Road Map

- Estimated trophy difficulty: 3 (my opinion)
- Offline: 26
- Online: 0
- Approximate time to : 20 hours – 60 hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 2 full training plans + 1 attempt of the 3 training games
- Missable trophies: 0
- Glitched trophies: None
- Do cheats disable trophies?: No cheats available
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
- Trophy breakdown: 8/ 11/ 6/ 1

This is a fitness training game which will allow you to get in shape from the comfort of your own home with the aid of some professional athletes. Achieve your goals and track your fitness levels using this game. Using the Playstation move wand and camera this will track your movements as you work out. You will also need dumbbells, a weights bench and an exercise ball, although you should be able to improvise with a stool and/or chair and some food tins. You do not need any further Adidas MiCoach products.

Step One: Getting started
Once you start the game off you will want to get yourself straight in to a workout to experience how the game works. Set yourself the training plan “Getting started>Get active>Get moving” and complete the first session for the First of the Day trophy, and then follow this up with your first conditioning workout for the In Condition trophy. Next move on to the training games section and try the 3 training games (Basketball, Football, Tennis) and this will earn you the Multi-talented trophy. Once you have these 3 trophies you should have a basic idea of how the game works.

Step Two: Planning your workouts
Once you have a basic understanding of the game you will want to set yourself up a schedule. Go to the training plan page and then access the calendar. From here you can obtain Cherry Picking, Activity Logged and Overtime. Whilst obtaining Cherry Picking if you select your single workout as “Strength & flex>Running>technique boost” then you can also get the Fresh Air trophy at the same time.

Step Three: Training Games
2 of these 3 are very straight forward. You should pick up Straight Sets and Pwn Goals relatively easily. You will need to put some practice in for the Sinking trophy, which is the only trophy that requires any real skill on this game.

Step Four: Stick to your schedule
In this section we will focus on the time specific trophies. Please be aware that manually adjusting the date of your PS3 will work if you want to accelerate obtain these trophies, as will skipping all the exercises, but that will defeat the purpose of the game and you will have to later grind the reps trophies. When starting your exercises be sure to pick the same 3 athletes to train with each time working towards the See the Masters trophy.

Firstly you will want to make sure you train 3 days in a row (only 1 set exercises is needed) for the 72 hours trophy. Your next trophy will be Serious Athlete, so ensure you do 1 set of exercises twice a week for 3 weeks in a row. If you stick to the original “Getting started>Get active>Get moving” training plan this will schedule you 2 days of exercises for 3 weeks, so you will also obtain the First Phase! trophy at the same time. For the start of the following week if you select a new training plan (not one from the same category as the first plan) you can then do this twice a week for the next 3 weeks. This will give you the Dedicated Athlete trophy for 6 weeks in a row. Now comes the long slog. You will then have to complete all remaining phases from the 2 training plans you have already started. This will be quite time consuming. Once you have completed all phases for one of your plans you will get the Master trophy, and then when you complete all phases for your second training plan (from another category) you will claim the Dual Sport and Dual Categories trophies.

Step Five: Trophy Clean-Up
If you have done all your exercises properly and not skipped them you should have the reps trophies. 50 Exercises, 500 Bicep Reps, 500 Chest Reps, 500 Glute Reps, 500 Core Reps, and Full Body Training should all already be in your collection. If not get grinding! This leaves Everybody do the Dinosaur, which you will just have to keep doing weight lifting exercises until you reach 10,000kg to obtain, and then if you have not obtained See the Masters by now you will need to grind 30 exercises with a single athlete to obtain. Once you have managed to grind these last 2 out the Clean Sweep platinum trophy will be yours!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank staytrue1985 for this Roadmap]

Adidas miCoach Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 11  8  )

  • Get all other trophies

  • Unlock masterclasses by working out with your favourite athletes.

    You have to complete 30 exercises with an athlete to unlock their masterclass. I only had to do this for one athlete to get the trophy. You can see the available athletes in the “extras>videos” menu from the title screen.

  • Do 50 exercises

    Complete 50 exercises. Doesn’t have to be different exercises, just has to be a total of 50.

  • Logged an activity

    From the main menu go to training plan, then calendar, then select the current week, then select the current day, then choose “Log Activity”. This is just logging exercise you have done away from the game. Once you have added the activity log to the calendar the trophy will pop.

  • Logged 5 different Activities

    Same as above, but log 5 different activities for the trophy.

  • Completed the outdoor section of a workout

    From the main menu go to training plan, then calendar, then select the current week, then select the current day, then choose “add single workout”. Select football, and then “attacking speed”. This will add an outdoor section to your training plan. Then go to your training plan and begin. Skip through the indoor section if you wish. When it asks you if you want to do the outdoor section select yes. Have a look at one of the outdoor exercises (marked yellow) and then scroll down to finish. This will shortly pop the trophy for you.

  • Lifted a triceratops (10000 kg) total

    Every time you lift dumbbells during an exercise it will count towards this total. You can speed this up by always settings your weight lifted to the maximum. The game doesn’t check the weight of what you are lifting, but you still have to do the exercises.

  • Completed a workout

    Set yourself up a training plan and then do it. You can just do one of the exercises and then skip the rest and this will give you the trophy.

  • Trained every day for 3 days straight

    Just complete one set of exercises 3 days in a row. You can alter your Playstation date to skip ahead days if you want to do this trophy in one go.

  • Completed one phase of a training plan within one year

    Select a training plan, then a training phase and then complete all scheduled training events for this phase. This can be done by skipping the days forward on your Playstation and then by skipping all exercises in the workout. I made sure to do at least one exercise for every day skipped just to be safe.

  • Completed all phases of a training plan within one year

    Same as above, but complete all phases of the training plan.

    If you pick your category as "Getting Started", then your plan as "Get Active", you must complete the 4 phases of that plan, which are "1. Get Moving, 2. New Strength, 3. Gain Momentum, 4. Pick Up The Pace".

  • Completed all phases of two training plans within one year

    Same as above again, but complete all phases of a separate training plan. Make sure you choose from a different category to speed up Dual Categories.

  • Completed a training plan in each of two different categories within one year

    If you have done Master and Dual Sport as detailed above this should pop at the same time as Dual Sport. As the title says, you need to complete a training plan in 2 different categories.

  • Did 500 reps that work your biceps

    This will come naturally as progress through the game. If you want it quicker you can do this easily with the Bent Over Row (1 Arm) exercise using a dumbbell (or a food tin). This can be found on the plan “Getting Started > Build Your Foundation> Feel Strong”. Just repeat 500 times. Doing this with the Bent Over Arm exercise will also work your Core and Glute.

  • Did 500 reps that work your chest

    If you want it quicker you can do this easily with the 90/90 stretch exercise. This can be found on the plan “Getting Started > Build Your Foundation> Feel Strong”. Just repeat 500 times.

  • Did 500 reps that work your glutes

    See 500 Bicep Reps.

  • Did 500 reps that work your core

    See 500 Bicep Reps.

  • Done 10 reps with each muscle group

    The 11 muscles groups are Biceps, Triceps, Forearm, Chest, Back, Glute, Quad, Hamstring, Shoulder, Calf and Core. Do ten training exercises which use the required muscle groups.

    (For Forearms you can do the Wrist Extension and Wrist Flexion exercises in the training plan Tennis > Get Strong > Lean Muscle).

  • Worked out at least twice a week for three weeks in a row

    This can be done by altering the date on your Playstation and then skipping the exercises, you only need to do one set of exercises for each of the 2 days for the 3 weeks. Or you can actually do the exercises!

  • Worked out at least twice a week for six weeks in a row

    Same as above, but for 6 weeks instead of 3 weeks.

  • Did a conditioning workout

    Straight forward. Go to conditioning on the main menu, and complete one of the conditioning circuits. Your trophy will pop after the circuit is complete.

  • Add a single workout to your schedule

    From the main menu go to training plan, then calendar, then select the current week, then select the current day, then choose “add single workout”. Once you have added the workout to the calendar the trophy will pop, you don’t have to do the workout.

  • Basketball Training Game: sunk 15 consecutive baskets

    The training games trophies. No real tips I can give here, just practice until you are good enough to get to 15 in a row. I managed to do this and got to 21 in a row with a little practice, so just keep at it.

  • Tennis Training Game: hit 5 red blocks in a row

    This is easiest done on the first level of tennis training. You will have a solid wall of red bricks. Just make sure you hit 5 in a row. If you miss one just restart.

  • Played all the training games

    Just go to training games, and do one session of Basketball, Football and Tennis. After you complete the third the trophy will pop.

    (It has been reported that this needs to be done all in one go, but this is unconfirmed.)

  • Football Training Game: saved 20 times in a row

    No tips needed, just save 20 shots in a row. This doesn’t have to all be in one scenario, it can be split across 2 or 3 scenarios, just make sure you save 20 in a row.

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