Attacking Pressure Trophy in AFL Live

  • Attacking Pressure


    Kick 3 goals as a direct result of free kicks from tackles in a match.

    How to unlock Attacking Pressure

    Tackle an opposition player while they are in, or just outside your forward 50m zone and receive the free kick for holding the ball. After you receive the free kick you must press to enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode and kick the goal. You must make the tackle within goal kicking range to be able to enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode. You also must make the tackle yourself it won't count if the AI performs the tackle for you.

    You can also use a 2 controller method if you are having trouble. The simplest way is to kick a behind with controller 1. Controller 2 will then be kicking in from the goal square, wait for the umpire to call play on, then simply run in and tackle the player with the ball, holding the ball will be called and you will have a free kick in front of goal.

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