in this chapter

    1. One Life to Live (Found In Sub Chapter: FROG'S WAY)
    2. Bunch of Toadies (Found In Sub Chapter: DOLLTOWN CELLAR)
    3. No time for tears (Found In Sub Chapter: DOLLMAKER'S WORKSHOP)
    4. Not a Toy! (Found In Sub Chapter: DOLLMAKER'S WORKSHOP)
  • Find all Memories

    There are a total of 94 Memories all together. If you need to view how many you have, from the main menu; press and see how many you have and need to collect. After that from the main menu go to memories to see which ones you are missing directly and which chapters they are in. Please use this thread to help find all the memories for this trophy (credit to Moosh for this): LINK


    • Bumby (Glasses)
    • Liddell (House)
    • Pris (Potion)
    • Dr. Wilson (Needle)
    • Nanny (Feather)
    • Radcliffe (Ink Pen)
  • Pepper All Snouts in a Chapter

    Each chapter has a various amount of Snouts that can be peppered so please see Seasoned Campaigner for more info on getting all the snouts. Also see here for the locations of every snout (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

  • Pepper All Snouts in the Game

    There are a total of 59 snouts in the game each level holding or containing a different amount of snouts. Just by pressing in any chapter will tell you how many Snouts you have and how many are in that chapter. You will know when one is in the area, because the snout will start to make pig sounds, so make sure to listen out for them. You can only use the Pepper Grinder to make it sneeze. Here is a breakdown of how many are in each chapter:

    1. Chapter one (1) has fourteen (14) snouts
    2. Chapter two (2) has fifteen (15) snouts
    3. Chapter three (3) has eleven (11) snouts
    4. Chapter four (4) has eleven (11) snouts
    5. Chapter Five (5) has eight (8) snouts
    6. Chapter six (6) has zero (0) snouts

    Please use this thread to help find all the memories for this trophy. Collectable Guide (WIP) - Xbox360Achievements.org

  • Complete HMS Gryphon without taking Damage

    In chapter two, there will be a scene where you will be captain of a boat and it’s under water. Make sure you do not get hit by any robot sharks or bombs the crabs shoot at you. There will also be bombs floating in the water make sure to avoid those. Sharks come from behind so make sure to use your bombs to blow them up, once you are above them. Press to shoot forward and press to launch a bomb down. Once you get out of the cave the trophy will pop (credit to Wozamil for this):

  • Collect all the Peaches in the Scroll of Destiny

    You will find the scroll of destiny in chapter 3, it will be the third painting you enter in that chapter, it will be close to the end of the chapter. There are a total of 4 Peaches in that chapter, each one being very easily found if you explore before going through the end door of that painting. Once you have collected the fourth peach the trophy will pop, you can use chapter select if you didn't get this trophy during your normal playthrough. Also see here (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

    Peach 1: Beside a cloud in the falling section. After you drop down from a leaf walkway, take the left path over the spikes.

    Peach 2: At end of left path over spikes, follow the path until you need to use a bounce pad. Get to the upper left ledge.

    Peach 3: On the upper left ledge keep following the path until you pull a chain to make a few vents appear, at the last one drop down to the lower walkway.

    Peach 4: On the lower walkway beside the bounce pad. Use the bounce pad and follow the path to the exit. Thanks to II OE II for the locations.

  • Complete a Chess Puzzle without failing

    In the later half of chapter 4, you will come across a lever (story related) that you will need to pull to get through a door. After doing so and going through the door you will need to play a game of chess. You will get the blackboard to learn what to do, in the spoiler tag will be the correct moves to make to get past it without failing. If you quit or restart the puzzle it will not void this trophy from popping.

    Some things to know:

    • The computer will mimic your every move
    • You will need to get both pawns to their goal location at the same time
    • There will be Rooks (Castle with faces) that will block your moves
    • Knights ( Half a Horse with a sword) will destroy your Pawn if you get in their way, resulting in a fail.
    • Chess Puzzles need to be completed with set amount of moves.

    First set of Chess Puzzles - 6 moves

    1. Left
    2. Forward
    3. Forward
    4. Forward (The trophy should pop as soon as you are done.

    The next one.

    1. Forward
    2. Forward
    3. Forward
    4. Left

    Second set of chess Puzzles -10 moves

    1. Left
    2. right
    3. forward
    4. forward
    5. forward
    6. forward
    7. left
    8. Left
    9. forward
    10. right

    Third Set of Chess Puzzles

    1. Forward
    2. Back
    3. forward
    4. forward
    5. Forward
    6. left
    7. right
    8. forward
    9. forward
    10. Left (end)
  • Complete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes

    You will come across this section in chapter 5, you can use chapter select if you have missed it in your normal playthrough. It will be closer to the end of the chapter. After you have cranked open the jack in the box, and the head shoots out and goes into the roof of the house, you will enter a mini game, where you will need to escort the head to the end of that section. You can always restart the section, if you believe you may have missed it. The trophy will pop up as soon as you regain control of Alice. This trophy shouldn't take more than 3 minutes after some trial and error.

    FIRST SECTION: Proceed forward to the first switch and stop on it. Follow the path until you reach the next switch.

    You will roll into a cannon. Charge it up and blast over to the next one.

    Here is a tricky part. You have to charge your shot and aim so you hit the curve on the way down without bouncing, roll over the speed pad and jump to the next section.

    Again, without bouncing and keeping momentum, roll over the speed pad and jump to the finish.

    SECOND SECTION: Roll to the right and on the switch.

    Roll into the cannon and blast upward. Aim the next cannon just above the first tooth and charge to full.

    Blast to the next cannon, charge it and through the wall to the switch.

    Follow through the spinning cylinder to a rotating platform, make you way through three of these and drop into a cannon.

    Blast into the next cannon, and use the next one to blast into a spinning circle.

    Fall through the bottom into the green one, and again to the cannon.

    Blast through the wall to the next cannon and again to the finish.

    THIRD SECTION: You will be hit into the first cannon.

    Blast your way to the top and drop down the green slides and to the next cannon.

    Blast through the two walls and hit the switch.

    Blast through a few more cannons onto a wooden pathway, follow it and roll over the speed pad and up the face to the exit. Credit to II OE II for the info.

  • Equip a Different Domain Dress

    You can get this trophy at the start of the game if you downloaded the DLC dresses or once you land in Tundraful in Chapter 2. Head to the main menu and press to go to the equip menu change the dress that Alice is wearing to the one she wore in the first chapter, after doing so, press to back out to the main menu. After seeing her in the same black dress from the previous chapter in the main menu the trophy will pop. You can go back to the other dress if you like or any other dresses you may have.

  • Hobby Horse to Vorpal Blade to Hobby Horse Combo

    After getting the hobby horse in the second chapter, you will be introduced to a new enemy. That is where you can attempt to get this trophy. You will need to press => => again to complete this combo. Each attack will need to hit the enemy for it to count. It will need to be the same enemy and not a different one. As long as all three attacks hit, the combo will count and the trophy will pop. The enemy does not need to die, in order for you to get this trophy.

    This also can be done on picnic basket or thin air, less chance of you getting hurt. Thanks Rob Madgwick & ShinNefzen for the tip.

  • Kill 5 Botterflies in a row with the Pepper Grinder

    After being introduced to the Bolterflies in the Vale of Tears sub chapter, you will be able to earn this trophy as long as you don't destroy the gears that they are coming out of, there will be a few there. Make sure you don’t get hit by any Bolterflies, while going for this trophy. you can dodge with if you need to get away from them or they get on your dress. After you have killed five the trophy will pop. You can use the Pepper Grinder with .

  • Hit 4 enemies with a single Hobby Horse ground smash

    You can easily get this trophy while on the 2nd chapter while going up against the third sailor you have to save. At that time of the third fight, you will go up against a sailor and 5 slithering ruins, have 4 of them close to each other and then launch a combo, the third hit should connect ( x3), it will be an over the shoulder hit that should connect with four enemies. If you kill them, it will not count.

    Alternative Location 1: From Kaze Katana (X360A)
    In chapter 3 there is a room with re-spawning slugs (while looking for one of the cubes) which you need to kill to open the path to continue, just keep circling them until they are clumped together and fire away with your Hobby Horse. Neigh! You can also use the Clockwork Bomb to draw them in closer.

    Alternative Location 2:
    When you are in one of the Radula Rooms that is in the second chapter, where you have to kill everything. Just use the Hobby Horse, Make sure that you get four enemies with the third hit ( ). Make sure to lock on to one of them with to make sure you hit your target. Most importantly though is use the clockwork bomb to draw them in closer, faster.

    Alternative location 3:
    You can earn this trophy will fighting against the cards in chapter 4. There will be a great deal of them, when you first get introduced to them, so make sure to use the hobby horse to go about fighting them.

    Thanks to Wozamil for the video:

  • Destroy 10 Ruin Barriers

    These are the ink blot barriers that can’t break until you kill all the enemies that are in the area. They look like big spider webs with doll faces on them. They shine when they are breakable and are mostly in areas that are blocked off until the barrier is broken. You should earn this trophy in chapter four (there is an area where there are six ruin barriers that are breakable), after going through the door that is in the middle of nothing (Story related). You will first need to defeat the enemies in that area to make the Barriers breakable. You can either use the Teapot cannon or the Hobby Horse to break them.

  • Finish the game using Hysteria only once

    You can do this on either your first or second playthrough. We advise doing this on your second playthrough. That way you will have all your weapons upgraded and they will do more damage. Make sure you never press the button to activate Hysteria. You don't need to use Hysteria at all to earn this trophy, the trophy will still pop at the end when the credits start to roll, along as you didn't use it more than once. The only way to use it is to be on one heart or less, you will then be prompted to press . It will let you do more damage and your weapons will have unlimited ammo.

    Please see Madness Prevails for more info on how to go about completing the game.

    Alternative Method:

    After completing the game, you will have a option to start a new game with New Game+, Start the game that way and let that chapter finish, quit out and then go to chapter select and choose the last sub chapter of the last level, walk to the end to have the credits start. You can either watch the credits or skip them, the trophy will soon follow.

  • Find the hidden Shrink Sense Decal

    At the very end of chapter three when you come across the big temple, with five floors you will have to enter. There will be two stone structures, one on both sides from before the big set of steps. Behind the left statue, that is on the left side, there will be a Spicy Horse logo. You will need to press to go into Shrink mode to see the Logo. You can use chapter select to find the logo after beating the the third chapter. Also see here (credit to Moosh for this): LINK

  • Kill 10 Bitch Babies with Deflection

    To earn this trophy you need to deflect a Bitch Babies projectile back at it and kill it. Bitch Babies appear only in Chapter 5; they're the doll heads with 4 spinning legs and fly. If they get near the ground they're planning to use their rush attack (block or dodge), but if they stay high above you they're planning to shoot at you. When they're flying and their mouths start gushing green goo they're about to shoot at you, deflect the projectile back at them and if it hits them they'll die. Do this against 10 different Bitch Babies and the trophy is yours. Even on Nightmare difficulty, one deflected projectile is enough to kill them. You will need to press + to deflect the green acid they spit at you, having them go haywire and blowing up into pieces. Keep in mind that the Umbrella needs to be spinning in order to send the Green acid back to the Bitch Baby.

  • Kill 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb

    You will find the Clockwork Bomb in the later half of the first chapter. You will see a Bunny with glowing eyes and a glowing clock in the middle of its chest making a clicking sound that is located in the middle of a room. Go up to it and press to pick it up. You will get a blackboard tutorial on how to use it and about breaking walls. Find a area that has enemies around press to throw the bomb and again to blow it up. If it kills any enemies it will count towards this trophy.

    You can get this later on in the same chapter, when you go up against some more Bolterflies and get this trophy. while it make take 4-5 bombs to kill them, it will be worth it since they won't kill you as quick as the other enemies will. The Bolterflies come in burst of four so you just to to handle 7 to 8 waves until this trophy pops, less if you kill the ink blot enemies that you’ve faced throughout the chapter.

    Note: You can shoot 2 burst of the pepper Grinder at the Bolterflies and throw one Clockwork bomb and that will kill them and still counts towards the trophy.

  • Defeat the Drowned Sailor without taking any damage

    You will fight the downed sailor in chapter 2, after talking to the Carpenter that is riding on a whale. In the spoiler tag there will be info on how to defeat the Sailor, this was also played on Nightmare difficulty with the Vorpal Blade fully upgraded. If you get hit once, just restart from the pause screen. Remember to get the Snout and memory that is there.

    You can get this trophy during any fight sequence with the Downed Sailor, remember he is the one that throws the bombs. You will have three chances to get this trophy later in the chapter, during the time where you have to free the souls of the Downed Sailors. Also Radula Room three (3) in the Queensland chapter has a Downed Sailor, you can also earn this trophy there as well. Thanks BreadSkin for confirming.

    He moves underground and jumps up to attack, stay close but not to close. When he goes up to attack (Alice will move a little slow) hit the button to dodge, press it a few times to get away as quickly as possible. Once goes up and attacks the ground he will bounce back and be dazed, just attack a few times and then press to back away.

    Minor attack is to swing with a broken glass from and stay visible for a short while, so you can use your pepper Grinder or any other weapon to attack him.

    His second attack is the bombs. He holds two bombs, one in each hand and then throws it at you make sure none of them hit you or blow up next to you. You can either use the pepper Grinder and shot at one of the bombs, Preferably the one in the right hand (Alice left side) and then attack when he is dazed or just wait until he goes underground and wait for his other attack (see above).

    After six to seven attacks with your blade hitting him multiple times the battle will be over and the trophy should be yours.

  • Defeat the Dollmaker without taking any damage.

    You will come across the Dollmaker closer to the end of chapter 5 but you will not be able to fight him until chapter 6. After a series of cutscenes of the different people Alice has met throughout the game and the previous one, you will gain control of her again, moving forward a bit to start up another set of cutscenes, learning what he did and how everything came about.

    For this trophy you will need to defeat the Dollmaker without getting hit once, if you do just press and hit restart to try again. That will not void the trophy, since the game will load from the last save point. Please see the spoiler tag to see how to defeat him without getting hit. Before proceeding make sure to have your weapons fully upgraded. The game saves after defeating each hand. The trophy should pop as soon as he is defeated and before the cutscene starts.

    The Dollmaker is a three phase fight; the first phase is his left hand, the second is his right hand, the third is both hands and his face. With the transition into each phase you earn a checkpoint, so you don't have to do all this fight in one go.

    On top of his hands attacking, he will continously summon Ruins in phase one and two. Near the end of Phase 2 he'll summon a Menacing Ruin which can ruin (no pun intended) your trophy attempt. His hand attacks are also able to kill the Ruins which can also be beneficial, so if you can position yourself properly his hands will do your work for you.

    First Phase (Left Hand)
    The weak point is the face on the upside of his hand. But it can only be damaged when the hand is exhausted so first we need to get it there. His left hand has two attacks.

    • His hand will fly up into the air and come slapping down at you. Dodge this three times and on the third miss his hand will get exhausted.
    • His hand will drag its nails across the glass floor making a really annoying screech. The hand will move faster than you so use the pillars to make it turn around and gain some distance from it. After so long of dragging its nails the hand will get exhausted.

    Attack the hand every time it's exhausted until the face breaks; you'll earn a check point and go on to the next phase.

    Second Phase (Right Hand)
    The weak point on his right hand is the same as his left hand. Just like his left hand you need to wait until his hand gets exhausted to damage it. Unlike his left hand, his right hand has 3 attacks.

    • His hand will fly up into the air and come punching down at you. Dodge this three time and on the third miss his hand will get exhausted.
    • His hand will chase after you while "walking" with his index and middle finger. After a while of walking his hand will start to spasm. DO NOT APPROACH HIS HAND, it will punch the ground and not be exhausted.
    • His hand will wave his index finger back and forth at you. It will glow purple and draw a line of purple mist into the floor and then push it at you; jump over the mist to dodge it. After three dodges the hand will attempt a fourth attack but get exhausted, so damage it.

    Note: Once he summons the Menacing Ruin the fight can be a lot tougher. As long as the Ruin's hands are in place, the Dollmaker hand cannot harm the Ruin.

    Third Phase (Face)
    Don't try to hurt his hands they're invulnerable, his weak point is on his tongue but first you need to get him to open his mouth.

    • First he will choose one hand to send at you; his hand will open and close and then rush at you. If it grabs you, go ahead and restart the checkpoint.

    After both his hands attempt to grab you they will grab onto the two pillars and his mouth will open; from here he has two possible attacks.

    • First his tongue will touch the ground and he'll summon 3 Drifting Ruins. Attack his tongue with the Vorpal Blade until it's gone and then get rid of the Ruin's.
    • Second he'll open his mouth but his tongue will just hang. Use the Teapot Cannon and Pepper Grinder to attack his tongue but be careful. He will be spitting projectiles at you. When they touch the ground they linger for a bit and if you step in them you'll take damage.

    Once he closes his mouth his hands will come back to try and grab you again. Dodge his hands, hurt his tongue until he dies.

    Credit to Wozamil for the video:

  • Defeat 100 Ruin Enemies.

    This trophy should pop in the second chapter of the game. There will be four types of ruin enemies that you face. The slime monsters, the single doll face monster, the drifting doll face monster and the 3 faced doll monster, that you come across a few times in the first 2 chapters. Making sure you kill them will count towards this trophy. Dying in a fight will reset the count from you last check point so if you have 50 and you killed 3 and died, you will start back with 50 again.

  • Defeat 52 Card Guards

    There is no way to miss this trophy! You will start fighting these guys in chapter 4, you will first encounter them once you reach Queensland and go through the big Heart shaped door. The first Card guard you see will come out of the Ground and the name of the enemy will show up as well. You should defeat more than 52 of these cards in the same chapter. One way to defeat them is to Knock them on the ground, by using your normal attack with and then using the Hobby Horse () to knock them dead when you see the red glow surrounding their body.

    The second way to kill them is to use the Teapot cannon, two shots with that cannon will kill them. There is a chance you will get this trophy after finishing up the second Chess puzzle, there will be two Card Guards waiting for you.

  • While on your last Rose, kill 5 Enemies without activating Hysteria

    This can be earned very early in the game, even before you learn about Hysteria. I would advise earning this trophy when you first get access to the pepper Grinder and see the Bolterfiles. Let them take your health down to one rose and then take out five of them for the trophy to pop up. Make sure you use the Pepper Grinder to kill the Bolterfiles from a distance, that way you don't have to worry about dying, use the button to dodge any enemies that come close. Once the trophy pops destroy the gear that they are coming out of.

    If you are having trouble with this trophy, set the game to easy after completing the game and go for it then. At that time you should have your weapons upgraded, use the Teapot cannon to kill enemies from a distance and use the button to dodge incoming attacks and/or projectiles.


Secret trophies

  • Back to Wonderland

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After meeting up with the bird woman again, you will fall into wonderland. That is where you will meet the Cheshire cat, after the talk with the Cheshire cat, you will gain control of Alice once again. The trophy should soon follow.

  • Complete Vale of Tears

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After calling for a cab to reach the next area of the first chapter, the cat will appear and you and the cat will engage in a small chat, soon Bolterflies will come ramming into your cab. After the cab rams into the wall and Alice gets up the trophy will soon follow.

  • Complete Wonderland Chapter 1

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    This chapter of the game is mostly a tutorial on how to use the character and the enemies around her. The movements, her shrink move that will help you find your way through the game and the weapons, mostly the basics is what you will learn in this chapter. Until later on in the chapter where you meet Mr. Hatter. You will need to Locate his missing parts and return them to him, so he can be whole again. You will meet three to four new enemies in this chapter, while obtaining 2 new weapons. This chapter is pretty straight forward, but there are still a lot of collectibles that you will need to collect.

    There is no boss fight in this chapter, so smooth sailing for you.

  • Complete Wonderland Chapter 2

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    This chapter is no different than the first, there will be new and old monsters, some that fit and others that don't. This chapter take place in a frozen terrain, then changes to an underwater battle. As you progress, you will see the different clothes.

    As you push forward into the chapter you will also gain a new weapon and learn about the New Radula rooms, which have different sorts of mini games to engage in. There will also be a mini game (Captain of a ship and you have to shoot sharks to get to the other side) that will take place during your normal story progression.

    At the midpoint of the chapter you will reach the theater, where you learn of a musical that is about the happen. You will need to get the stars, the Script and the Musician in order to progress to the next chapter.

    1. The Script, You will need to play hide and seek with the squid.
    2. Musician, The bottled fish needs you to unclog some musical pipes (3) for her and then play a tune with her to get her back on track.
    3. The stars, The next thing you will need to do is save the stars.
    • The first one --- Defeat the enemies (Cannon Crabs) that are in that area, then she will wake up.
    • The Second one --- Defeat the enemies (One Cannon Crab & A set of Ruins).
    • The last one, you will need to find the 4 puzzle pieces and then put the puzzle together.

    Here is the method.

    -Top center piece down
    -Top right piece over
    -Middle right piece up
    -Center piece right
    -Bottom center piece up
    -Bottom right piece left

  • Complete Wonderland Chapter 3

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    This chapter does a little more platforming, but ends up changing it up a bit. You will reach a waterfall that will shrink you and then you will end up in an area that resembles a piece of china. You will see the Chinese writings on the back drop in the distance. Mostly important is the side scrolling effect that you will come across when you reach the paints that let you do so.

    You will meet new enemies in this chapter, one being a heavy weight. He takes the most hits and deals the most damage. You will need to use the Teapot cannon to get him on the ground again.

    There is also another puzzle in this one, find the four extra puzzle pieces and then you will be warped to the starting area to work on the puzzle. Here are the correct movements.

    - Top center piece down
    - Top right piece left
    - Middle right piece up
    - Center piece piece right
    - Bottom middle piece up
    - Bottom right piece left

    Later on in the chapter, you come up to a section where you have to complete a musical sequence (You don't have to complete it to continue).

    The second Puzzle moves of this chapter

    - Top center piece down
    - Top right piece left
    - Middle right piece up
    - Center piece right
    - Bottom center piece up
    - Bottom right piece left

  • Complete Wonderland Chapter 4

    Story Related, Cannot be missed. To earn this trophy you must make it through Queensland. You will earn this trophy during the cinematic at the end of "Dark of Heartness."

  • Complete Wonderland Chapter 5

    Story Related, Cannot be missed.

    This is the dollhouse, where you will meet the Dollmaker. You will meet him in the end, but it's funny he was the person you would least expect to be who he is. This chapter revolves around the doll houses and the children that are around.

    There will be a picture Puzzle you need to complete.

    - Middle left piece down
    - Center piece left
    - Top middle piece down
    - Top right piece left
    - Middle right piece up
    - Center piece right
    - Bottom middle piece up
    - Bottom right piece left

    After completing the puzzle, you will be introduce to the B*t*h Babies. The perfect time to start going for that trophy (Kill ten with Deflection).

  • Acquire the Vorpal Blade

    Story related, cannot be missed. In the Vale of Tales chapter, you will jump on a blue mushroom, that will shoot you straight into the air. You will come across a set of dinosaur bones and the cat will appear, the Blade will hover over to you. Once the cat stops talking and you press to close the letter and learn how the blade works, the trophy should soon follow.

  • Acquire the Pepper Grinder

    Story related, cannot be missed. After talking to the woman that wanted to eat you, you will have the opportunity to get the Pepper Grinder. She wants you to catch snouts for her, but you have other plans. Walk up to it and press to pick it up, the trophy should pop soon after.

  • Acquire the Hobby Horse

    You will earn this in chapter two, after sliding down an ice slop. You will see it in the northwest corner of the screen. Go up to the horse and press to learn how to use it and after the blackboard tutorial the trophy will pop. The weapon is between the horse like chest pieces that are frozen with swords in their hands. You will also be introduced to a new enemy. This weapon has a slow attack rate, but is very strong.

  • Acquire the Teapot Cannon

    Once you have reached chapter 3 and have activated the second steam vent, make the right after jumping on the second steam vent (You will need to take out a few enemies). After that jump on a third steam vent that is behind a pillar and then jump on a platform, then the gear, make the left and the teapot will be right in front of you. You will need to switch the D-Pad to use this weapon, it's a lot stronger than the Pepper Grinder and can take out a lot of enemies with one hit once fully upgraded. You use this the same way as you do with the Pepper Grinder ().

  • Spend 7 minutes on steam vents

    You first gain access to the steam vents after ramming into a large building, you will see the steam vent in front of you after getting up and getting the notice on how to use the steam vents. After you close the blackboard note just hop on the steam vent and stay there for 7 minutes until the trophy pops up. There will be more vents as you progress, but if you want to get it done early in the game, this is the perfect time to do so. This trophy accumulates time over vents that are used throughout the game. In other words, you don’t have to use the same vent to get this trophy.

DLC: American McGee's Alice

6 trophies

  • In American McGee's Alice, Complete Village of the Doomed

    This is the first and shortest area of the game. It's where you get your first weapon (the Vorpal Blade) and learn the game's mechanics. It's a very short area and you will most likely fly through it so long as the card guards don't give you too much trouble.


Secret trophies

  • In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Fortress of Doors

    You will get this trophy after completing the second area. In the second area you will run into banshees for the first time, they are trouble in groups and can knock you off platforms. The trophy will pop at the beginning of the next area during the cutscene that shows an ant pushing a boulder down a cliff.

  • In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Wonderland Woods

    You will get this after completing the third area, it will pop when you reach the crossroads area with the fire imps. The crossroads is a sort of sort of volcanic area that contains signs that point to different areas.

    The Jabberwock's Lair, The Cave of the Oracle, The Pale Realm, and The Majestic Maze

    NOTE: people have reported this trophy popping at different times. It seems to be random so do not get mad if it doesn't pop, just be patient and keep playing and it will pop eventually.

    Bosses You Will face Before Getting This Trophy:

    The Duchess

    Om nom nom nom. Alice soup sounds tasty, doesn't it? Well this ogre-like woman-thing seems to think so. This is a fairly simple battle, your best bet is to run around the arena and avoid her attacks while throwing your new toy at her (the jack bomb). If you time it right she should run into the jackbomb's vicinity right as it explodes. If you run out of meta-essence there's plenty of it around the arenas exterior.

    The alternative is to throw knives, but this is more dangerous and less accurate.

    THE CHEAP AND EASY WAY: Just jump onto the fireplace and throw knives at her. She cannot reach you up there.

    The Centipede

    This battle gave me trouble at first. You just got the ice wand, right? Of course you did. That's the key to beating him. Walk backwards with the boss in front of you, when he rears up to attack whip out your ice wand and give his under area a good old frost bite. When he sends out his little spider minions to attack freeze them quickly, otherwise they will latch onto you and drain your health very fast.

  • In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Behind the Looking Glass

    This is actually the 5th area you complete, The 4th area has no trophy. You will get the trophy after the boss battle with The Mad Hatter.

    Bosses You Will Face Before Getting This Trophy:

    The Red King

    This is by far the easiest boss in the game. All you have to do is run around, avoid his attacks, and use your ice wand to freeze him into checkmate. His laser attack is very hard to avoid but do not worry, there is plenty of meta-essence around.

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

    This battle is annoying. These two are like those Russian dolls, where you open it up and then a smaller one pops out. That being said, that's exactly what happens in this battle. You kill a big one, and then a smaller one pops out. This happens 3 to 4 times for each Tweedle. Some of them fly, some throw bombs; it's freaking chaos. The hardest part of this battle is being able to tell what's going on most of the time. What I did was just ran a huge circle around the arena and threw the jacks into the middle. They always hit something. After about 20 minutes of this I eventually beat them. Just stay moving, they throw stuff at you.

    The Mad Hatter

    The Hatter is big and slow but powerful. His attacks do quite a bit of damage, so avoid them at all costs. Throw your jacks at him, and then run and grab some meta-essence. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. After awhile he will summon some robots to attack you. The jacks and ice wand both work well against them. After taking them out the Hatter will reappear, use the same strategy as before and eventually the hatter's head will fall off. Lovely.

  • In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Queen of Heartsland

    This is the 7th area you visit, (again the 6th area is trophy-less) and it consists of many frustrating mazes, the enemies here get significantly harder and there is some underwater stuff to be done. Oh joy. You will get this trophy after completing it.

    Bosses You Will face Before Getting This Trophy:

    The Jabberwock, Part 1

    No more easy boss battles! Yay!

    This battle is actually more of a farce, as you don't have to win it, you just have to survive. Just throw jacks at the big guy until he summons a little minion, then take that minion out however you prefer, he will then summon a second minion, take that one out too, and then the Griffin will appear and rip the ugly mother's eye out, giving you the final piece to the eye staff. Congrats.

    The Jabberwock, Part 2

    Take some Tylenol before this battle, you're gonna need it. Even on easy this battle is extremely frustrating and the bosses' fire attacks can take down a considerable amount of health. I hope you picked up the Blunderbuss, I was unlucky and somehow missed it. It will help you considerably. But if you're like me and have ADD, then you may have to do like I did and settle for the jacks. It took forever but it worked. Just run like hell and try your hardest to avoid the fire as best as you can. There’s no fool-proof way of doing this besides try and try again. The eye staff works well too, but only if you have good timing. It takes a while to charge up and within that time you could become Alice-kabob.

  • Complete American McGee’s Alice

    You will get this after beating them game after the final boss battle with the Demon.

    Bosses You Will Face Before Getting This Trophy:

    The Queen of Hearts

    There are only 2 spots where meta-essence appears in this area, use them sparingly. Only the blunderbuss or the eye staff will work this time, the other weapons are useless and cannot reach. She moves around a lot but it's on one specific track, and it's just back and forth, so hitting her shouldn't be too hard. The real issue is avoiding being hit while attacking, especially if you use the eye staff. It's sometimes hard to tell if you hit her or not, if she lets out a sort of scream that means you were successful. When you're not attacking you'll wanna be moving, the Queen can pick you up and throw you against walls, or make spikes come out of the ground and hurt you, both of which do some decent damage. Her weak attack is her laser, which you can probably stand to get hit by while attacking, so long as you pick up a meta-essence afterwards. After doing so much damage to her she stops moving around as much and becomes somewhat stationary, she will still attack though, and more aggressively, but she will be easier to hit. Just stick with it and you should prevail.

    The Demon

    Finally, the moment you have been waiting for. This big baddie is a heavy hitter, any of his/her/its attacks will do considerable damage even on easy, and one of them will make you hallucinate temporarily. The key here is keep moving in a big circle around the platforms, and avoid falling off because falling will kill you and you will have to restart from your last save. Matter of fact, just to be safe, save right when this battle begins, then save again halfway through. What you wanna do is use the eye staff or blunderbuss to hit the demon before it attacks, then run like a madman to the next platform. You will run out of meta quickly but luckily there's a meta-essence in the arena that restores full health and mana, and it reappears in a different spot quite frequently. When you attack the demon it doesn't react so it may seem like you did no damage, but trust me, you did. As long as you hit him anywhere on his body it counts. After so many hits one of its arm-like-appendages will fall off, that's the tell-tale sign that you're making progress.

    So the basic idea for this battle is...

    1. Hit the boss with the eye staff or blunder buss
    2. Run like a Call of Duty fanboy to the nearest GameStop on release date.
    3. Wait for the demon to pop up, hit it again, and then repeat step 2.

    Try to make sure the path you take will lead you to the nearest meta-essence, as you will need to pick them up a lot.

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