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    Find every item in the entire game.

    If you have followed the Road Map and collected all items for the upgrades before entering the final temple, there should be only three items to collect inside to complete the requirements of this trophy i.e the final two Thump Shards (See The Red Throne for their locations) and the Like Like Sweater, which serves as a layer of Armor for Finn once he obtains it. You can find the Like Like Sweater on Floor 1B.

    If the trophy does not pop once you have this item, please check the list of what is included for the trophy:

    Grabby Hand
    Hero's Gauntlet
    Lady Rainicorn's Ring
    Slammy Hand – upgraded Grabby Hand
    The Enchiridion
    5 Piles of wood
    20 Gum Globes
    18 Thump Shards
    3 Thumps from boss battles
    5 Empty Baggies
    Love Note
    Spare Thumps (stored in baggy)
    Meat (stored in baggy)
    Trail Mix (stored in baggy) – I used Invincibility exclusively so one of the three should work
    Demon Heart

    This list may be excessive but you will find that all of these items will be in Finn's possession at some point during your run if you are going for all but Ambitreacherous in the same run. It is advised that you also upgrade the Bananrang and Jake’s Shield at Marceline's Cave [Thank you to xReTry8 who has confirmed at least Jake's shield needs to be upgraded for this trophy] I also gave the 20 Gum Globes to Rattleballs for the Grass Sword upgrade so it is advised you do this as well. Slammy Hand is also an upgrade but you can't avoid getting it so I listed it anyway.

    If you need to, leave the temple to obtain anything on this list that you did not get before defeating the final Boss. You will not be locked out of the trophy if you wait until the end of the game as the game never overwrites your last checkpoint save before defeating the final boss. You cannot obtain this trophy in your Ambitreacherous Run as you can't collect any extra full thumps or the Like Like Sweater which are needed for this.

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  • I got the sweather first and got the two thump shards afterwards. For some reason the trophy isn't unlocking. I have every single thing in the list, but nothing. Fuck. I'm hating this game.

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