Knock knock... Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Knock knock...


    You opened the gate of Eden.

    How to unlock Knock knock...

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 13: Eden

    1. Use the zip line to return to Evelyn for a cut scene.
    2. You need to make the center circle pictures match the pictures on the pedestal.
    3. Select the inner circle and press  5 times.
    4. Select outer circle and press  4 times.

    5. Upon success the center circle rises up as a pedestal. Select it again.
    6. Match up the pictures of the puzzle pieces that Adam just laid down and match the inner circle.
    7. Completing this puzzle unlocks Knock knock... while opening the large door.
    8. Run over to the mining cart and crouch after it starts moving. Ride to the end of the track.
    9. Run back to the plane for a cut scene.

    Video by rus199410 (1:04:46 - 1:07:25)

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