What Have you Done? Trophy

  • What Have you Done?


    Uncover Bubblegum's dark secret.

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  • This can be difficult if you don't keep track of the spawners on both sides of the room. Start off by using your imagination bar. Cut down any enemies nearby, and if there are less than 3 on-screen move up and hack away at the bubblegum monster. The monster will occasionally use its arms with swipe at you. Each arm takes out half of the room so make sure you clear out, and stay away from corners, or you;ll get hit twice. Soon the second "stage" will begin where the monster stretches a limb out down the middle of the room, blocking you out of the other side. Stay on the bottom of the screen and continue to take out the spawner there and avoid the hand that will stick out to hit you. Ranged weapons should start falling out of the spawner. Use these to hit the monster from a distanc

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