The Real You Trophy

  • The Real You


    Find every secret Gunter cave

    Gunter, the seemingly adorable penguin who gives you a "Wenck!" when you find him, is waiting to give Finn some treasure in a number of caves throughout the map. Find him in all six locations and you will be awarded this trophy:

    1. From Pillowmint Butler's Castle, go 1 screen down and 2 screens left. Up some stairs will be a cracked wall you need to bomb. Once inside, go down the stairs and all the way to the left into a separate room.

    2. In the Northwest section of the map, follow the trail that runs from the Dream temple to the left and up to find a cave. Towards the top of the cave you will find Gunter

    3. 1 screen above Stanley's house in the very bottom left corner of the map. Burn the Tree Stump to gain access to a small cave and Gunter.

    4. From the rightmost bridge on the world map where Cinnamon Bun was, go 1 screen to the right then go back 1 screen to the left from the bottom part of this screen. You will find the entrance to a cave. Gunter will be inside on the far left side after you go up some stairs.

    5. From the rightmost bridge on the world map where Cinnamon Bun was, go 2 screens to the right to find a cracked Cliffside wall. Bomb it to find Gunter inside. 

    6. From Fear Temple, go 1 screen down and 1 screen right. Cut the bushes to find a secret staircase. Inside will be Gunter.

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