RAF Officer Trophy in Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

  • RAF Officer


    Win 5 multiplayer matches with RAF team

    How to unlock RAF Officer

    Simply win 5 matches flying planes with the RAF symbol (symbol in the trophy image) next to them. This cannot be done in free for all modes such as Deathmatch, and must be done in team modes such as Capture the Flag. Suggested method: Host a game, and set the type to Capture the Flag. Set a score limit of 3, and the teams to RAF vs Luftwafe or Russians vs RAF. While the map doesn't matter, Berlin has both sides fairly close to each other. When choosing a plane, make sure to pick a plane with the RAF symbol next to it and proceed to capture the flag 3 times. Repeat this 4 more times for a total of 5 wins. Note: There has to be at least one player on each team for a win to count towards the trophy.

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