Onwards, to paradise! Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Onwards, to paradise!


    You've found the location of Eden.

    How to unlock Onwards, to paradise!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 4: Luz, France

    1. Try to open the door to the left of the postman to start a small cut scene.
    2. Push the crate away from the postman and towards the maintenance elevator lift. Once inside its door will close.
    3. Move to the boiler on the right to start a puzzle.
    4. Puzzle Solution: -11 then +3 five times to reach the red marker.
    5. The crate will rise in the elevator and you are now allowed to climb the red ladder.
    6. After the cut scene on the roof is over head left and jump up onto the silver crate and use the GP Bridge.
    7. Interact with the windmill to start a puzzle. You need to make up an addition formula to equal the answer next to the light bulbs.

    8. Continue in the opposite direction and use the zip line.
    9. On the other side there are 2 GP Bridges that you can pull down. Do so.
    10. Cross the bridge to the left. You will see a shovel on a table to your right.
    11. Interact with the windmill to start a puzzle.

    12. Use the zip line on this platform to reach Evelyn.
    13. Complete the final windmill puzzle.

    14. Use the zip line to return to where you were previously and return to the professor.
    15. Talk to the professor and afterwards he will open a hole with a ladder in the roof. Follow him down.

    Episode 5: Templar Church, Luz

    1. Select the projector on the central table to begin a puzzle. The final solution is shown below.

    Puzzle Steps

    1. Press once
    2. Move down two
    3. Press twice
    4. Move right one
    5. Press once
    6. Move up one
    7. Press three times
    8. Move up one
    9. Press twice
    10. Move right one
    11. Press twice
    12. Move down one
    13. Press once
    14. Move down one
    15. Press once

    2. Wait for the professor to stop speaking and then follow him to the church.
    3. He will babble an equation and eventually you will be able to select the 4 hanging bells near the entrance to start a puzzle.
    4. Puzzle Solution, select the bells in this order (from left to right): 1, 4, 2, 3, 4
    5. This will reveal descending stairs.
    6. Continue downward and grab the glimmering torch on the left.
    7. Light the torch in the nearby brazier.
    8. Look around the room until you find a large spider web.
    9. Use the torch on it then crouch through the tunnel.
    10. In the next room pull the floor lever to let the other people inside.
    11. As you head towards the chest you will unlock Onwards, to paradise!
    12. Interact with the chest to end the episode.

    Video by rus199410 (18:28 - 30:10)

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  • ... call me crazy... but i believe your projector puzzle steps are not accurate.

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