Nerves of steel Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Nerves of steel


    You saved the temple mount.

    How to unlock Nerves of steel

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 19: Mine I

    1. Follow the linear path to the mining carts and get in.
    2. Use the grapple to continue. Be prepared to crouch when necessary.
    3. You will ride for awhile but we ready for the next split.
    4. When it arrives, quickly grapple it to switch tracks. It will be right after a very quick segment and next to red explosive barrels.
    5. Shortly afterwards your mining cart is going to fly off the tracks.
    6. Grab the ceiling grapple before Adam falls to his death.
    7. Cross all 4 ceiling grapples to safety.
    8. Run to the end and ride the elevator.
    9. Climb the 2 ladders then use the zip line.
    10. Go inside to start a puzzle. These are the exact steps that will attain the solution.

    1. Enter
    2. Up 1
    3. Down 1
    4. Left 2
    5. Up 1
    6. Right 1
    7. This will unlock the exit.
    8. Down 2
    9. Left 1
    10. Right 2
    11. Down 1
    12. Left 2
    13. Up 1
    14. Right 1
    15. Down 1
    16. Left 2
    17. Up 2
    18. Exit!

    11. Enter the left mining cart. Be prepared to crouch.
    12. After the first area where you need to crouch there is a grapple switch that you must hit.
    13. Exit the cart and keep following the path.
    14. There will be a cut scene that will show you where you need to head next.
    15. Go to the detonator without being seen. The final solution is shown below.

    16. Continue heading forward without being detected.
    17. Crouch through the tunnel at the end.
    18. Begin a second segment of not being detected. Head to the opposite side of where you enter to reach a ledge where you can start climbing.
    19. After jumping down from the ledge, run up and use the elevator.
    20. Go forward but don't forgot to jump across the open gap in front of you!
    21. Start another maze. These are the exact steps that will attain the solution.

    1. Left 2
    2. Up 1
    3. Left 1
    4. Down 1
    5. Up 1
    6. Right 1
    7. Down 1
    8. Left 1
    9. Right 1
    10. Down 1
    11. Right 1
    12. Exit unlocks!
    13. Left 1
    14. Up 1
    15. Right 1
    16. Left 1
    17. Up 1
    18. Down 1
    19. Left 2
    20. Exit!

    22. Enter the mining cart. There are no grapple switches and you only need to duck once.
    23. Begin a third guard area. Go forward and ignore the left turn. This will allow you to skip most of the patrolled area.
    24. Jump over the two silver crates at the end to enter the guard patrolled area.
    25. Stick to the left to find the detonator. The final solution is shown below.

    26. Nearby will be silver crates showing a climbing area.
    27. Jump down and stick to the left as you head forward.
    28. Jump over the gap along the path and then pull a floor switch at the end.
    29. Use the elevator.
    30. Go to the final maze area. Again, don't forgot to jump the gap!
    31. There is only one way through the maze so run through to start a cut scene.
    32. Enter the mining cart to end the episode.
    33. You will unlock Nerves of steel during the episode transition black screen.

    Video by rus199410 (1:51:00 - 2:08:15)

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  • Great guide but just an okay game. Some puzzles were tricky. The two pictures on this page need switched though. Also, a part of the mining cart was incorrect. You don't switch anything on the first ride but you need to use the grapple hook on the second ride. PSN: WeezTheLegend15

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