- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 38 (1 , 4 , 11 , 22 )
- Online: 1 (1 )
- Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 85+ Hours
- Missable trophies: "Hot Streak", "Chas", "Got the Wood on 'em", "First Class Century". These trophies can be missed during season mode, you will most likely need multiple playthroughs so this shouldn't be a problem.
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Season, 1 Pre-Season, Multiple Single matches.
- Glitched Trophies: None.
- Does difficulty Affect Trophies: Yes, there are 4 trophies requiring you to play on a higher difficulties than Amateur.
- Do difficulty trophies stack: Yes
- Other accessories needed: Yes, you will need 2 controllers for "No 'I' in team".

AFL Live is the 10th video game based on Australian Rules Football to be released on consoles. There is a new developer this time round, Big Ant Studios, who have done a great job creating the new platform from scratch. There are 5 game modes in which you will have to focus your time in in order to achieve all trophies, with most of you time being spent in Competition mode which includes the Season modes.
Specific breakdown is:
Footy Factory - 2 trophies
Online - 1 trophy
Toyota AFL Premiership Season - 9 trophies
NAB Cup Pre-Season - 1 trophy
Single Match - 25 trophies

Note most of the trophies in the single match can also be unlocked during the Season mode. There are only a few trophies that will actually require you to play in Single Match. Most of the Single Match trophies are very straight forward and you will unlock the without even trying, some although are lacking specific detail which this guide will hopefully solve.

Road Map
Roadmap is based on a new player to the AFL franchise, not the fastest direct way to platinum.

Step 1 - Starting off

My first recommendation is to go straight to Training and read the Tutorials! This is pretty much essential, there are lots of controls in this game and they have a steep learning curve to master.

After you have read the tutorials, there is no doubt that you will still be pretty confused. You should play a few matches in Single Match to get an idea of how the game and controls work before starting a Season playthrough. For your first match it would be a good idea to choose a high rated team and play against the Gold Coast Suns. St.kilda, Geelong, Bulldogs and Collingwood are all the highest rated with 4.5/5. After selecting you Guernsey you will enter a screen where the Match Setting can be altered. Change the quarter length to either 3 or 5 minutes and make sure the difficulty is on Amateur.

Playing a few matches in this step you will most likely unlock "First Use" and hopefully "Winners (are Grinners)"

Step 2 - Amateur Toyota AFL Premiership season

Ok so after you have played a few matches you should be getting fairly familiar with the controls. You should now start a Season playthrough on Amateur with 3 minute quarters. Choose one of the better teams if you want to make it easier for yourself.

Note that you only have to play the games with your team that you selected and that you have to simulate the AI. The best way to do this is to play your teams match each round and then press to simulate all AI. If you simulate any of your teams matches you will not get any trophies!

During this step will unlock "Amateurs' Hour" and you should also try for "Chas", "Got the Wood on 'em" and "Set for September" as it will be much easier for you to get these on Amateur than the higher difficulties. You are also likely to have most of the random trophies by now, such as: "50 Metre Bomb", "Poster", "Slippery When Met" etc.

Step 3 - Professional Toyota AFL Premiership season

After your season you should be fairly competent with the controls and gameplay ready to start working on the more difficult trophies. Before jumping straight into Legend difficulty I would suggest to start a season on Professional and attempt to win 5 games in a row for the "Hot Streak" trophy.

*If you think you are good enough to win 5 games in a row on Legend difficulty you can skip this step and unlock this trophy during Step 4 or Step 5.

Step 4 - Legend NAB Cup Pre-Season

After winning 5 games in a row on Professional it's time to start working on the Legend trophies. The NAB Cup will be easier and shorter to win then a season as you only have to play 5 games, and the first two games will only have two terms rather than four. Winning the NAB Cup grand final will earn you the "Nabbed it" trophy.

Step 5 - Legend Toyota AFL Premiership Season

After the winning the NAB cup on Legend it's time for a full season on Legend. Be prepared for 50 hours to unlock this trophy, you will have to play a minimum of 25 games, each game being 2 hours long.
Before you start this each game make sure you have 2 hours free, possibly more depending on stoppages. When playing the Finals you must make sure you win the matches otherwise you may be eliminated. If you are about to lose you can quit the match via the pause menu and play the match again with no consequences.

Win the Grand Final without simulating any of you teams games or playing any of the AI's games and you will have unlocked "Legendary".

Step 6 - Online
If you have not managed to play 5 games online yet now is the time to do it, online is very fun, lag free and definitely the most fun part of the game. Play 5 games online and you will unlock "Online Player".

Step 7 - Clean up
By this stage you will have most of the trophies apart "Lifetime Lagger" which will take a decent amount of grinding to unlock. You will also finish off any remaining trophies you have left, such as; "Australian Made" "Chairman of the Board", "No 'I' in team".

[PST Would Like to Thank shaunnn191 for this Roadmap]

AFL Live Trophy Guide

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39 trophies ( 11  23  )

  • Earn all trophies.

    As the description says; earn all trophies.

  • Kick a goal from beyond the 50 metre arc.

    This can be done in Goal Kick Set Shot Mode or from a running kick. Make sure you are outside your attacking 50m arc and simply kick a goal and the trophy will unlock.

  • Hit a goal post and score a behind.

    This will come naturally through your time playing. The trophy will unlock after you kick the ball with either or and it hits the post. It will also count if you soccer the ball.

  • Kick 3 goals as a direct result of free kicks from tackles in a match.

    Tackle an opposition player while they are in, or just outside your forward 50m zone and receive the free kick for holding the ball. After you receive the free kick you must press to enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode and kick the goal. You must make the tackle within goal kicking range to be able to enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode. You also must make the tackle yourself it won't count if the AI performs the tackle for you.

    You can also use a 2 controller method if you are having trouble. The simplest way is to kick a behind with controller 1. Controller 2 will then be kicking in from the goal square, wait for the umpire to call play on, then simply run in and tackle the player with the ball, holding the ball will be called and you will have a free kick in front of goal.

  • Win a match in the wet.

    As the description says, win a match while it is raining. You will unlock this during a playthrough of a Premiership Season as there will always be multiple games in the rain. A quick way is to simply play Single Match and change the weather to raining, make sure that you are not playing at Etihad Stadium as it is indoors.

  • Storm home to win without the opposition scoring a goal in the final quarter.

    You must win a match without the opposition scoring in the final quarter, for the trophy to unlock you must be behind at 3 quarter time. If you are in front at 3 quarter time it will not pop.

    If you are having trouble set up a 2 player match against the Gold Coast Suns and choose a quality team, you will win the centre bounce every time. Once you get in front in the final quarter kick a goal so play returns to the centre square and just stop playing and wait out the remaining time.

  • Perform 5 taps directly to a receiver in a match.

    Another very simple trophy that will unlock very early. When the ball is bounced or thrown into play by an umpire your ruckman will be in position to tap the ball to you. When the ball is at its highest point move in the direction of one of your players. If they receive the ball directly it will count. The trophy will unlock as soon as you do this 5 times in a match.

  • Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Amateur, no simulating.

    See Legendary

  • Win a game with an AFL team against an interstate AFL team at their home ground.

    The easiest way to unlock this trophy is to start a Single Match, move your controller symbol to the right so you are the "Away" team. Choose a quality side from Victoria (i.e. Collingwood) and make the opposition the Gold Coast Suns, make sure the stadium selected is Gold Coast Stadium. Win the match and the trophy will unlock.

    The trophy may not unlock if you have messed around in the Footy Factory game mode and removed players from teams. If this is happens to you, go to "Footy Factory" and delete any custom teams you have made. Then go down to "Reset Teams" and confirm that you want to restore the players to their original teams. Play a match using the above settings and it should unlock.

  • Win a game with 9 or more individual goal kickers.

    This trophy can be tricky to do in a normal match. By far the easiest way is to play a Single Match with any team, when you score a goal with a player switch him with a player from the backline that hasn't scored a goal. Do this 8 more times and then make sure you win the match and the trophy will unlock.

    To switch a player press Start > Team Management > Team Line Up, then sort through the menu to find the player that kicked the goal, select him with and sort through to find a player to switch with and press again. You may need to make note of the players who have scored a goal as there is no way of checking in-game.

  • Create a full team of 40 or more players in the Footy Factory.

    From the main menu go Footy Factory > Team Editor > Create > Squad. Select 40 random players from any team and press "Add". Once you have 40 players return to the Team Editor menu and the trophy will unlock.

  • Play out a drawn game.

    The easiest way by far is to set up a 2 player match using two controllers with 3 minute quarters. Wait 12 minutes while pressing at the end of every quarter and the trophy is yours.

    If you don't have two controllers set up a Single Match on Amateur and try your best to keep possession of the ball and force stoppages.

  • Kick a goal from within the centre square.

    The easiest way to do this is with a team with a strong forward line, such as the Saints. Either mark the ball or get a free kick right on the edge of the centre square near your attacking 50. Enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode and aim for goal. As you are so far out you will need to kick a torpedo to make the distance.

    To kick a Torpedo hold down as you charge the kick using . You will need to aim accordingly depending on the players preferred foot.

    By using this method If you will also unlock Torpedoes Away! if you have never kicked a goal using a torpedo from outside the 50 metre arc.

  • Create a player in the player creator.

    From the main menu go Footy Factory > Create Player, assign the player to a team and save changes. The trophy will then unlock.

  • Gather 40 or more disposals with a single player.

    For this trophy you will need to gain a total of 40 more disposals with any single player, this can be either kicks or handpasses. You will most likely meet this requirement playing any match with 20 minute quarters. It can be done in a 15 minute quarter match also, but will require you to put all of you focus towards handpassing as much as you can.

    Select a quality team and play a Single Match against the Gold Coast Suns on Amateur, 15 minute quarters. Win the stoppages as much as possible and handpass back a forward to players. Try to focus only on the midfield not any one single player. The trophy will unlock in-game as soon as one player reaches 40 disposals.

  • Play a co-operative match with at least 2 players on the same team.

    This has to be done using 2 controllers. Just play any match with both of the controllers controlling the same team. Can be done in Single Match, Competition or Online.
  • Kick 5 or more goals in a match with a single player.

    Kick 5 goals in a match with any player in your team. You will unlock this trophy without even trying through regular gameplay. If you are having trouble you can increase the quarter length which will give you a higher chance of kicking 5 goals with the same player.

  • Perform 50 spoils.

    Simply perform 50 spoils throughout all game modes.
    To perform a spoil hold + or push in the direction you wish to spoil the ball while it is in the air. Once you have performed your 50th spoil the trophy will unlock.

  • Perform 10 effective tackles in a match.

    An effective tackle is when you tackle your opponent and are given the free kick for holding the ball. If you do not get the free kick it doesn't count. For an easy method see Attacking Pressure and follow the same instructions.

  • Complete 5 online games.

    Simply enter and complete 5 online matches. It doesn't matter if you win or lose.

  • Kick a goal with a torpedo from 50 metres.

    See Downtown

  • Kick a goal from the boundary with a banana.

    When you take a mark close to the boundary line you are able to kick a Banana/Checkside instead of a Torpedo.

    The easiest way is to enter Goal Kick Set Shot Mode after a mark near the boundary. Hold down and kick the ball with . If you kick a goal the trophy will unlock.

  • Break 2 tackles in a row with fends.

    When you are being tackled you can hold and you will fend the tackle off. Fend off two tackles in a row with the same player and the trophy will unlock.

    If you are struggling you can enter Footy Factory > Player Database and choose the team you want to use and raise all the players "break tackle" stats to max. Then choose the team you want to play against and lower all the players "tackle" stats to min.

  • Win a match.

    Choose a good quality team and play against the Gold Coast Suns and you should have an easy win and the trophy will unlock.

  • Win a ruck contest with the shortest player on your team.

    Easiest method is to go to Footy Factory >Player Database > West Coast Eagles and find "D.Kerr", edit his "Ruck Tap" and "Ruck Punch" changing them to max.

    Now start a Single Match, choose the West Coast Eagles and play against the Gold Coast Suns. Before you select Play Match go to Team Management > Team Line Up > Followers and change "Daniel Kerr" from "Rover" to "Ruck". Win any ruck contest and the trophy will unlock.

  • Win 5 matches in a row during a season on Professional difficulty or above.

    The quickest and easiest method for this trophy is to start a NAB Cup Pre-Season with 3 minute quarters on Professional, pick a high rated team and win the 5 games in a row. Thanks to pstevo123 for the tip.

  • Perform 20 heavy bumps.

    A heavy bump is when you bump an opposition player and they fall to the ground. The bumps will not count if the player does not fall over. To Bump a player by push in the direction of the player while you are nearby.

    An easy method is to bump an opposition player after their team has marked the ball in their forward 50. This will give away a 50 metre penalty and move the player to the goal square. Continue to run around and easily bump players nearby before he kicks for goal. Thanks to DanW8 for the tip.

    Perform a heavy bump 20 times throughout multiple matches and the trophy will unlock.

  • From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball.

    The easiest way to do this in my opinion is to not play-on. Wait for one of you players to lead and kick the ball so they can run on to it and mark. Don't kick the ball too hard or the defender will attempt to spoil. Once you kick the goal the trophy will pop.

  • Chas


    In Season mode, a member of the player controlled team wins the Brownlow medal.

    The Brownlow medal is won by being the best overall player during a Premiership Season. In this game it comes down to the player that was rewarded with "Best on ground" the most amount of times during the season.

    Go for this trophy in an Amateur Premiership Season, 3 min quarters and choose a good quality team. When you have a ruck contest always tap to your "Centre" player and then kick the ball, this will usually get you around 5 possessions per quarter, which will easily win you best on ground each game.

    If you want to check to see who has been "best on ground" in previous matches, select your season, then select "View Fixtures" and browse through to find you teams matches.

    The trophy will unlock at the end of round 24 when the votes for the Brownlow medal are shown on screen.

  • Win a match with more handballs than kicks.

    Choose a high rated team and play against the Suns. Try to handball as much as possible rather than kicking and you should get this trophy easily. Keep checking the stats after each quarter to see how you are going. The trophy will unlock when you have won the game.

  • Defeat every team at least once in a home and away season.

    I would suggest going for this trophy during an Amateur Premiership Season, the same time you are going for "Chas".
    When you win a match against the 17th team the trophy will unlock. Note that this can be easily missed, as there are only 5 teams that you will play twice.

  • Kick the ball off the ground to score a goal.

    When the ball is near the goal line and on the ground keep tapping or and soccer it though. Score the goal and the trophy will unlock.

  • Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Professional, no simulating.

    See Legendary

  • Win a match by over 50 points.

    Another fairly simple trophy that you will get without really trying. The easiest method is to choose a high rated team and play against the Suns on Amateur. Trophy will unlock after you finish the game.

  • Finish on top of the ladder in a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season, no simulating.

    You should aim for this trophy when you are also going for "Chas" and "Got the Wood on 'em" during and Amateur Premiership Season. The trophy will unlock after round 24 if you are on the top of the ladder.

  • Win a Toyota AFL 2011 Premiership Season on Legend, 20 min quarters, extreme injuries, no simulating

    During your season, if you simulate any games in which you're selected team plays you will not earn any trophies. You will have to simulate all the AI's matches though; if you play any of them yourself you will not get any trophies.

    Most people will have to play their first season on Amateur to get an understanding of the game and the controls. You will also begin to understand the AI and their tactics. Winning the grand final on Amateur is fairly simple and shouldn't cause any headaches.

    When going for "Legendary" make sure you have at least 2 hour free before starting a game, as even with 20 minute quarters the stoppages raise the time for each quarter to around 30 minutes. Also make sure that you have selected the right settings for each section, the last thing you would want is to win the grand final when you had injuries set to medium instead of extreme.

    Whilst playing on Legend you will have to spoil nearly every contested marking situation, as the AI will usually mark the ball even if you are in front. Also tackle as much as possible to prevent the AI from making space and clearing the ball to easily. Choosing a high rated team will also help if you are having trouble.

    If you wish to get though you season quicker this game has a serious glitch which I discovered half way through my Legend season that you can use to advantage. It will allow you to simply let the AI also control your team and do all the work, all you have to do is press at every quarter time break, without being penalised, and you can still unlock all the trophies!

    To do this you must start your season match and press . Hold down and turn your controller off. Now turn your controller on and press to resume the match. You will notice that because you were in the start menu you were not prompted to assign your controller to a team and the AI will start controlling both teams instead. All you will have to do is press a few times at each quarter time break.

    However, you must be in control of your selected team when the full time siren is sounded during the grand final. If you are not in control the trophy will not be unlocked, you will then have to exit the game and try again. Do not continue to the menu or it will save.

    Your team will not be guaranteed to win every match in the season, but with a high rated team you should come close. I suggest to at least play the 1st quarter of each Final match to build up a decent ead of around 10 goals to make sure that your team will win.

    *Please note, if you do not follow these instructions exactly you will be prompted with the message; "Simulating a match involving a human team will result in this season becoming ineligible from earning any rewards. Would you like to continue". If you select "Yes" you will not receive any season related trophies. If you are not in control of your selected team when the grand final siren is sounded "Legendary" will not unlock. I can confirm that my method will allow you to unlock the trophies without any troubles.

    With a minimum of 25 and maximum of 27 games needed to be played to win the grand final this trophy should take around 50-54 hours of gameplay.

    *The difficulty trophies stack in this game, if you win the Grand Final with the correct settings for "Legendary" you will also unlock "The Professionals" and "Amateurs' Hour".

  • Win the Pre-Season Competition on Legend in real time with extreme injuries.

    Similar to "Legendary" although you will have to choose to play a NAB Cup Pre-Season instead.
    Make sure you have the settings set to Legend, 20 minute quarters and extreme injuries.
    In the NAB Cup there are only 5 games that need to be played, with the first two matches consisting of only two "quarters".

    Win the NAB Cup grand final and the trophy will unlock.

  • Have a player in your team kick more than 100 goals in a season.

    This trophy will almost definitely be unlocked during your season playthorough for "Legendary". It would also be possible to unlock by playing 3 or 5 min quarters on Amateur, just try to aim for the same player as much as possible.

    Goals kicked during the finals will also count towards this trophy. Thanks to KRAUSY13 for confirming.

    You can check the amount of goals each player has kicked in your season menu by going Season Stats >Players Season Stats > Sort by Goals

  • Kick 5000 goals.

    All goals scored by your controlled team will count towards this trophy. Any goals kicked with an AI controlled team will not count.

    The quickest way would be to go into Footy Factory and edit 2 teams' stats, making one teams' stats maximum and the others minimum. Then head to Competition and create a Custom Cup with 2 teams' and select the teams' you have edited. This method will allow you to kick over 450 goals in a 20 minute quarter match.

    Goals scored in a single match don't always save, so if you are grinding you should do so in a Custom Cup to be safe.

    The 5000 goals includes all Goals and Super Goals scored offline or online. The trophy will unlock after you kick your 5000th goal. You can check the amount of goals you have kicked by pressing while at the main menu and the scrolling though the stats.

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