Henchman Trophy

  • Henchman


    Stun 5 enemies with a single Bananarang

    There are a few ways to accomplish this goal: 

    • You can have Finn camp out in a corner, throw the Bananarang at an enemy in front of him and strafe to the left so that the Bananarang angles back to hit four other enemies in its path.
    • When there are at least five enemies in a room, throw Meat (which can be purchased from Choose Goose) to bait five enemies into a small clump. Angle the release and return so you hit all five.
    • The third option is to upgrade the Bananarang at Marceline's Cave so that it shoots out an area ranged attack from all sides of Finn and use it in the Fear Temple or the final temple when you are surrounded by five or more enemies.

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  • I actually found a trick where I only had 3 enemies on the screen & got this. First thing, I had the upgraded Bananarang. I just entered the 3rd Castle & in the 2nd room there is 3 Skeletons. I powered up the Bananarang & shot it. then moved & additional Bananarangs hit the same Skeleton. So, I guess to get the trophy, all you have to do is hit 5 enemies with one shot, but they don't have to be different enemies.
  • As mentioned on the previous comment, you don't need to hit five enemies but hit the enemies with all five bananas from the charge attack. I did in the same place he recommended.

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