Gemma Knight Trophy in Adventures of Mana

  • Gemma Knight


    Obtain Level 99

    How to unlock Gemma Knight


    If your anything like me, you will be Level 50 or so by the time you get to the end of the game. Getting to level 99 will require some grinding. You can do this in the last dungeon but it's recommended to either do it on the main world map before progressing to the point of no return or it can be done easily by killing Elephants in the Temple of Mana. There are two screens just before the last boss that have Elephants on them. You can go back and forth between the two, and if you leave one alive in the room, when you re-enter the room the enemies will respawn. If you kill all the elephants, you can just backtrack to the previous floor or move forward just past the elephants and then go back. The enemies will respawn at that point. If you kill the elephants then leave the room before the elephant’s death animation, they will respawn. Otherwise, you will have to leave the entire area to get the elephants to respawn.

    As you kill monsters, you will gain experience. Each time you level up, you will be given the option of selecting 1 of 4 training regimens. It is recommended that you only use the Warrior and Mage regimens, switching between the two every time you level up. If you follow this method from the very beginning, you will get 99 in all four stats.

    Here are the stat boosts for each level you can gain, by regimen:

    Warrior: VIT +1, STR + 2, INT +0, MND +1
    Monk: VIT +2, STR +1, INT +0, MND +1
    Mage: VIT +1, STR + 0, INT +2, MND +1
    Sage: VIT +1, STR + 0, INT +1, MND +2

    Abbreviated version:

    Level up, select Warrior
    Level up, select Mage
    Level up, select Warrior
    Level up, select Mage
    Rinse and repeat etc.

    If you find yourself in the 80's/90's and your maths shows you will be shy a few levels, just make a new save file and focus on your stats for one class. Now load your old save file and level up your other class as you don't need to have a 99 stat in all 4 classes at once to earn the Platinum.

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  • I got this by staying in the "Temple of Mana Floating Antechamber" and killing the elephants on the 2 screens there. This is the last area before you get the Excalibur sword. If you leave 1 enemy alive and go between the 2 rooms, the elephants will keep spawning. Also, if you leave the screen before the last enemy disappears, they will also keep respawning when you come back. It is also really easy to go up or down a few screens to reset the enemies if you accidentally kill them all. I went from level 66 to level 99 in about 2 hours.
  • There's no way in hell one can get from level 66 to 99 in 2 hours. I'm getting 200 xp per elephant kill. I'm at level 65, and I need 14,000 xp to get to level 66. It takes me at least an hour to get 3-4 levels. Something is off.

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