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  • The Vault


    Repair the wizard's door

    There is a cracked wall that is one screen up and one screen left of the Witch’s Trail Mix Shop. In order to access the upper level of the area, you must travel one screen up from the Trail Mix Shop and enter the cave. Use Hero’s Gauntlet to clear the giant rock out of your way and take the lower path to the exit. You can also access the area earlier if you go into the third entrance to the cave to the left but using the route with the Giant Rock in your path is easier to navigate. Once outside, head right and find the cracked wall. Bomb it and you will make the Wizard inside very angry.

    You will need to collect five piles of wood to repair the Wizard's Door to appease him (and be rewarded with one of the Baggies for The Pods trophy) They are scattered around the map and you will need Flambo for three of the five, as well as the Hero's Gauntlet for one so don't worry if you can’t finish the quest right away. The order I received them is:

    1. From Song Temple, 1 screen down, 1 screen left, then 1 screen up, under a bush

    2. Use Flambo on trunk to the left of the Trail Mix Shop

    3. From Pillowmint Butler's Castle, 1 screen down, 1 screen left, 1 screen up, then use Flambo on the Trunk against the outer wall of the castle.

    4. On the same screen as The Wizard’s Cave, underneath a Giant Rock.

    5. Inside the swamp area (bottom right area of the map). You will see the location as soon as you enter the left side of the swamp. Head down and past the stationary plant enemies on the Right side trail to go up to the Tree Trunk. Use Flambo to complete your collection and head back to the wizard.

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