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    Locate the hidden Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Right after you finish the Fear Temple, head one screen down, one screen left, then one screen up to an opening in the rock next to a road sign and a lit torch (if you go before finishing the Fear Temple, the opening will be boarded up and the torch will not be lit). Enter the Totally Freaky Cave to discover the fourth princess in the story. I wish I could leave a bit of mystery to who it is because the reveal is rather amusing but the trophy tile gives it away.

    After LSP reveals herself, she asks Finn to slap her. Have Finn use Grabby Hand on the Lumpy Space Princess and she will reward him with the upgrade Slammy Hand, the last ability that Finn needs to gather the rest of the Thump shards, complete the Sad Face trophy and will make rooms in the final temple with the blue/orange barriers easier to pass through.

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