Greetings from Miracle World! The once vibrant Radaxian community has been turned to stone by the evil Janken who looks to rule after dethroning the king, kidnapping the princess, and imprisoning the young prince. Alex Kidd, a young martial artist, learns of his Radaxian lineage and decides to take action against this growing threat. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is a remaster of the classic SEGA Genesis title of the same name. This version features refined graphics, extra items, and extra modes for you to enjoy. The game is a simple 2D platformer where you must navigate a stage from start to finish while defeating enemies along your path. In terms of trophies, you are looking at a very simple platinum. The majority can be done in 1 playthrough, while using a 2nd to do some clean up. The game is a nice nostalgia trip for those who have played the original, but also a good way for new players to look into and introduce themselves to the Alex Kidd franchise. 


Step 1 - Complete the game while performing level specific trophies, talking to all NPCs, and without buying anything from the shop 

For the first step, take this time to complete the game while making sure to talk to all NPC characters and avoiding buying anything from the shop. There are a total of 22 levels to beat in the game, and there are also specific trophies to keep in mind for levels 5 and 7. Just beat the game while making sure to do all of these things to earn the related trophies. Talking to an NPC will save that to your playthrough file, so even if you die, they will be registered for the trophy still. Unlike the original game, this version features unlimited continues so you should not have too much trouble. Make sure you DO NOT activate unlimited lives mode as it can void certain trophies. The game is completely doable as it is, especially as you learn level layouts.

For those who do not want to deal with the trial and error of the Jankenpon fights. Here are the answers to each Jankenpon fight:

1st fight - Throw Rock then Scissors
2nd fight - Throw Scissors then Paper
3rd fight - Throw Rock then Scissors
4th fight - Throw Paper then Paper
5th fight - Throw Rock then Rock
6th fight - Throw Rock then Scissors
7th fight - Throw Paper then Paper

Trophies earned in this step:
Prisoner trophy_bronze.png 
Altered Beast trophy_bronze.png 
Wild Ox trophy_silver.png 
Raiders trophy_silver.png 
3rd Commander trophy_silver.png 
2nd Commander trophy_silver.png 
1st Commander trophy_silver.png 
Magic Ball trophy_gold.png 
Let's talk trophy_gold.png 
Stingy trophy_gold.png 
Adventurer trophy_gold.png 
Janken the Great trophy_gold.png 
Pacifist trophy_gold.png 
Protector of Radaxian trophy_gold.png 

Step 2 - Play through the game while finding all collectibles
Now that you have the full playthrough trophies out of the way, you can focus on finding the collectibles. You could not do this during your initial playthrough because one collectible requires purchasing something from the shop which would void Stingy trophy_gold.png . There are 15 collectibles total which can be found within the first 20 levels. Levels feature one collectible each except for 5 levels which have no collectible at all. Look under Collector trophy_gold.png for more information about where collectibles are located. 

Trophies earned in this step:
Collector trophy_gold.png 

Step 3 - Complete Boss Rush
With everything from the main game out of the way, all you should be missing is the trophy related to the Jankenpon tournament, A.K.A. Boss Rush mode. For this mode, you will just fight the 4 main bosses from the game the same way you fought them before. Be aware you only have 1 life, so death means starting from the beginning. This mode is not too difficult since most of the bosses can be beaten very easily and the Jankenpon portion is always the same, so they always make the same choices each time. Just defeat all bosses here to earn the associated trophy.

Trophies earned in this step:
Champion trophy_gold.png 
Great Protector of Radaxian. trophy_platinum.png 

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 2  )

  • All trophies have been awarded.

    Congratulations! You are the hero of Radaxian who has rescued the people from the evil Janken the Great. However, it's not over yet! There are still plenty of adventures left for Alex Kidd!
  • Free Egle at Radaxian Castle.

    Story Related
    This trophy is earned in level 13. As you travel the castle, you will first have to locate Alex's brother Egle. Once you do, hit the fish block then the wave block to open the cage and earn this trophy.
  • Pet the sad dog.

    In level 7 you will eventually encounter a dog above you that is lying next to his petrified master. Jump up to the dog and press circle.png to pet him and earn this trophy.
  • Defeat Ox.

    Story Related
    At the end of level 7, you will encounter a man being attacked by an Ox. Defeat the Ox by letting him charge at you then hitting him from behind once he hits a wall.
  • Defeat Grizzly Bear and Funky Monkey.

    Story Related
    At the end of level 9, you will run into Funky Monkey who will jump into the trees and call over Grizzly Bear who wishes to loot Alex. Defeat Grizzly Bear by dodging his attacks and Monkey's attacks until Grizzly Bear raises his sword to slash down. At this point he is vulnerable to attacks. Defeat Grizzly Bear to also defeat Funky Monkey, and earn this trophy.
  • Defeat Gooseka in the Radaxian Castle

    Story Related
    At the end of level 13, you will encounter Gooseka again. He will challenge you to another game of Jankenpon. For this round, you can win by just selecting paper both times. Once you win Jankenpon, he will decide to fight you instead. Run up to him and begin attacking for a little then dodge the blue orbs he throws. In between throws, make sure to land more hits on him. If you are fast, you can actually beat him shortly after he throws the first orb.
  • Defeat Chokkina in The City of Radaxian

    Story Related
    At the end of level 14, you will encounter Chokkina again. He will challenge you to another game of Jankenpon. For this round, you can win by selecting rock both times. Once you win Jankenpon, he will begin the fight with you. During this fight, Chokkina will stomp on the ground causing meteors to fall. After a few seconds, he will throw a boomerang projectile then teleport to the opposite side and repeat the attacks again. Go ahead and hit him while he stomps, then dodge the projectile and hit him some more before he teleports. You should be able to defeat him as he stomps for the second time.
  • Defeat Parplin in Nibana Lowlands

    Story Related

    At the end of level 18, you will encounter Parplin for the second time. He will challenge you to another game of Jankenpon. For this round, you can win by selecting rock first then scissors second. Once you win Jankenpon, he will begin the fight with you. He starts by jumping towards the opposite side. Once he gets to the other side, he will summon thunderclouds that you will have to hide between before he starts jumping again. You can hit him as he jumps and also get some hits in before the thunderclouds shoot their lightning. This is arguably the hardest fight, so just play it safe and you should have little trouble.
  • Get the telepathic ball in the "Mt.Kave" level.


    In level 8, as you travel, you will eventually spot the telepathic ball below the ground near a lava pit. To obtain it, just fall down the hole to the left while holding right. You should make it safely onto the platform to collect the ball and obtain this trophy. Move forward a bit, and a portion of the ground will disappear to let you go back up safely to continue the level.
  • Talk to all the NPC's in the game.


    Throughout the game you will find several NPCs that you can talk to by pressing circle.png. The levels that contain non-story related NPCs are 1, 2, 6, and 13. Make sure to keep an eye out for the NPCs which are petrified villagers you find along these levels except for level 13 which features 4 non-story related NPCs in the form of guards you find scattered throughout the castle. Make sure to speak with all 4 of them. In any level, if you die after speaking with an NPC, do not worry. The trophy progress still saves between deaths. If you would like to speak with them again to play it safe, you may do that if you wish, but I can confirm you do not have to. You will earn this trophy at the end of the game.
  • Finish the game without buying items in the shops.

    For this trophy, you must complete the game without purchasing anything from the shop. Unfortunately this will prevent you from being able to obtain Collector trophy_gold.png  in a single playthrough since one collectible requires an item from the shop. However, the game is not too long, so you should be okay. The items are helpful, but are by no means necessary, so there shouldn't be much of an issue. Just go through all levels while skipping the shops you see, and you will earn this trophy at the end of the game.
  • Get all the collectibles.


    In this version of the game there are collectibles you can find which reference Alex Kidd and other classic video games. They are usually found in a random block within the level, and they are saved upon collection so even if you die or get a game over, you will still hold onto it. There are a total of 15 collectibles, and the levels containing collectibles are levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, & 20. After obtaining a collectible, you can view it in the start menu. Here are the locations of each collectible:

    Level 1 - As you make your way down, you will eventually find an old woman turned to stone. To the right, you should see one block surrounded by a bunch of other ones. The collectible is in the one block inside.

    Level 3 - As you make your way through the level you will encounter ocotopus enemies waving a tentacle. Avoid the first octopus and continue until you find the 2nd one. Carefully punch away each ball of the tentacle until the octopus is defeated, revealing the collectible.

    Level 4 - A little bit into the level, you will encounter a structure made of blue and red orbs with a pterodactyl enemy and 3 star blocks inside. Look to the left to find some blue orbs you can break open revealing this collectible.

    Level 5 - At the start of this level, go ahead and destroy the helicopter to fall into the water. Continue onward until you see a breakable block sandwiched between two horizontal rocks. Break it open to find this collectible.

    Level 6 - As you make your way through this level, you will eventually reach a spot with some rotating fire, and a bat flying between some breakable blocks and star blocks. Being careful to avoid the fire, break the top left block to reveal this collectible.

    Level 7 - Going through the level, you will eventually come across a dog and stone villager NPC. Make your way up to the dog and press circle.png to pet it which will earn you the Altered Beast trophy_bronze.png  trophy and reveal this collectible.

    Level 8 - After reaching a spot where you must step on a pink star block to open the path forward, make sure to drop down the next gap where you will find 3 breakable blocks. This collectible is in the middle block.

    Level 10 - Go ahead and destroy the boat as fast as you can which will drop you into the water. Near the end of the level, you will see a large stone structure with a line of breakable blocks on the bottom. Continue to break them to find this collectible within the middle block.

    Level 11 - Right before you encounter the exploding cactus enemies, you should see a stone pillar coming from the ground with a breakable block to the left of it. Break this block open to reveal the collectible.

    Level 12 - For this collectible you are going to need to purchase the peticopter from the shop. After buying the peticopter, carefully make your way through the level until you reach a large structure made of breakable blocks and unbreakable blocks. To the left, you will see some scattered breakable and unbreakable blocks. At the very top, there is a breakable block you can shoot which contains this collectible.

    If you do not have enough coins, here is an exploit: Play through the level collecting enough money to purchase the peticopter. Make sure you have more than 1 life remaining. Once you have enough money, kill yourself in whatever way to save your progress and respawn at a checkpoint. Exit the game back to the main menu, then load up your save. You should be back at the start of the level, but with all of the money you collected before. Go ahead and buy the peticopter and proceed to the collectible.

    Level 13 - While traveling through the castle, you will eventually encounter the first NPC standing on the top right of a room. Speak to him about your brother by pressing circle.png, and he will give you this collectible at the end of the conversation.

    Level 14 - While proceeding through this level you will eventually come across some breakable blocks in a downward stair formation with a platform to the right that has a scorpion and some fire. Carefully jump onto this platform and jump to the left to break the topmost block above the stair formation in order to reveal this collectible.

    Level 15 - Going through the level you'll find a platform comprised of breakable and unbreakable blocks. Near the right side and above you, you should find 4 unbreakable blocks in a line with breakable block pillars on top of them. To the right of that line of unbreakable blocks are 2 breakable blocks. This collectible is in the block next to the line of unbreakable blocks.

    Level 19 - As you go through the level, you will travel under a structure of unbreakable blocks with a spear enemy moving around. There will also be an enemy in the top right that will throw rocks at you. Make your way to the right side of the structure, then climb it. You should see 4 blocks in a cube formation with a stun block as the top right of the cube. Climb these blocks, then break the blocks to your left to reveal this collectible.

    Level 20 - This collectible is found towards the end of the level. You will eventually reach a point where you must swim through the next few rooms. In one room, you will have to navigate a maze of spikes. The collectible is in plain sight within the room around the top left. The trick to this room is that Alex has a hard head so you won't be hurt by spikes above you. Carefully make your way to the final collectible and collect it to obtain this trophy!

  • Discover the secret island.


    This trophy is obtained in level 3. Near the start of the level, you will encounter an octopus enemy flailing a tentacle around. Carefully punch away each orb of the tentacle to defeat the octopus enemy. Then move to the pot it was in and move down to go through the pot to a secret area with a maze. Make your way through the maze and you will come out onto the secret island level. Be aware that you should do this on your non-collectible playthrough because coming to this island level forces you to skip the collectible found in level 3.
  • Defeat Janken the Great.

    Story Related

    This trophy is obtained after defeating Janken in level 20. Make your way through the castle to eventually encounter Janken. He will intially challenge you to Jankenpon which you can win by selecting paper both times. Then he will begin the actual fight. To easily defeat him, just stand as close as you can to him and continuously punch him. If you are next to him, his projectiles will fly right over your head and you should be able to defeat him well before he moves or begins dropping the spikes.
  • Clear the "Namui Lake" level without shooting with the peticopter.


    This trophy is obtained on level 5. You can easily obtain this by destroying the peticopter to fall into the lake. Then proceed through the level as normal and you will obtain this trophy. As long as you didn't fire a shot with the peticopter, you will have no issues.
  • Complete the main story.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after completing level 22, Homecoming, and the main story of the game.
  • Win the Jankenpon tournament.

    After completing the story once, you will unlock Boss Rush mode. For this mode you will face off against Janken and his 3 commanders in succession as you did in the story, but with only 1 life. They throw the same moves in Jankenpon as they did in their first encounters within the story, but you must then fight and defeat them. Here are the strategies:

    Gooseka - Throw Rock then Scissors during Jankenpon. Once the fight starts, run to him and get about 7-8 hits in. Back away to dodge the first orb throw, then move back to him and quickly continue hitting him. You should defeat him before he throws another orb.

    Chokkina - Throw Scissors then Paper during Jankenpon. Once the fight starts, run to him fast and just continously hit him. You should actually be able to defeat him before he finishes stomping and raining down meteors.

    Parplin - Throw Rock then Scissors during Jankenpon. Once the fight starts, dodge his jumps then get close to him as he gets closer to the opposite side. Get about 2 hits in then back away to move between the thunderclouds. Continue this process to safely defeat him. If you want, you can attempt to get some extra hits in as he comes down after each jump. Just be careful not to accidentally touch him.

    Janken the Great - Throw Paper both times during Jankenpon. Once the fight starts, quickly move right next to him and start punching. You should be able to easily beat him before he moves or drops spikes since all his projectiles will fly over your head.

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