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    Get the true ending

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Following the completion of the final temple, which is located inside the castle where you first met up with Pillowmint Butler, you will be given the choice of which of the three princesses should rule the Nameless Kingdom. Choose Lullaby Princess for Ending #1 and the It Was a Song All Along! trophy. Choose Slumber Princess for Ending #2 and the It Was a Dream All Along! trophy. Choose The Nightmare Princess to receive this trophy. 

    You will need to replay through the boss fight of the final temple twice to make your second and third choice to receive all three endings and trophies, but there is only a minimal amount of work to get to the boss fight the second and third time around. It is suggested you attempt at least two of the endings outside of your Ambitreacherous run but saving the last ending for that run would save you one boss battle run if you wish. The game does not force you to save after the final Boss Battle so there is no need to worry about missing this trophy (unless you overwrite your save or delete the game).

    The final temple is much more puzzle based than it is combat intensive but it is still made easier if you complete all upgrades to Finn’s health, sword, shield and Bananarang and have all five baggies before entering. Within the temple, you will be able to obtain the final two Thump Shards for The Red Throne trophy as well as the Like Like Sweater, which is an armor upgrade. If you have collected all other items as lined out by this Trophy Guide and Road Map, this item will be the final item you will need for the Be More trophy.

    Strategy for Final Temple Boss Fight:

    First, it is advised that your baggies are either filled with Spare Thumps or Invincible Trail mix (my preference was two Spare Thumps/three Invincible Mixes) before the battle. When the battle begins, if Finn is at full health and has his sword upgraded, the ranged attack works well to whittle away the boss' health. The boss will direct a curved line of projectiles to Finn, make sure to avoid them so Finn doesn’t lose the ability to use the ranged attack. 

    The second stage of the fight will have the enemy burrow into the ground and start filling the room with small spikes that will grow larger and damage Finn. Use Slammy Hand directly next to the enemy to stun it and make it pop out of the ground so Finn can lay a barrage of attacks on it. Repeat this process until it moves on to the final stage of the fight.

    In the final stage of the fight, the boss will create a green ball in front of it and then shoot out green projectiles in an array. You should use at least one of your power-ups in your baggies before this section of the fight because you will need to have Finn use Grabby Hand to catch the green projectiles, select the baggy that has the green smiling circle and use it against the enemy. The first two times will stun the enemy and allow Finn to wail on it for a moment. Interspersed in this moment, the boss will burrow down into the ground again so use Slammy Hand as before. The third time it uses the green projectiles, Finn will not stun the boss initially so keep working on filling up the baggies with the green projectiles and sending it back to the boss. In the second half of the stage, the boss will also create an expanding circle with a small opening that can damage Finn but the area attack is slow and there will always be a corner of the room Finn can go to and not get hit. Send enough green projectiles back to the Boss at this stage (regular sword attacks work just as well if you have no projectiles to send) and you will defeat the enemy and complete your progress through the story. 

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