From Bad to Worse Trophy

  • From Bad to Worse


    Find a renewable light source

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Many of the fetch quests built into the game are related to progression through the story as they will give Finn and Jake either, entry into a new area or a new ability that will allow further progress later on so this trophy cannot be missed even if it does not seem to be connected to the main story per se.

    In a house towards the bottom left of the map is the Magic Man (see image in Road Map for location) Magic Man wants a Tiny Manticore. Once you gain entry to the area of the map past Cinnamon Bun, go two screens into the area to find Rattleballs sitting on a log, behind him will be a tiny lion-like animal. Grab the Tiny Manticore while you have an empty baggy in your inventory and bring it back to the Magic Man. Your reward for finishing the fetch quest will be the Flambo ability which you will need to get into the second temple, Dream Temple, as well as removing the trees around the map that hold collectibles.

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