Hitman Trophy

  • Hitman


    Free the Earl of Lemongrab.

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  • This one's pretty easy. Make sure you have at least 5 "thumps" when you try this, and the token that halves damage as well. You will be getting hit quite a bit if you're not careful. Start off by attacking Lemongrab 2 to stun him, or else he'll only keep attacking you. Then go up to Lemongrab and hit his mutated arm. A huge flurry of lemons will start swarming the area. You can get away with spamming the attack button for a while since it will usually take care of any nearby lemons, but if you see a lemon coming up behind you take care of that before you can get hit. A good way to ensure you don't get hit by the lemons is to use your imagination special (like Finn's) to clear the screen for a while. After a while there will be a huge vacuum that opens up in the top right corner.

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