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    Find Nightmare Princess

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The Nightmare Princess is in the Fear Temple located in the bottom right area of the map. Finn will need the Hero's Gauntlet to gain access to the bottom right swamp area but entrance to the temple will not need any extra abilities. It is advised that you visit Marceline in the left section of the swamp area to upgrade Jake's Shield ability, as well as the Bananarang to make the increased enemy difficulty a bit easier (please see Marceline's Closet before you do so or you may lose out on the only slightly missable trophy in the game). Inside the temple you will acquire Lady Rainicorn's Ring which will give you the ability to have Jake move independently from Finn. Jake has the ability to jump over short distances which will be needed to progress through the temple.

    Strategy for the Fear Temple Boss Fight:

    The battle begins with a Shadow version of Finn that will mirror his movement. Simply use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake attack the Shadow enemy and it will be defeated.

    The second stage will introduce the real form of the boss by plunging the room into darkness. You can have Finn light all four of the torches but all you really need to do is to attack the enemy enough to initiate the third stage.

    The third stage will remove the torches from the room and in their place there will be a foot switch in the lower right of the room. The boss will spin towards Finn's location three times and has a single avoidable ranged attack. The optimal strategy is to make the enemy land as close to the middle of the room as possible and step on the switch to create a pattern of light that fills the room from the center out that will wound the enemy. Do this enough and you will defeat the boss and receive this trophy.

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