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    Find Lullaby Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    The Lullaby Princess is in the first temple you can gain entry into called The Song Temple. Within the temple you will acquire Grabby Hand, a power-up that will activate hand switches and allow Finn to grab Dyna-Mites (the walking bomb enemies) as well as other creatures and objects to store them in an empty baggy to release or use later.

    There is a fairly simple puzzle that blocks your way into the second half of the temple. The puzzle involves five instruments and the key to the puzzle is found through pictures of the five instruments on the temple floor in various rooms. If you did not make note of the order in which to play the instruments during your progress, I have listed them in a spoiler below:

    1=piano, 2=drums, 3=bagpipe, 4=tuba, 5=xylophone.

    Strategy for Song Temple Boss Fight: 

    Finn will go against six gorillas who attack by creating a ball of energy and shoot it towards Finn. To win the battle, Finn must use Grabby Hand and deflect back the projectile which will stun the enemy. Second, Finn must run up to the stunned enemy and use Grabby Hand once again to eliminate the enemy. Each time one of the gorillas is eliminated the remaining enemies will move into a new position. In the second, fourth and fifth formations, two or more gorillas will fire at the same time It is best to slap the first projectile and move away from Finn’s position to avoid the other projectiles as they will be spaced out enough to be able to avoid any damage if you are quick enough. The last remaining Gorilla will stomp towards you in three steps from right to left before firing off his projectile. After defeating all six gorillas, you will free the Lullaby Princess.

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