Dominus Illuminatio Mea Trophy in Adam's Venture: Origins

  • Dominus Illuminatio Mea


    You found a secret passage.

    How to unlock Dominus Illuminatio Mea

    Episode 1: Oxford

    1. Find the professor's new assistant. It's a linear path.
    2. After speaking with Evelyn, complete the painting puzzle.

    3. Head to the locked library door (bright gold lock) and start the puzzle to unlock it. Turn the wheels to spell LUMEN to complete the puzzle.
    4. Head over to the bookcase that has 3 ladders on it for a puzzle.
    5. The picture below shows the numbered starting ladder locations. The right side of the picture shows the completed ladder.

    Puzzle Steps

    1. Move #1 three spaces right then down one
    2. Move #2 left one, up one, right four, up one
    3. Move #1 up one, left two
    4. Move #3 right one, up one, left one
    5. Move #2 down two, left one
    6. Move #3 right one, up one
    7. Move #1 right two, down one
    8. Move #3 down one, left one
    9. Move #1 up two
    10. Move #3 right one
    11. Move #2 right one

    6. Climb the completed ladder and grab the glimmering book to the left.
    7. A window falls over.
    8. Use the new window passageway by crouching and go back to the professor's office.
    9. Once Evelyn and Abraham are looking at the book on the desk, take it from them.
    10. Head to the fireplace.
    11. Look above the mantle and interact with the shield.
    12. This opens a trap door beneath Adam's feet and unlocks Dominus Illuminatio Mea.

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