Cracking Good Show Trophy in Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

  • Cracking Good Show


    Place first in Deathmatch with at least 6 players

    How to unlock Cracking Good Show

    As the description suggests, place first in a multiplayer game of Deathmatch against at least 5 other players. Suggested method: Host a game of Deathmatch and set the player number to 8, with a time limit of 5 minutes. The map doesn't matter, but pick a plane you feel comfortable with - I'd recommend one which has 4 rockets. After that, simply win the match with at least 6 players total in the game. Players do not have to be there at the start for it to count, but do need to be there when the match ends. Depending on the time of day, the room may take a while to completely fill so don't get discouraged after a few matches. This method can be used to unlock Good Show, but you must not place higher than 2nd to get it to unlock. For some odd reason, placing 1st will not unlock the trophy even if you already have Cracking Good Show, so these two trophies must be earned separately.

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