• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 36 (20, 11, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15 – 20 hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 - The Red Throne (see trophy description) and Marceline's Closet appears missable in JP version, but possibly other regions as well
  • Glitched trophies: None known at this time
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Ambitreacherous trophy requires game completion with no upgrades.
  • Do trophies stack?: PS3 and Vita have separate identical lists but there are no game difficulties within the game to stack.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None known at this time

What time is it? It is time to pay homage to The Legend of Zelda and A Link to the Past with Little Orbit and Way Forward's Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. Finn and Jake, along with a cast of more than a few recognizable characters from the hit cartoon, bring you an adventure that brings a modern spin on the look and sounds very close to Link's quests from the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Temple dungeons, hidden stairs under bushes, fetch quests, bombing open caves and angering wizards with said bombs are all things this game references from The Legend of Zelda and the audio choices brought back a nice memory of playing the NES back in the day. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom also brings the fresh humour and quirkiness that the show is known for and a story that will task our heroes to save the kingdom without a name before they make it worse than it already is.

Step 1

Play through the game looking out for the Gum Globe, Piles of Wood and Thump Shard collectibles. All other collectibles will be needed to progress through the story, whether to open up new areas or gain access into one of the four temples Finn and Jake must fight through to free the Princess sisters on their coronation day.

Below is a map of the area with all the important character locations shown.

The Red Throne has been ruled as missable due to the possibility of missing the collectibles following all boss fights. Please consult the guide for full details if you wish to keep the playthroughs at the minimum.
Please also give Marceline's Closet a read before you upgrade Jake's shield in the swamp, just so you don't miss your chance the first time around as this trophy has also been reported as missable in certain regions.

Look out for the five places Gunter is hiding (see The Real You). It is also best to work on fully upgrading Finn's sword and armor (see Blade of Grass and the location of the Like Like Sweater information in the Be More trophy descriptions respectively) as well as getting at least two of the three endings (See A Good Idea At the Time...) before moving on to your second playthrough.

This will net you all but two or three of the trophies. By the end of your first run, you should have finished all collectibles and received the following trophies:

Princess Day
A Penny Burned
The Party's Over
Why Did You Do That?
Wake Up
Food Chain
Level 99
Stanley Grayble
Love Games
A Day in the Life of a Bun
From Bad to Worse
Red Starved
Dungeon Train
Bad Timing
The Real You
Marceline's Closet
Burning Low
Wizard's Only, Fools
Jake Suit
Ocean of Fear
Play Date
Blade of Grass
The Enchiridion!
Sad Face
The Vault
The Pods
The Red Throne
Be More
It Was a Song All Along!
It Was a Dream All Along!

Step 2

Play through the game again, preferably on a second save file, without collecting any extra Thumps, upgrading Finn's sword, the armor upgrade or The Like Like Sweater. This run will mostly be for achieving the final trophy Ambitreacherous and the platinum, but you could also save one of the three endings for this run. After a quick romp through the four temples and the various areas of the Nameless Kingdom, you will achieve the final three trophies:

A Good Idea at the Time...
Billy's Bucket List

[PST Would Like to Thank pennysticks for this Roadmap]

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Trophy Guide

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36 trophies ( 11  20  )

  • Earn all PS3 trophies in the game.

    You have collected all other trophies and know it truly is Adventure Time. Congratulations!

  • Get briefed on the mission

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    This will be the first trophy you collect through normal progression at the start of the game. Simply read through the conversation with Pillowmint Butler to get the details of Jake and Finn’s adventure.

  • Find Lullaby Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    The Lullaby Princess is in the first temple you can gain entry into called The Song Temple. Within the temple you will acquire Grabby Hand, a power-up that will activate hand switches and allow Finn to grab Dyna-Mites (the walking bomb enemies) as well as other creatures and objects to store them in an empty baggy to release or use later.

    There is a fairly simple puzzle that blocks your way into the second half of the temple. The puzzle involves five instruments and the key to the puzzle is found through pictures of the five instruments on the temple floor in various rooms. If you did not make note of the order in which to play the instruments during your progress, I have listed them in a spoiler below:

    1=piano, 2=drums, 3=bagpipe, 4=tuba, 5=xylophone.

    Strategy for Song Temple Boss Fight: 

    Finn will go against six gorillas who attack by creating a ball of energy and shoot it towards Finn. To win the battle, Finn must use Grabby Hand and deflect back the projectile which will stun the enemy. Second, Finn must run up to the stunned enemy and use Grabby Hand once again to eliminate the enemy. Each time one of the gorillas is eliminated the remaining enemies will move into a new position. In the second, fourth and fifth formations, two or more gorillas will fire at the same time It is best to slap the first projectile and move away from Finn’s position to avoid the other projectiles as they will be spaced out enough to be able to avoid any damage if you are quick enough. The last remaining Gorilla will stomp towards you in three steps from right to left before firing off his projectile. After defeating all six gorillas, you will free the Lullaby Princess.

  • Appease Cinnamon Bun

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Many of the fetch quests built into the game are related to progression through the story as they will give Finn and Jake either, entry into a new area or a new ability that will allow further progress later on so this trophy cannot be missed even if it does not seem to be connected to the main story per se.

    Cinnamon Bun is blocking the way to the lower right area of the map. When Finn talks to him, Cinnamon Bun wants to see something funny. To appease him and gain entry to the area he is blocking you must first have at least one empty baggy (see The Pods for baggie locations) and already have Grabby Hand (which you will get in Song Temple) then travel to Medium Butt Rock, located 1 screen down, 3 screens left, then one more screen down from Pillowmint Butler's castle. You will find a dancing green puff of smoke right below the rock. Slap it up to put it in a Baggy and take the Baggy of Poot to Cinnamon Bun to give him a good laugh that will make him teeter off the bridge and open up a section of the map you will need to proceed.

  • Find a renewable light source

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Many of the fetch quests built into the game are related to progression through the story as they will give Finn and Jake either, entry into a new area or a new ability that will allow further progress later on so this trophy cannot be missed even if it does not seem to be connected to the main story per se.

    In a house towards the bottom left of the map is the Magic Man (see image in Road Map for location) Magic Man wants a Tiny Manticore. Once you gain entry to the area of the map past Cinnamon Bun, go two screens into the area to find Rattleballs sitting on a log, behind him will be a tiny lion-like animal. Grab the Tiny Manticore while you have an empty baggy in your inventory and bring it back to the Magic Man. Your reward for finishing the fetch quest will be the Flambo ability which you will need to get into the second temple, Dream Temple, as well as removing the trees around the map that hold collectibles.

  • Find Slumber Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Slumber Princess is in the second temple, The Dream Temple. Finn will need to acquire Flambo in order to gain entry into the temple. The enemies in Dream Temple will be a bit harder to overtake than they were in Song Temple but you will have the extra fire-power of Flambo and remember to utilize Jake as a shield to deflect bones and to roll over porcupines. You will receive the Hero's Gauntlet within the temple that will allow you to move large wooden boxes and lift large rocks for collectibles

    Strategy for Dream Temple Boss Fight:

    The boss battle is with a creature that shoots a laser into a room filled with gems. Finn must move the gems around so that the laser is redirected behind the creature and hits it in the back. 

    After initiating the fight by throwing Flambo, the boss will start by rolling off screen and then attempt to steamroll Finn so stay as far back in the pocket as you can and then move out of the area before the creature returns. There is enough time if you know how to arrange the gems that create either a 90 degree angle with the blue square gems or 45 degree angle with the green triangle gems. 

    After a minute or so in each round, the boss will shoot out a fireball that will follow Finn around the room until it dissipates, with later iterations increasing the amount of fireballs so try to arrange the gems quickly and you may not have to ever deal with the ranged attack. See below for the three gem configurations you will need to defeat the boss. 

    Remove the green gem that falls in the upper left hole and switch the blue and green gems in the middle so the field resembles this picture as Finn is about to throw the last piece in front of the boss.

    Arrange the gems so that they fit this pattern the second round, with Finn throwing the green gem in the empty hole shown.

    Arrange the blue and green gems as seen in the above two pictures for the third round with the final blue gem being placed directly in front of the boss

    Arrange the left and right sides as shown, then throw the blue gem in front of the boss to end the fight

  • Find Nightmare Princess

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The Nightmare Princess is in the Fear Temple located in the bottom right area of the map. Finn will need the Hero's Gauntlet to gain access to the bottom right swamp area but entrance to the temple will not need any extra abilities. It is advised that you visit Marceline in the left section of the swamp area to upgrade Jake's Shield ability, as well as the Bananarang to make the increased enemy difficulty a bit easier (please see Marceline's Closet before you do so or you may lose out on the only slightly missable trophy in the game). Inside the temple you will acquire Lady Rainicorn's Ring which will give you the ability to have Jake move independently from Finn. Jake has the ability to jump over short distances which will be needed to progress through the temple.

    Strategy for the Fear Temple Boss Fight:

    The battle begins with a Shadow version of Finn that will mirror his movement. Simply use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake attack the Shadow enemy and it will be defeated.

    The second stage will introduce the real form of the boss by plunging the room into darkness. You can have Finn light all four of the torches but all you really need to do is to attack the enemy enough to initiate the third stage.

    The third stage will remove the torches from the room and in their place there will be a foot switch in the lower right of the room. The boss will spin towards Finn's location three times and has a single avoidable ranged attack. The optimal strategy is to make the enemy land as close to the middle of the room as possible and step on the switch to create a pattern of light that fills the room from the center out that will wound the enemy. Do this enough and you will defeat the boss and receive this trophy.

  • Locate the hidden Princess

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Right after you finish the Fear Temple, head one screen down, one screen left, then one screen up to an opening in the rock next to a road sign and a lit torch (if you go before finishing the Fear Temple, the opening will be boarded up and the torch will not be lit). Enter the Totally Freaky Cave to discover the fourth princess in the story. I wish I could leave a bit of mystery to who it is because the reveal is rather amusing but the trophy tile gives it away.

    After LSP reveals herself, she asks Finn to slap her. Have Finn use Grabby Hand on the Lumpy Space Princess and she will reward him with the upgrade Slammy Hand, the last ability that Finn needs to gather the rest of the Thump shards, complete the Sad Face trophy and will make rooms in the final temple with the blue/orange barriers easier to pass through.

  • Get Extra Ending 1

    See A Good Idea at the Time… 

  • Get Extra Ending 2

    See A Good Idea at the Time… 

  • Get the true ending

    Story Related, cannot be missed

    Following the completion of the final temple, which is located inside the castle where you first met up with Pillowmint Butler, you will be given the choice of which of the three princesses should rule the Nameless Kingdom. Choose Lullaby Princess for Ending #1 and the It Was a Song All Along! trophy. Choose Slumber Princess for Ending #2 and the It Was a Dream All Along! trophy. Choose The Nightmare Princess to receive this trophy. 

    You will need to replay through the boss fight of the final temple twice to make your second and third choice to receive all three endings and trophies, but there is only a minimal amount of work to get to the boss fight the second and third time around. It is suggested you attempt at least two of the endings outside of your Ambitreacherous run but saving the last ending for that run would save you one boss battle run if you wish. The game does not force you to save after the final Boss Battle so there is no need to worry about missing this trophy (unless you overwrite your save or delete the game).

    The final temple is much more puzzle based than it is combat intensive but it is still made easier if you complete all upgrades to Finn’s health, sword, shield and Bananarang and have all five baggies before entering. Within the temple, you will be able to obtain the final two Thump Shards for The Red Throne trophy as well as the Like Like Sweater, which is an armor upgrade. If you have collected all other items as lined out by this Trophy Guide and Road Map, this item will be the final item you will need for the Be More trophy.

    Strategy for Final Temple Boss Fight:

    First, it is advised that your baggies are either filled with Spare Thumps or Invincible Trail mix (my preference was two Spare Thumps/three Invincible Mixes) before the battle. When the battle begins, if Finn is at full health and has his sword upgraded, the ranged attack works well to whittle away the boss' health. The boss will direct a curved line of projectiles to Finn, make sure to avoid them so Finn doesn’t lose the ability to use the ranged attack. 

    The second stage of the fight will have the enemy burrow into the ground and start filling the room with small spikes that will grow larger and damage Finn. Use Slammy Hand directly next to the enemy to stun it and make it pop out of the ground so Finn can lay a barrage of attacks on it. Repeat this process until it moves on to the final stage of the fight.

    In the final stage of the fight, the boss will create a green ball in front of it and then shoot out green projectiles in an array. You should use at least one of your power-ups in your baggies before this section of the fight because you will need to have Finn use Grabby Hand to catch the green projectiles, select the baggy that has the green smiling circle and use it against the enemy. The first two times will stun the enemy and allow Finn to wail on it for a moment. Interspersed in this moment, the boss will burrow down into the ground again so use Slammy Hand as before. The third time it uses the green projectiles, Finn will not stun the boss initially so keep working on filling up the baggies with the green projectiles and sending it back to the boss. In the second half of the stage, the boss will also create an expanding circle with a small opening that can damage Finn but the area attack is slow and there will always be a corner of the room Finn can go to and not get hit. Send enough green projectiles back to the Boss at this stage (regular sword attacks work just as well if you have no projectiles to send) and you will defeat the enemy and complete your progress through the story. 

  • Find a Gum Globe


    See Blade of Grass for all Gum Globe locations.

  • Find a Thump Shard


    See The Red Throne for all Thump Shard locations.

  • Max out your Thump Meter


    Thumps are the health gauge units of Finn's Thump Meter. Finn starts out with three hearts in his Thump Meter and the only upgrade to his amount of health is to collect extra Thumps. Defeating the Boss in the Song, Dream and Fear Temples each awards you a full extra Thump. These three full Thumps are considered missable as they are only available after defeating the boss immediately following the fight. Please collect them when they are made available.

    Throughout the map and, in a few occasions inside the temples, there are Thump Shards. Collect three Shards and Finn will be awarded another full extra Thump. Below is the location of all Thump Shards:

    1. The First Thump Shard you can access will more than likely be the one sold at Choose Goose’s Shop for 200 Treasure after you purchase the Bananarang

    2. One screen down, two screens left from Pillowmint Butler's castle, there are stairs that lead to a cracked wall. Use a Bomb to enter to complete a rotating bridge puzzle that will result in you obtaining the second Thump Shard. You will need Grabby Hand to obtain the Shard here.

    3. One screen up from Rattleballs, use Flambo on Tree Stump.

    4. While in the Dream Temple go to the room in the right corner on 3F and throw a Dyna-Mite on the cracked floor, drop down to 2F to collect the Shard.

    5. Once you have the Hero's Gauntlet, lift the giant rock 2 screens down from the graveyard.

    6. Lift the giant rock (with Hero's Gauntlet) 2 screens down from the Dream Temple.

    7. From Cinnamon Bun’s Bridge, go 1 screen to the right, then go back 1 screen to the left from the bottom part of this screen and enter the cave. Navigate up some stairs in the cave up to the exit that will put you to the left of the entrance you went in and up a level. Continue left outside to find a cracked Cliffside wall. Bomb it and you'll find a thump shard inside.

    8. Inside the swamp area (bottom right side of the map where the Fear Temple is located), from the right-side entrance to the area go 1 screen to the left and 1 screen down to light up a tree for the Shard.

    9. To the left of the bridge in the Northwest section of the map (the only bridge not over water visible on the map), will be a cave entrance. Inside the cave is a giant rock with the thump shard underneath so visit after you have the Hero's Gauntlet from the Dream Temple. This cave is the same location you will visit Ice King as part of the trading game (See The Enchiridion).

    10. From Dream Temple, move 1 screen down and 1 screen to the left. The Thump Shard will be over a gap on the bridge Finn will cross for the previous Shard. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake jump across the gaps to get the Shard.

    11. From Fear Temple, go 1 screen down and 1 screen right. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake jump over the broken bridge.

    12. From the Song Temple, travel 1 screen down, 1 screen to the left, 1 screen down, and 1 screen to the right to find a cave. On the right side of this cave is Party Pat's Rave (see The Party's Over). You will need to have the Hero's Gauntlet to get into the top area of the cave, as well as Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Finn and Jake stand on dual floor switches to access the Thump Shard area.

    13. From Dream Temple, go 1 screen down, 1 screen left then 1 screen down. Jump to the lower level and use Lady Rainicorn’s Ring to have Jake jump the gap over the broken bridge

    14. From Pillowmint Butler's castle, go 1 screen down, 1 screen right, then 1 screen down to find a dock. Use Lady Rainicorn's Ring to have Jake traverse the gaps to the Shard

    15. From Stanley's house (bottom left corner of the map) move 2 screens to the right to see a Thump Shard in the middle of some wooden posts. Use Slammy Hand to gain access to the Shard

    16. From Pillowmint Butler's castle, move 1 screen down and 1 screen to the left. Use Slammy Hand on the posts to access the Shard

    17. On 2F of Pillowmint Butler's Castle, bottom right most room.

    18. On 2F of Pillowmint Butler's Castle, in a small room you can access once you get the key to the bottom left door. Once inside the wing, bomb the cracked wall to enter the room and find the treasure chest to receive the last Thump Shard.

  • Find every Baggy


    Baggies can be used to store up to 9 of the bomb enemies (Dyna-Mites), can be the vessel for your trail mix, extra thumps, enemy bait, and in the final fight are useful for defeating the boss enemy. You will also need a spare Baggy to complete a few of the fetch quests but will not be needed for any part of the trading game for The Enchridion.

    1. Buy the first Baggy from Choose Goose for 20 treasure.

    2. From the Pillowmint Butler's Castle, go 1 screen down, 1 screen left, then 1 screen up. Bomb the cracked wall to reveal the cave entrance.

    3. Rewarded for beating Starchy at the graveyard (see Bad Timing trophy for details).

    4. Rewarded for collecting the 5 piles of wood for the wizard (see The Vault trophy for details).

    5. Rewarded after destroying all the pottery in the Pottery Shop in time (See Sad Face trophy for details).

  • Receive every type of Curse

    This can only be done in Fear Temple or the final temple, as the Magi enemy that is able to inflict all four curses is limited to those two locations. Find the purple colored creature with the flower, this creature can only be damaged by a Slammy Hand stun and attack. Let the creature hit you until it has given you all four curses: Bigfoot, Freeze, Confusion and Poison. The curses do not inflict damage to Finn but will leave him powerless against other enemies for a short time, therefore try to dispatch any other enemies and stay away from moving spikes when attempting this trophy.

  • Buy an item from Choose Goose

    Choose Goose's Shop is two screens above Pillowmint Butler's Castle when you begin the game. You will need to buy a Baggy, the Bananarang and a Thump Shard from him during your progress towards 100% so this trophy will come naturally.

  • Buy any variety of Trail Mix

    From Pillowmint Butler's Castle, travel 1 screen down and 3 screens left to the section of the map where the grass is darker and you will find the Witch’s shop. There are 3 types of trail mix. Each requires you to have enough ingredients, 30 treasure to purchase it and an empty Baggy to store it in. The 3 Mixes are: Defense Mix (20 Nuts), Attack Power Mix (20 Fruits) and Invincibility Mix (20 Demon Hearts). These three trail mixes will not void the Ambitreacherous trophy as the effects are only momentary.

  • Complete the Trading Game

    Story Related, cannot be missed.

    Many of the fetch quests built into the game are related to progression through the story as they will give Finn and Jake either, entry into a new area or a new ability that will allow further progress later on so this trophy cannot be missed even if it does not seem to be connected to the main story per se.

    When visiting the Graveyard, Finn can talk to a Nightosphere Demon who requires some Bug Milk. Getting him the Bug Milk will be necessary in order to open the way to the final temple, Pillowmint Butler's Castle, where you start the game. You do not need any Baggies to carry the items for this fetch quest as they are stored in a separate part of Finn's Inventory:

    • Once you obtain Grabby Hand from Song Temple, go to the abandoned house next to Choose Goose's Store and grab the book on the bookshelf, The Heat Index
    • Head 2 screens down and chop the single bush next the castle wall to reveal a hidden staircase. Give Shelby the movie and he will give you Mind Games
    • In the top left corner of the map is the Ice King. Bring him Mind Games, he will return the favor by giving Finn some Fanfiction.
    • In the swamp area, 1 screen down from the Totally Freaky Dungeon you will find a cave. Inside is a mean Coal Man. Give him the Fanfiction and you will receive the Honey Energy Drink
    • Head to the Rave Cave (see The Party's Over if you don't know where it is). Give Party Pat the Honey Energy Drink and he will give Finn the Bug Milk
    • Return to the Nightosphere Demon in the Graveyard. Speak to him to hand over the Bug Milk and he will give you the Enchiridion which will translate the ancient text written on the giant stone slabs throughout the map, namely the two stones you will need to read to open the entrance to the final temple towards the end of the game
  • Repair the wizard's door


    There is a cracked wall that is one screen up and one screen left of the Witch’s Trail Mix Shop. In order to access the upper level of the area, you must travel one screen up from the Trail Mix Shop and enter the cave. Use Hero’s Gauntlet to clear the giant rock out of your way and take the lower path to the exit. You can also access the area earlier if you go into the third entrance to the cave to the left but using the route with the Giant Rock in your path is easier to navigate. Once outside, head right and find the cracked wall. Bomb it and you will make the Wizard inside very angry.

    You will need to collect five piles of wood to repair the Wizard's Door to appease him (and be rewarded with one of the Baggies for The Pods trophy) They are scattered around the map and you will need Flambo for three of the five, as well as the Hero's Gauntlet for one so don't worry if you can’t finish the quest right away. The order I received them is:

    1. From Song Temple, 1 screen down, 1 screen left, then 1 screen up, under a bush

    2. Use Flambo on trunk to the left of the Trail Mix Shop

    3. From Pillowmint Butler's Castle, 1 screen down, 1 screen left, 1 screen up, then use Flambo on the Trunk against the outer wall of the castle.

    4. On the same screen as The Wizard’s Cave, underneath a Giant Rock.

    5. Inside the swamp area (bottom right area of the map). You will see the location as soon as you enter from the right side of the map down into the corner of the swamp. Head down and past the stationary plant enemies on the right side trail to go up to the Tree Trunk. Use Flambo to complete your collection and head back to the wizard.

  • Win the race against Starchy

    Once you have both Flambo and the Hero’s Gauntlet, return to the Graveyard. Before you talk to Starchy, Use Flambo on the Trunk and small bushes and pick up the Giant Rock and throw it so it breaks. You have now made a much more optimal path for the race. Talk to Starchy to start the race and make sure to use your newly created shortcuts, you big cheater. When you win the race, Starchy will reward Finn with a Baggy as well as you with this trophy.

  • Receive sword training

    Collect 20 Gum Globes and present them to Rattleballs to receive the upgrade to Finn's Grass Sword. Rattleballs is located two screens to the right from Cinnamon Bun's Bridge. It is the same location you need to obtain the Tiny Manticore. The upgrade to Finn's Grass Sword will make it stronger, as well as give it a ranged attack when Finn is at full health that can be used much more frequently than Flambo.

    Gum Globes can be found throughout the map under bushes and in treasure chests, in caves and in all four temples. There are actually 30 locations you can collect the Gum Globes and once you have the twenty you need, the rest of the locations will give you a treasure or other item in its place so there should be no issue finding the amount needed for the upgrade. 

    Here is the list of the twenty I found:

    1. In a treasure chest on the right side of Pillowmint Butler's Castle.

    2. In a bush 1 screen up from the bridge to the right of Pillowmint Butler's Castle. 

    3. In a treasure chest on 1F in Song Temple. Bomb the floor on 2F and drop down.

    4. In a treasure chest 1 screen to the right and 1 screen down from the rightmost bridge on the world map.

    5. The screen directly below the giant bridge close to the Dream Temple that is visible on the map.

    6. Use Flambo on the Tree Stump right next to Magic Man's house. 

    7. Use Flambo on the stump to the right of where you grab the Poot from Medium Butt Rock.

    8. From Pillowmint Butler's Castle - 1 screen down, 2 screens right and over the bridge then 2 more screens right, under one of the nine bushes clumped together.

    9. From The Wizard's Cave, go 1 screen down to the stair on the left side of the screen. It's in the bushes.

    10. In a treasure chest on 4F in Dream Temple in the very top right room.

    11. From the Dream Temple, go down 1 screen, right 2 screens and up 1 screen up some stairs to the treasure chest.

    12. You can buy one Globe for 50 treasure from Choose Goose after you purchase the Thump Shard.

    13. In a treasure chest 1 screen down, 1 screen to the left and 1 screen up from Song Temple, behind a Giant Rock.

    14. In a treasure chest 1 screen down, 1 screen to the left and 1 screen down from Song Temple, behind a Tree Stump.

    15. After you have Hero's Gauntlet, go 1 screen down, 1 screen to the right and 1 screen down from Pillowmint Butler's Castle to find the Globe under the giant rock.

    16. Flambo the tree stump 1 screen down and 1 screen to the left of Pillowmint Butler's Castle.

    17. Use Flambo on the tree stump 1 screen to the right of Stanley's house.

    18. In a treasure chest 1 screen to the left of the Medium Butt Rock.

    19. Under a giant rock in a dark cave 1 screen to the left and 1 screen up from trail mix shop. 

    20. Flambo the Tree Stump at the bottom right edge of the map in the swamp area between the Stump holding the Pile of Wood and the Enchiridion Tablet.

  • Complete the circle of love

    From Pillowmint Butler's Castle (the starting point of the game) go 1 screen down, 1 screen right, 2 screens up then 1 screen right to find a cave entrance. Inside, Mr. Pig is waiting from word from his wife.

    Head to the left area where the Trail Mix Shop is and go 1 screen up to find a cave entrance. Head to the opening at the right as soon as you enter and Tree Trunks (the elephant, not an actual Tree Trunk) will be inside. Speak to her to receive the Love Note. Bring the item back to Mr. Pig to make him jump for joy. Your reward will be the opportunity to buy Spare Thumps (if you have a spare Baggy and 50 treasure to spare) as well as this trophy. 

  • Make a mess of the Pottery Shop until you get something nice

    Once you gain the Slammy Hand ability, return to the Pottery Shop next to Choose Goose’s Shop. Inside the Pottery Shop are groups of six pots each. Try to position Finn in the middle of four groups and charge up a Slammy Hand. As soon as you hit the first group, the timer will start. You then have 30 seconds to smash the rest of the pots in the room with this same method. 

    It may take you a try or two to work out the timing to charge the Slammy Hand to knock them all out in time but once successful, a Pickle Guard will drag you out of the now destroyed Shop and you will be given a Baggy for your effort as well as pop this trophy.

  • Find every item in the entire game.

    If you have followed the Road Map and collected all items for the upgrades before entering the final temple, there should be only three items to collect inside to complete the requirements of this trophy i.e the final two Thump Shards (See The Red Throne for their locations) and the Like Like Sweater, which serves as a layer of Armor for Finn once he obtains it. You can find the Like Like Sweater on Floor 1B.

    If the trophy does not pop once you have this item, please check the list of what is included for the trophy:

    Grabby Hand
    Hero's Gauntlet
    Lady Rainicorn's Ring
    Slammy Hand – upgraded Grabby Hand
    The Enchiridion
    5 Piles of wood
    20 Gum Globes
    18 Thump Shards
    3 Thumps from boss battles
    5 Empty Baggies
    Love Note
    Spare Thumps (stored in baggy)
    Meat (stored in baggy)
    Trail Mix (stored in baggy) – I used Invincibility exclusively so one of the three should work
    Demon Heart

    This list may be excessive but you will find that all of these items will be in Finn's possession at some point during your run if you are going for all but Ambitreacherous in the same run. It is advised that you also upgrade the Bananrang and Jake’s Shield at Marceline's Cave [Thank you to xReTry8 who has confirmed at least Jake's shield needs to be upgraded for this trophy] I also gave the 20 Gum Globes to Rattleballs for the Grass Sword upgrade so it is advised you do this as well. Slammy Hand is also an upgrade but you can't avoid getting it so I listed it anyway.

    If you need to, leave the temple to obtain anything on this list that you did not get before defeating the final Boss. You will not be locked out of the trophy if you wait until the end of the game as the game never overwrites your last checkpoint save before defeating the final boss. You cannot obtain this trophy in your Ambitreacherous Run as you can't collect any extra full thumps or the Like Like Sweater which are needed for this.

  • Squash a Pie Fairy


    Find a Pie Fairy and grab it with Grabby Hand. Pie Fairies are found in all four temples as well as under a few bushes around the map and will refill your Thump Meter when you make contact with one of them. Using Grabby Hand on the Pie Fairy will not let you keep it in your Inventory in a Baggy so this action serves no useful purpose but the unfortunate death of the Fairy.

  • Defeat an enemy after hitting it with both Finn and Jake

    Once you have Lady Rainicorn's Ring you can easily do this to any enemy that is strong enough to last more than one hit. Let Jake make the first hit, then switch to Finn by hitting or to put Jake back in Shield form to let Finn make the second blow.

  • Use Flambo to defeat a Lub Glub

    Lub Glubs are one of the more annoying enemies in the Fear Temple and the final temple, they are the black blobs with pink hats that throw green innertube bombs. Simply use Flambo to strike the final blow. 

  • Shove a Fairy Convict into a Baggy

    Another enemy you come across in the later temples and some of the larger caves around the map is a Blue Fairy that buzzes around the area and shoots projectiles at Finn. Use Grabby Hand on one when you have an empty Baggy in Finn's Inventory and you will receive this trophy. The Purple form of the Fairy enemy you will find in the swamp area should work as well.

  • Find every secret Gunter cave

    Gunter, the seemingly adorable penguin who gives you a "Wenck!" when you find him, is waiting to give Finn some treasure in a number of caves throughout the map. Find him in all six locations and you will be awarded this trophy:

    1. From Pillowmint Butler's Castle, go 1 screen down and 2 screens left. Up some stairs will be a cracked wall you need to bomb. Once inside, go down the stairs and all the way to the left into a separate room.

    2. In the Northwest section of the map, follow the trail that runs from the Dream temple to the left and up to find a cave. Towards the top of the cave you will find Gunter

    3. 1 screen above Stanley's house in the very bottom left corner of the map. Burn the Tree Stump to gain access to a small cave and Gunter.

    4. From the rightmost bridge on the world map where Cinnamon Bun was, go 1 screen to the right then go back 1 screen to the left from the bottom part of this screen. You will find the entrance to a cave. Gunter will be inside on the far left side after you go up some stairs.

    5. From the rightmost bridge on the world map where Cinnamon Bun was, go 2 screens to the right to find a cracked Cliffside wall. Bomb it to find Gunter inside. 

    6. From Fear Temple, go 1 screen down and 1 screen right. Cut the bushes to find a secret staircase. Inside will be Gunter.

  • Dance the night away in the Rave Cave

    One of the easiest trophies in the game and you can get it from the start of the game but feel free to save it to celebrate later on in the game or take care of it when you need to visit Party Pat as part of The Enchiridion trading quest:

    From Song Temple head 1 screen down, 1 screen left, 1 screen down, then 1 screen right and enter the cave. Traverse the cave until you are in the middle of a Rave. Now hang out, dance, socialize, just don't leave the screen with Party Pat’s DJ booth for 11 minutes and 22 seconds and the trophy will pop.

  • Stun 5 enemies with a single Bananarang

    There are a few ways to accomplish this goal: 

    • You can have Finn camp out in a corner, throw the Bananarang at an enemy in front of him and strafe to the left so that the Bananarang angles back to hit four other enemies in its path.
    • When there are at least five enemies in a room, throw Meat (which can be purchased from Choose Goose) to bait five enemies into a small clump. Angle the release and return so you hit all five.
    • The third option is to upgrade the Bananarang at Marceline's Cave so that it shoots out an area ranged attack from all sides of Finn and use it in the Fear Temple or the final temple when you are surrounded by five or more enemies.
  • Lie to Marceline


    From the left side of the swamp, go down 1 screen, move to the right a bit, then go back up 1 screen to see a cave entrance. In this cave you can walk up to the pool and press to throw an item in. Select Jake to throw in and when Marceline brings you two animals to choose from, pick Mr. Fox instead of Jake for this trophy. Now try again and tell the truth to upgrade him and the Bananarang afterwards.

    I have tested this and you are able to lie to Marceline after upgrading Jake in the NA version (PS3 and VITA), but it has been reported that this may be missable for certain players or regions if you do not initially lie first. Just to be safe, pick Mr. Fox when asked the first time regardless.

  • Attempt to speak to Stanley 5 times

    At the very bottom left of the map is a house with a watermelon rolling around in a circle. Have Finn make contact with Stanley and press  5 times for this trophy.

  • Chop down 999 bushes

    This should come naturally by the second half of the game through progressing around the map if you are cutting down bushes looking for treasure, fruits, nuts, Gum Globes or any other useful item hidden under the bushes at every corner of the map.

  • Beat the game without upgrading Finn's Thumps, Sword, or Armor.

    In order to achieve this goal, you will need to start a new game and carry through the entire game without ever upgrading/collecting three items:

    • Most importantly, you need to make sure not to collect the extra full Thumps awarded for winning the first three Boss Battles. This is the main reason why this trophy requires a second run. Along with the full Thumps, do not collect three or more Thump Shards as they will add a full Thump.
    • Do not give Rattleballs the 20 Gum Globes for the upgraded Grass Sword (see Blade of Grass trophy).
    • Avoid opening the chest in the final temple that holds the Like Like Sweater (the chest in 2B in the middle of the room with the fire red colored carpet), if you do then quit the game without saving and restart from your previous save!

    Nearly every Thump Shard you can collect is obvious before you collect them so avoid all you can. If you happen to collect up to two of the Shards you will still be ok as long as you don’t get a third Shard and end up increasing your Thump Meter past three. Two Shards are stored in treasure chests (one in each of the last two temples) so avoid them if you can. The Attack and Defense Trail mixes do not affect this trophy as they are only momentary power-ups. Using spare Thumps to refill Finn’s health and the Invincibility Trail Mix are also totally safe to use and will be your best option for the tougher fights at the end of the game. If you need assistance in finding either the Trail Mix or Spare Thumps, please refer to Food Chain for the location of the Trail Mix Shop, as well as Love Games to review the quest and location of Mr. Pig where the Spare Thumps can be purchased after delivering the Love Note.

    The trophy does not specify anything involved with upgrading the Bananarang or Jake's Shield ability but themindisacity was nice enough to play test and she has confirmed the Bananarang CAN be upgraded but Jake's Shield must NOT be upgraded for this trophy. Thanks to her for the confirmation!

    Most of the game is manageable with only three Thumps and your basic Grass Sword. The Fear Temple may test a bit of your patience in certain spots and I do suggest an Invincibility trail mix for the second stage of the boss to initiate the sunlight-switch segment faster without really taxing Finn’s health. The final temple is easier and the entrance and portal checkpoint allows you to return to where ever you were with ease if Finn does die. The only real test is the final boss. Remember to fill every baggy with Invincible Trail Mix and Spare Thumps to refill your meter while you melee attack the enemy with a bit more Flambo thrown in this time. I found it to work best if you used the spare thumps as needed and use the Invincibility Mix only during the green projectile moments. Watch your Demon Heart inventory and quit out of the game instead of saving if you die after using too many trail mixes etc. if you can't make more. 

    Once you complete the game without ever upgrading the Grass Sword, finding the Like Like Sweater or collecting any extra Thumps, the trophy should pop and if you followed the Road Map then the Platinum will follow.

    This does need to be carried out in a second playthrough as there are enough trophies that work against this trophy concerning fully upgrading the Thump Meter, upgrading the Grass Sword and getting all items, which the Like Like Sweater is included in the collection tally but once you have all the extra trophies out of the way from your first run, this second run through the four temples should take much less time than your initial run.

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