Lucky Shot Trophy in Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

  • Lucky Shot


    Shot down enemy aircraft with a rocket at great range in single player

    How to unlock Lucky Shot

    As the trophy image indicates, you have to shoot down an enemy aircraft using rockets from at least 240 meters away. This can be done in any mission using a plane that has rockets. To fire off rockets using the wireless controller and the simulator configuration, press with rockets selected (to select rockets, press ). I suggest a mission where you face incoming planes head on (such as Deception or Defend The Republic), and using a plane with multiple rockets. I personally got this trophy during the mission Deception from the Operation Black single player campaign against the third wave of bombers using a Lavochkin 5. Strategy: After letting one plane escape you reach a checkpoint. Immediately after reaching that checkpoint, a wave of bombers will appear, with three waves in total. Just line up the aiming reticule and fire both rockets. If by the 3rd wave you haven’t hit anything, just crash your plane and restart from the checkpoint – repeat this until you get the trophy.

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