Ambitreacherous Trophy

  • Ambitreacherous


    Beat the game without upgrading Finn's Thumps, Sword, or Armor.


    In order to achieve this goal, you will need to start a new game and carry through the entire game without ever upgrading/collecting three items:

    • Most importantly, you need to make sure not to collect the extra full Thumps awarded for winning the first three Boss Battles. This is the main reason why this trophy requires a second run. Along with the full Thumps, do not collect three or more Thump Shards as they will add a full Thump.
    • Do not give Rattleballs the 20 Gum Globes for the upgraded Grass Sword (see Blade of Grass trophy).
    • Avoid opening the chest in the final temple that holds the Like Like Sweater (the chest in 2B in the middle of the room with the fire red colored carpet), if you do then quit the game without saving and restart from your previous save!

    Nearly every Thump Shard you can collect is obvious before you collect them so avoid all you can. If you happen to collect up to two of the Shards you will still be ok as long as you don’t get a third Shard and end up increasing your Thump Meter past three. Two Shards are stored in treasure chests (one in each of the last two temples) so avoid them if you can. The Attack and Defense Trail mixes do not affect this trophy as they are only momentary power-ups. Using spare Thumps to refill Finn’s health and the Invincibility Trail Mix are also totally safe to use and will be your best option for the tougher fights at the end of the game. The trophy does not specify anything involved with upgrading the Bananarang or Jake's Shield ability but I suggest not upgrading either just to be safe.

    Most of the game is manageable with only three Thumps and your basic Grass Sword. The Fear Temple may test a bit of your patience in certain spots and I do suggest an Invincibility trail mix for the second stage of the boss to initiate the sunlight-switch segment faster without really taxing Finn’s health. The final temple is easier and the entrance and portal checkpoint allows you to return to where ever you were with ease if Finn does die. The only real test is the final boss. Remember to fill every baggy with Invincible Trail Mix and Spare Thumps to refill your meter while you melee attack the enemy with a bit more Flambo thrown in this time. I found it to work best if you used the spare thumps as needed and use the Invincibility Mix only during the green projectile moments. Watch your Demon Heart inventory and quit out of the game instead of saving if you die after using too many trail mixes etc. if you can't make more. 

    Once you complete the game without ever upgrading the Grass Sword, finding the Like Like Sweater or collecting any extra Thumps, the trophy should pop and if you followed the Road Map then the Platinum will follow.

    This does need to be carried out in a second playthrough as there are enough trophies that work against this trophy concerning fully upgrading the Thump Meter, upgrading the Grass Sword and getting all items, which the Like Like Sweater is included in the collection tally but once you have all the extra trophies out of the way from your first run, this second run through the four temples should take much less time than your initial run.

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  • The description doesn't say anything about upgrading your shield or bananarang, but you won't get the trophy if they're upgraded by Marceline.
  • Are you sure @SNACH2497?

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