It all ends with a bang Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • It all ends with a bang


    You've defeated James Saint-Omair

    How to unlock It all ends with a bang

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 20: Mine II

    1. Stay crouched most of the time to avoid gunfire and bombs.
    2. Hit water towers as you go by to cool the mining cart wheels.
    3. This is mostly just watching and there are only two water towers to hit.
    4. During the straight sections you need to release both Evelyn and Abraham using the grapple. This section will keep repeating until you accomplish this task.
    5. You will split off of the main track and head outside.
    6. Hit the very first grapple to switch tracks.
    7. Skip the next grapple point.
    8. Hit the third grapple point to escape your doom.
    9. This will unlock It all ends with a bang as the other cart flies off the cliff.

    Video by rus199410 (2:08:30 - 2:11:32)

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