Mind the Water Trophy in Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

  • Mind the Water


    Successfully land on carrier at mission’s end

    How to unlock Mind the Water

    You will have an opportunity at the end of most missions to select and attempt to land on the aircraft carrier. Tip: I got this on the training mission. I recommend using that mission so if you crash, you do not have to restart a story related mission.

    To land your plane:

    1. Hit to drop the landing gear.
    2. Slow your plane down with throttle.
    3. Have the plane lined up and approach the back of the moving aircraft carrier. The plane should be slightly above the aircraft carrier.
    4. Ease up on the throttle some more while over the deck of the aircraft carrier.
    5. Slow down even more until you touched the deck of the aircraft carrier.
    6. Slow down till you shut off the plane's engines. Note: If you feel like your going too fast or going to crash, raise your throttle and attempt steps 1-6 again.

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  • Slow your plane down with throttle by pressing Square button

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