Strip Specialist Trophy in AKIBA'S TRIP: Undead & Undressed

  • Strip Specialist


    Removed 300 articles of clothing.

    How to unlock Strip Specialist

    Here are the control inputs:
    : To attack enemy's headgear item.
    : To attack enemy's lower clothing item (such as jeans or pants).
    : To attack enemy's upper clothing item (such as T-shirt).

    If you keep attacking the enemy, you will see that their clothing item is flashing red or green (headgear). Now you need to hold the above buttons to strip their clothing item. You can grab the enemy's clothes if you inflict enough damage on their clothes which causes a button mashing prompt appear (you need to press the specific button). If your undressing skills are not MAX then you cannot strip them instead of tearing their clothes. You can buy books from some stores to raise your EXP for a specific skill, or you just keep stripping people who wear that type of clothing. You can check the list of undressing skills here. You can check your progress in Record.

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