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    Find Slumber Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Slumber Princess is in the second temple, The Dream Temple. Finn will need to acquire Flambo in order to gain entry into the temple. The enemies in Dream Temple will be a bit harder to overtake than they were in Song Temple but you will have the extra fire-power of Flambo and remember to utilize Jake as a shield to deflect bones and to roll over porcupines. You will receive the Hero's Gauntlet within the temple that will allow you to move large wooden boxes and lift large rocks for collectibles

    Strategy for Dream Temple Boss Fight:

    The boss battle is with a creature that shoots a laser into a room filled with gems. Finn must move the gems around so that the laser is redirected behind the creature and hits it in the back. 

    After initiating the fight by throwing Flambo, the boss will start by rolling off screen and then attempt to steamroll Finn so stay as far back in the pocket as you can and then move out of the area before the creature returns. There is enough time if you know how to arrange the gems that create either a 90 degree angle with the blue square gems or 45 degree angle with the green triangle gems. 

    After a minute or so in each round, the boss will shoot out a fireball that will follow Finn around the room until it dissipates, with later iterations increasing the amount of fireballs so try to arrange the gems quickly and you may not have to ever deal with the ranged attack. See below for the three gem configurations you will need to defeat the boss. 

    Remove the green gem that falls in the upper left hole and switch the blue and green gems in the middle so the field resembles this picture as Finn is about to throw the last piece in front of the boss.

    Arrange the gems so that they fit this pattern the second round, with Finn throwing the green gem in the empty hole shown.

    Arrange the blue and green gems as seen in the above two pictures for the third round with the final blue gem being placed directly in front of the boss

    Arrange the left and right sides as shown, then throw the blue gem in front of the boss to end the fight

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