DOPEFISH Trophy in Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space



    The second-dumbest creature in the universe.

    How to unlock DOPEFISH

    Area: The Boiler Room

    You must not observe any other fish in this area before reaching the end of this Trophy, else they will all disappear. If this happens you will need to reload the area from your game save. You should also unlock this Trophy first: FISHERMAN.

    From the starting location of this area, look to the right and see a slanted metal beam touching the ground. Jump up this beam and at the top turn around. You can see a floating green fish in the distance; this is the fish you need to physically get John next to. The jump here is slightly tricky and requires you to sprint via and jump via to reach the next beam.

    Once you get next to the very odd-looking fish, observe it via to unlock this Trophy.

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