Kill two stones with one bird Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Kill two stones with one bird


    You've restored the water supply.

    How to unlock Kill two stones with one bird

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 14: Airport

    1. Switch between talking with Evelyn and interacting with the door until you get her hairpin.
    2. Unlock the door via a puzzle.
    3. Puzzle Solution (numbering pins from left to right unlock in this order) - 4, 2, 1, 3
    4. This will unlock Jailbreaker and allow you to escape
    5. Take the zip line and proceed around the left edge of the perimeter. Stay out of the moving spotlight!
    6. After passing the shack on your right, proceed along the left side of the area.
    7. Keep heading left to find a shed with a car inside. There is no fuel so you must find some.
    8. Run past the car to enter a hole in the side of the tin shed. Evelyn must stop talking before you can actually go through the hole.
    9. Note: A video guide works better here but the areas are really small so you should not get lost.
    10. There is a guard in this first area. The fuel is your first two rights. Fuel #1 of 3.
    11. Leave on the opposite side and enter the second area, which has two guards. Collect Fuel #2 of 3.
    12. After leaving the second area you are outside next to two large tents. The gas in the farthest tent. Fuel #3 of 3.
    13. An alarm is sounded.
    14. Looking out from the entrance of your tent, run over to your right (towards the plane) to a red lit area that has a ladder. Climb up.
    15. Run across the roof and jump over the next ladder.
    16. After climbing up, turn left and use the grapple point.
    17. Follow the path back to Evelyn.
    18. Interact with the car to start the scene and end the episode.

    Episode 15: Jerusalem

    1. Run straight down the path in front of you.
    2. You will reach a soldier who will not let you proceed.
    3. Run to the soldier's right to enter an alleyway.
    4. Continue left to a very small courtyard and enter the shack.
    5. Climb the ladder inside.
    6. Climb the stairs that are on the roof.
    7. Use the grapple point.
    8. Drop down to the street level and run forward.
    9. Take your first left. As you proceed take two more left turns.
    10. You should eventually arrive at a dead end with a long stairway to your left (they do not go anywhere useful). The dead end can be climbed.
    11. After you land, follow the linear path to Evelyn.
    12. Run to the opposite side of Evelyn's area to start a cut scene.
    13. After the scene, put Adam's back to the excavation sign.
    14. Run straight forward, keeping to the right, to another corner. This corner has a purple roof that you need to climb on.
    15. Use the grapple points from the roof of this shack.
    16. You will encounter another boiler puzzle.
    17. Puzzle Solution (press the buttons in this order): -10, -10, +7, +7, -1-, +7, -10
    18. This will unlock both Kill two stones with one bird and your way forward.
    19. The floor nearby can be used to reach the street level.
    20. Run through the unlocked excavation gates and click the gate at the end.

    Video by rus199410 (1:08:44 - 1:21:20)

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