The Pods Trophy

  • The Pods


    Find every Baggy


    Baggies can be used to store up to 9 of the bomb enemies (Dyna-Mites), can be the vessel for your trail mix, extra thumps, enemy bait, and in the final fight are useful for defeating the boss enemy. You will also need a spare Baggy to complete a few of the fetch quests but will not be needed for any part of the trading game for The Enchridion.

    1. Buy the first Baggy from Choose Goose for 20 treasure.

    2. From the Pillowmint Butler's Castle, go 1 screen down, 1 screen left, then 1 screen up. Bomb the cracked wall to reveal the cave entrance.

    3. Rewarded for beating Starchy at the graveyard (see Bad Timing trophy for details).

    4. Rewarded for collecting the 5 piles of wood for the wizard (see The Vault trophy for details).

    5. Rewarded after destroying all the pottery in the Pottery Shop in time (See Sad Face trophy for details).

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