Leap of faith Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Leap of faith


    Take the leap of faith.

    How to unlock Leap of faith

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 6: The Gate of Eden

    1. Follow the linear path to the small pond and then head left.
    2. Eventually you will encounter an area with hanging platforms.
    3. Once you enter this area, stick to the right side to find a mining cart. Use it to continue.
    4. You will arrive at a closed gate. Press on the ground switch to continue.
    5. Head forward to Evelyn, then past her to your left up the narrow path to find the professor.
    6. After talking with him, head back down the narrow path and interact with the puzzle at the bottom of the slope. The final solution is shown below.

    7. When done, pull the handle on the far right to get dynamite as your reward.
    8. Return to where the professor is and use the dynamite on the large red 50 gallon drum standing upright. The professor must tell you to "blast those rocks" before you can select the drum.
    9. Run back to the where the professor is and use the plunger to set off the dynamite.
    10. Jump into the hole to end the episode.

    Episode 7: The Search Begins I

    1. Head forward and then follow the circular path on the left.
    2. Use the grapple point that swings you towards a large stone bust.
    3. Facing the stone bust, head left.
    4. Follow the linear path upwards.
    5. Eventually you will talk to Evelyn on the radio again and have to use a grapple point bridge.
    6. Cross the bridge and continue climbing upwards.
    7. At the very top use the zip line.
    8. Pull the floor switch at the end.
    9. Use the nearby greenish triangle passageway to return to where you started (the linear path drops down several times), which now has a platform elevator that you can use.
    10. Step onto the wooden circular elevator pad.
    11. Run forward to end the episode.

    Episode 8: The Search Begins II

    Central Area

    1. Continue forward until you see the "blue hissing thing".
    2. Light your torch with one of the fire braziers.
    3. Use the grapple point in the center of the area to swing to the upper ledges. There are 3 upper ledges. One is locked but the other two can be done in any order.

    Area #1 (forward)

    4. Adam will say "Wow" as he enters and sees 2 large pillar-like objects in the distance.
    5. Run to your left to find an upwards path that you can climb.
    6. Use the 2 grapple points to reach the top of the left of those 2 large platform structures.
    7. On the nearby cavern wall is a greenish wall switch that you can hit with your grapple. This releases a floor lock #1 of 2.
    8. Repeat this process for the opposite side to unlock #2 of 2.
    9. Retrieve the story item that has just been unlocked (#1 of 2).

    Area #2 (left)

    10. This area has a bunch of greenish mist covering the bottom area of the screen.
    11. Grapple the 2 wall levers to unlock the main floor case.
    12. Retrieve the story item that has just been unlocked (#2 of 2).

    Central Area

    13. Head back to the central area.
    14. Interact with the pedestal that is there to start a puzzle. Rotate to create the 1 Corinthians 13:13 verse then press to activate.


    15. This will remove the bars blocking the third upper area.

    Area #3 (right)

    16. As you proceed through a very short tunnel, grab the story item sitting on a pedestal to your left.
    17. This removes two large stone blocks from blocking the bridge you need to pull down.
    18. Use the grapple point bridge.
    19. Run forward to find another puzzle. The final solution is shown below.

    20. The doors will open so you can continue forward.

    Episode 9: Leap of Faith

    1. Run forward, light your torch, and remove the spider web blocking your path.
    2. Continue onward taking the left bridge through falling water.
    3. Climb upwards and use grapple points when necessary.
    4. You will find another pedestal with another word puzzle.


    5. A gate unlocks.
    6. Use the zip line back through the falling water on the bridge.
    7. Take the right bridge this time.
    8. Follow the linear path to collect a floor switch.
    9. Run back to the fork and go straight.
    10. Fix then use the floor switch to open the way forward.
    11. Use the grapple point through the waterfall.
    12. Follow the linear path to another door puzzle.

    13. The door unlocks so you can continue.
    14. Running through these doors will unlock Leap of faith.

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