Ron Evans Medal Trophy

  • Ron Evans Medal


    One of your players win the NAB Rising Star.

    On your first season of Career Manager, make sure your player you created kicks the most goals for the team, or gets the most Man of the Matches. It is easier to do this while going for trophies like Coleman Medal Superstar and Brownlow Medal Legend. Also make sure your players age is 18. Check the Road Map for details.

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  • i have gone through an entire season twice now, kicked the most goals (over 300 for the season!) etc. i win the brownlow, best and fairest, coleman medal.. but it simply will not let me win the rising star. anyone got any tips???
  • @1 is your player younger than 21? make him born in 1997 to be safe
  • i think i figured it out. 21 years or younger and dont get suspended during a season. sometimes happens when you sim the game. so to make sure your character hasnt been either check through the 400 messages in the managers inbox or else go to his stats and see if hes played all 29 games

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