-Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10
-Overall number of trophies: 13 (9 , 3 , 1 )
-Offline: 12
-Online: 1
-Missable: 1 (The Old Fashioned Way)
-Approx time to 100%: 6-8 hours

This is a very simple city building game that lets you play at your own pace. There's no time limit, no challenge, no anything, so you don't have to worry about missing any trophies (except for one). I was having trouble figuring out how to advance, so I thought I'd put up a little guide to help.

Just play through the game at your own pace, and make sure you don't build the Dragon Gate until you have purified the entire island (you will get a cutscene telling you you have done so). Once you get this cutscene, go ahead and build the Dragon Gate and True Dragon Gate and you're done!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Akari for this Roadmap]

Akimi Village Trophy Guide

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13 trophies ( 9  )

  • Purify the first set of Akimi

    When you purify an area with a Radiant Tree or other plant and the green circle includes a gloomy Akimi, the Akimi will be purified as well and can then be used for harvesting. They'll show you this via Tutorial early on.

  • Plant your first radiant tree

    The first seed they give you doesn't count, so you'll get this when you plant your second tree, which will come after your first few buildings.

  • Plant 5 radiant trees in one game

    See Johnny Appleseed.

  • Remove 1 ton of Debris

    You'll need the pickax tool for this, which is northwest a bit from your starting point. As long as you set some Akimi to remove debris every time you see it, you'll get this fairly easily. You'll never have a shortage of spare Akimi to set some on debris, but they clear debris slowly, so you may want to set a couple at a time.

  • Rescue 40 Akimi in one game

    As long as you're going towards The Old Fashioned Way, you'll get this. If you want to get it faster, build a lot of plants with the Gardener and place them just to purify Akimi, and then move/destroy the plants. Even if you move the plant immediately, the Akimi will remain purified, so don't worry about that.

  • Send 300 resources

    You'll need a post office to do this, which is on the top line of buildings, I believe after the house. You'll need to build a box in it, then fill that box with 300+ resources and send it to a friend via their totem. To get 300 resources, set an Akimi or 2 on harvesting and don't set their return point. They will harvest and drop the resources on the ground behind them. You then pick up the box and put it on a pile of resources and the pile will be added to the box. To see the contents of the box, go up to it and hit . The other account doesn't need to accept or anything, so this trophy will pop when you place the box. Just make sure that when you place the box, it makes a pop sound and there's a puff of smoke. It's easy to place the box down, miss the totem and not send the resources.

    Easiest way to do this: Have a second account on your ps3. Play on that account (and add your main as a friend) until you get to move (when it asks you to plant the first seed). Quit, go back to your main account, then go to any available totem, assign it to the second account, and send the box of 300+ resources to it.

    If you don't have a second account, then use the boosting thread to add someone.

  • Refine 500 Resources

    Refining is when you have to turn one set of resources into another, such as straw into bricks, bamboo into paper, etc. Just set an Akimi to harvest something, and set their return point as the refining building. You don't necessarily need to harvest the refined resource, but you'll need them if you're going for Full Set.

    Note: To harvest refined resources, you need to set a JOBLESS Akimi on the pile. You can remove an Akimi's job by picking it up and hitting .

  • The name says it all

    Just walk around a lot. It took me about an hour and a half of walking to get this. You'll get it through the normal course of play.

  • Keep carrying things around

    Carry 500 resources around. You start off being able to carry 5 at a time, but that gets upgraded to 15 later (I believe with one of the tools you purify). To make this more convenient, you can build a Workshop (or any other building that accepts basic resources) near a harvesting point, and then set Akimi to harvest there without return points so you don't have to carry the resources very far.

  • Have every building and component in one game

    I don't believe you need to build 2 portals to get this (1 should suffice), but the portal is convenient enough that you should build 2 anyway. If nothing else, just portal from your Work Hut to your building area because that's the most hassle. Common problems are: getting stuck finding another wise fish, not being able to connect the tower buildings. You find wise fish by purifying pools, and the fish will randomly appear by one. If you can't find a second one, just punch your first School until it breaks and move the fish over to the new building (then rebuild the school by removing and re-placing one item). The tower walls are on the bottom row of items you can make with the Master Craftsman. Just make a line that touches all the Temple buildings and you'll be fine. You don't need to worry about rotating walls, it will do it for you as you place them.

  • Plant 10 Radiant Trees in one game

    Every 10 Culture points (you get some per NEW building you build), you'll get a Radiant Seed. Plant them at gloomy spirit wells to purify large areas. You'll get this if you go for Full Set. Please note, sometimes they will give you normal seeds that do not grow Radiant Trees. You plant those anywhere green and they become a harvestable tree. For those seeds, the cursor will not light up over a Spirit Well, so just keep an eye out for that.

    You can see how many Radiant trees you've built by hitting and then Left or Right on the stick.

  • Build the Grand Dragon Gate

    The Grand Dragon Gate is the final building in the tree, and you need every other building built to unlock it. You'll build one of these for Full Set. You can actually beat the game before building this, but you can simply continue and go back into the village to build it.

  • Purify the entire island before building the Dragon Gate or Grand Dragon Gate

    Missable! After planting all 10 trees, you'll still have a lot of black gloomy area. Go to your Gardener and build a lot of trees and place them around to remove the black area. Before you upgrade it, build lots of Sakura Trees. Once you upgrade it, build the Sylvan Wonders instead, as they purify a larger area. You'll know you've purified the entire area if you get a cutscene with the raccoon. The Dragon Gate is unlocked about halfway through the building tree, on the bottom row. Just avoid its blueprint until the very end and you'll be fine. It's not required to build any other building (except the Grand Dragon Gate), so it's not necessary at all until the end.

    Do be careful, as there is a hard limit on how many components you can build. I ended up with a lot of duplicate buildings (Shrines, Workshops, resource refining buildings), and had to destroy some before I could build more trees. Destroy a building by hitting to punch it a few times, then destroy the components by punching those too (you'll get the individual ingredients back, though you have to carry them to the appropriate shop).

    If you miss this trophy, you'll have to start a new game from scratch, so be careful.

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