Japanese Campaign Trophy in Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

  • Japanese Campaign


    Complete both IJN Campaigns

    How to unlock Japanese Campaign

    There are 2 IJN (Japanese) campaigns, each with 5 major missions. Once you have completed both IJN campaigns, the trophy will unlock.


    There is a glitch in the EU version of game in the "Bombing of Darwin Mission. Thanks to robg69 and others, this glitch is easily fixed:

    This mission (Bombing of the Darwin) in the first round of Japanese missions where you have to destroy the Australian Airbase. After you destroy all the targets, you are stuck and the game doesn't progress. What I had to do was fly to another base (roughly Northwest of the main airbase) and bomb several hangars there until the missions would advance. I must have restarted that 2-3 times thinking it was glitched .

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