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    Max out your Thump Meter



    Thumps are the health gauge units of Finn's Thump Meter. Finn starts out with three hearts in his Thump Meter and the only upgrade to his amount of health is to collect extra Thumps. Defeating the Boss in the Song, Dream and Fear Temples each awards you a full extra Thump. These three full Thumps are considered missable as they are only available after defeating the boss immediately following the fight. Please collect them when they are made available.

    Throughout the map and, in a few occasions inside the temples, there are Thump Shards. Collect three Shards and Finn will be awarded another full extra Thump. Below is the location of all Thump Shards:

    1. The First Thump Shard you can access will more than likely be the one sold at Choose Goose’s Shop for 200 Treasure after you purchase the Bananarang

    2. One screen down, two screens left from Pillowmint Butler's castle, there are stairs that lead to a cracked wall. Use a Bomb to enter to complete a rotating bridge puzzle that will result in you obtaining the second Thump Shard. You will need Grabby Hand to obtain the Shard here.

    3. One screen up from Rattleballs, use Flambo on Tree Stump.

    4. While in the Dream Temple go to the room in the right corner on 3F and throw a Dyna-Mite on the cracked floor, drop down to 2F to collect the Shard.

    5. Once you have the Hero's Gauntlet, lift the giant rock 2 screens down from the graveyard.

    6. Lift the giant rock (with Hero's Gauntlet) 2 screens down from the Dream Temple.

    7. From Cinnamon Bun’s Bridge, go 1 screen to the right, then go back 1 screen to the left from the bottom part of this screen and enter the cave. Navigate up some stairs in the cave up to the exit that will put you to the left of the entrance you went in and up a level. Continue left outside to find a cracked Cliffside wall. Bomb it and you'll find a thump shard inside.

    8. Inside the swamp area (bottom right side of the map where the Fear Temple is located), from the right-side entrance to the area go 1 screen to the left and 1 screen down to light up a tree for the Shard.

    9. To the left of the bridge in the Northwest section of the map (the only bridge not over water visible on the map), will be a cave entrance. Inside the cave is a giant rock with the thump shard underneath so visit after you have the Hero's Gauntlet from the Dream Temple. This cave is the same location you will visit Ice King as part of the trading game (See The Enchiridion).

    10. From Dream Temple, move 1 screen down and 1 screen to the left. The Thump Shard will be over a gap on the bridge Finn will cross for the previous Shard. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake jump across the gaps to get the Shard.

    11. From Fear Temple, go 1 screen down and 1 screen right. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake jump over the broken bridge.

    12. From the Song Temple, travel 1 screen down, 1 screen to the left, 1 screen down, and 1 screen to the right to find a cave. On the right side of this cave is Party Pat's Rave (see The Party's Over). You will need to have the Hero's Gauntlet to get into the top area of the cave, as well as Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Finn and Jake stand on dual floor switches to access the Thump Shard area.

    13. From Dream Temple, go 1 screen down, 1 screen left then 1 screen down. Jump to the lower level and use Lady Rainicorn’s Ring to have Jake jump the gap over the broken bridge

    14. From Pillowmint Butler's castle, go 1 screen down, 1 screen right, then 1 screen down to find a dock. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake traverse the gaps to the Shard

    15. From Stanley's house (bottom left corner of the map) move 2 screens to the right to see a Thump Shard in the middle of some wooden posts. Use Slammy Hand to gain access to the Shard

    16. From Pillowmint Butler's castle, move 1 screen down and 1 screen to the left. Use Slammy Hand on the posts to access the Shard

    17. On 2F of Pillowmint Butler's Castle, bottom right most room.

    18. On 2F of Pillowmint Butler's Castle, in a small room you can access once you get the key to the bottom left door. Once inside the wing, bomb the cracked wall to enter the room and find the treasure chest to receive the last Thump Shard.

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  • I wasn't really sure, but I couldn't find any clarification one way or the other, but for future reference, the Thump Containers that the bosses drop WILL disappear if you don't pick them up after defeating the boss and leaving the temple, making this and Ambitreacherous mutually exclusive. I.E. you cannot beat the game once for Ambitreacherous, then reload just before the final boss and collect everything without having to do another play through.

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