• Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 15 (4, 10, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 3 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Adam's Venture: Origins has a game style identical to portions of Tomb Raider and Uncharted. One very notable difference however is this game lacks any sort of combat or weapons. It is single player only and there is no multiplayer capability. Even though this is a PS4 game it has graphics comparable with first-gen PS3 games. In other words, the graphics are not good (comparably) at the time this game was released. The game play is also much more clunky than we are used to at this point.

With that said, I found this game to be quite enjoyable even though the story was extremely clichéd. The reality is, this game will only take you 2-4 hours to complete so you will not really be playing it for that long. It is with this duration that I found it fun. I should also mention that this game is extremely easy so you will almost certainly want this title if you are a platinum trophy hunter. If any of you trophy hunters out there are looking for a "fastest platinum" title, this is a good choice because you can complete it in under 2 hours if you know what you are doing and never have to reload a checkpoint.

This game does not have a difficulty setting. The only way you can die is if you get spotted by a guard during a section where you cannot be seen or if you fall from a great height. In this context a great height pretty much means where you cannot see the ground because I easily fell 60 feet at one point with no problem.

Auto-save is used to track your progress but the game also employs the ability to load from a previous checkpoint (and these are frequent) or restart an entire Episode. The story is broken down into 20 Episodes. There are no missable trophies because all Episodes may be replayed through the "Chapter Select" concept that this game has.

The game is extremely story driven and even if you know where to go next, you frequently have to wait for a certain cut scene or conversation option to occur before you can proceed. For example, I had only 1 game glitch while I was playing. At a certain point in the story, one of the game characters was supposed to say a certain line and then walk out of the area. Well, he walked out of the area but never said his line. As a result, I was unable to interact with the object that I needed to. With the frequent checkpoints, I was able to reload the last checkpoint and get right back to where I was in just a couple of minutes. He said his line and I could proceed.


13 of the 15 trophies are story related so you could almost get the platinum without even trying. Even though I put a decent amount of information within the story-related trophy descriptions, I doubt you will need to use them that much (if at all). The other 2 trophies do require you to do specific actions but these are also extremely simple. Since there is the ability to replay any Episode, there are no missable trophies.

The walk-through below will list the best order to get all of the trophies in a single playthrough.

Step 1: Single Playthrough
Play through the story

The game begins with two optional trophies so refer to their descriptions to unlock:

Episode 1 (Oxford) - Heavy sleeper 
Episode 1 (Oxford) - Globetrotter  (Perform 2 of the 3 requirements for unlocking)

You will then unlock these story trophies:

Episode 1 (Oxford) - Dominus Illuminatio Mea 
Episode 2 (Oxford Dungeon) - All roads lead to Luz 
Episode 3 (Route de Luz, 1925) - Pairing up 

Finish out the 3rd requirement to unlock this optional trophy:

Episode 5 (Templar Church, Luz) - Globetrotter 

Complete the game, unlocking these story trophies:

Episode 5 (Templar Church, Luz) - Onwards, to paradise! 
Episode 9 (Leap of Faith) - Leap of faith 
Episode 12 (Hold On To Your Belief) - Adam may yet surprise you! 
Episode 13 (Eden) - Knock knock... 
Episode 14 (Airport) - Jailbreaker 
Episode 15 (Jerusalem) - Kill two stones with one bird 
Episode 18 (Solomon's Throne Room) - Adding a bit of wisdom 
Episode 19 (Mine I) - Nerves of steel 
Episode 20 (Mine II) - It all ends with a bang 

Step 2: Cleanup
Replay any episodes to finish up your trophies.

All episodes can be replayed whenever you want (after they are initially unlocked).

Once all individual trophies are out of the way, the Hero of the day  trophy will be yours.


All video credit and thanks goes to rus199410 for a complete video walk through guide.

[PST Would Like to Thank scharn73 for this Roadmap]

Adam's Venture: Origins Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 10  3  )

  • You've saved the world from a religious war.

    This unlocks after collecting all of the other trophies.

  • You found a secret passage.

    Episode 1: Oxford

    1. Find the professor's new assistant. It's a linear path.
    2. After speaking with Evelyn, complete the painting puzzle.

    3. Head to the locked library door (bright gold lock) and start the puzzle to unlock it. Turn the wheels to spell LUMEN to complete the puzzle.
    4. Head over to the bookcase that has 3 ladders on it for a puzzle.
    5. The picture below shows the numbered starting ladder locations. The right side of the picture shows the completed ladder.

    Puzzle Steps

    1. Move #1 three spaces right then down one
    2. Move #2 left one, up one, right four, up one
    3. Move #1 up one, left two
    4. Move #3 right one, up one, left one
    5. Move #2 down two, left one
    6. Move #3 right one, up one
    7. Move #1 right two, down one
    8. Move #3 down one, left one
    9. Move #1 up two
    10. Move #3 right one
    11. Move #2 right one

    6. Climb the completed ladder and grab the glimmering book to the left.
    7. A window falls over.
    8. Use the new window passageway by crouching and go back to the professor's office.
    9. Once Evelyn and Abraham are looking at the book on the desk, take it from them.
    10. Head to the fireplace.
    11. Look above the mantle and interact with the shield.
    12. This opens a trap door beneath Adam's feet and unlocks Dominus Illuminatio Mea.

    Video by rus199410 (0:00 - 7:50)

  • The adventure begins.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 2: Oxford Dungeon

    1. Grab the Grappling Hook that is glimmering in front of you on the crates.
    2. Exit the cell and use the Grappling Hook to cross the large hole in front of you.
    3. Proceed clockwise around the area and drop down 3 times.
    4. Lower the grappling point bridge and then cross it.
    5. Drop down twice clockwise then drop down twice counter-clockwise.
    6. Head clockwise down the stairs then use the grapple point when you cannot go any further.
    7. Drop down three times clockwise to reach the bottom.
    8. Continue through the door that is opposite the 2 statues (the door between them is locked for now).
    9. Continue up the stairs, open the door, then pull the switch directly in front of you.
    10. Proceed back to and through the 2 statues (the door is now open).
    11. Continue straight until you reach a wall. You should see a shiny object on the ground next to a skeleton holding a shield. This is trinket #1 of 4.
    12. Turn left and head across the 4 grapple points. You can fall to your death here.
    13. This area will be larger and you will see more grapple points. Before you do that, head to your right and grab trinket #2 of 4.
    14. Jump across 1 grapple point and land.
    15. You will see 2 flaming torches and another grapple point. Head to your left so that you can swing towards those 2 torches. You will need to get momentum to swing all the way across. Grab trinket #3 of 4.
    16. Continue counter clockwise across the next 2 grapple points.
    17. Head up the L shaped stairs here to find the last trinket, #4 of 4.
    18. Drop down and head up the nearby stairs which returns you to the room with 2 statues.
    19. Head back up the stairs opposite of the 2 statues where the large Dominus Illuminatio Mea moving plates can be found.
    20. In this room are 4 pillars where you can place each of the 4 plate trinkets that you just found.
    21. Doing so eventually reveals a map of the next location on your journey whereby you will unlock All roads lead to Luz.

    Video by rus199410 (8:09 - 15:15)

  • Take the leap of faith.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 6: The Gate of Eden

    1. Follow the linear path to the small pond and then head left.
    2. Eventually you will encounter an area with hanging platforms.
    3. Once you enter this area, stick to the right side to find a mining cart. Use it to continue.
    4. You will arrive at a closed gate. Press on the ground switch to continue.
    5. Head forward to Evelyn, then past her to your left up the narrow path to find the professor.
    6. After talking with him, head back down the narrow path and interact with the puzzle at the bottom of the slope. The final solution is shown below.

    7. When done, pull the handle on the far right to get dynamite as your reward.
    8. Return to where the professor is and use the dynamite on the large red 50 gallon drum standing upright. The professor must tell you to "blast those rocks" before you can select the drum.
    9. Run back to the where the professor is and use the plunger to set off the dynamite.
    10. Jump into the hole to end the episode.

    Episode 7: The Search Begins I

    1. Head forward and then follow the circular path on the left.
    2. Use the grapple point that swings you towards a large stone bust.
    3. Facing the stone bust, head left.
    4. Follow the linear path upwards.
    5. Eventually you will talk to Evelyn on the radio again and have to use a grapple point bridge.
    6. Cross the bridge and continue climbing upwards.
    7. At the very top use the zip line.
    8. Pull the floor switch at the end.
    9. Use the nearby greenish triangle passageway to return to where you started (the linear path drops down several times), which now has a platform elevator that you can use.
    10. Step onto the wooden circular elevator pad.
    11. Run forward to end the episode.

    Episode 8: The Search Begins II

    Central Area

    1. Continue forward until you see the "blue hissing thing".
    2. Light your torch with one of the fire braziers.
    3. Use the grapple point in the center of the area to swing to the upper ledges. There are 3 upper ledges. One is locked but the other two can be done in any order.

    Area #1 (forward)

    4. Adam will say "Wow" as he enters and sees 2 large pillar-like objects in the distance.
    5. Run to your left to find an upwards path that you can climb.
    6. Use the 2 grapple points to reach the top of the left of those 2 large platform structures.
    7. On the nearby cavern wall is a greenish wall switch that you can hit with your grapple. This releases a floor lock #1 of 2.
    8. Repeat this process for the opposite side to unlock #2 of 2.
    9. Retrieve the story item that has just been unlocked (#1 of 2).

    Area #2 (left)

    10. This area has a bunch of greenish mist covering the bottom area of the screen.
    11. Grapple the 2 wall levers to unlock the main floor case.
    12. Retrieve the story item that has just been unlocked (#2 of 2).

    Central Area

    13. Head back to the central area.
    14. Interact with the pedestal that is there to start a puzzle. Rotate to create the 1 Corinthians 13:13 verse then press to activate.


    15. This will remove the bars blocking the third upper area.

    Area #3 (right)

    16. As you proceed through a very short tunnel, grab the story item sitting on a pedestal to your left.
    17. This removes two large stone blocks from blocking the bridge you need to pull down.
    18. Use the grapple point bridge.
    19. Run forward to find another puzzle. The final solution is shown below.

    20. The doors will open so you can continue forward.

    Episode 9: Leap of Faith

    1. Run forward, light your torch, and remove the spider web blocking your path.
    2. Continue onward taking the left bridge through falling water.
    3. Climb upwards and use grapple points when necessary.
    4. You will find another pedestal with another word puzzle.


    5. A gate unlocks.
    6. Use the zip line back through the falling water on the bridge.
    7. Take the right bridge this time.
    8. Follow the linear path to collect a floor switch.
    9. Run back to the fork and go straight.
    10. Fix then use the floor switch to open the way forward.
    11. Use the grapple point through the waterfall.
    12. Follow the linear path to another door puzzle.

    13. The door unlocks so you can continue.
    14. Running through these doors will unlock Leap of faith.

    Video by rus199410 (30:29 - 51:40)

  • You always find a way back!

    Episode 10: A Full Spectrum I

    1. Run forward across the grapple point bridge then take a left into the crystal cave.
    2. Run up to the pedestal to the right of the flaming torches.


    3. A yellow light begins shining towards the middle.
    4. Run around to the back to find 3 pillars with colored crystals.
    5. Behind these pillars is a ledge you can climb.
    6. Run to the edge of this ledge and use the grapple point.
    7. You need to traverse five grapple points without falling. While attached you cannot fall so just swing back and forth. Do not press any buttons until your swing gets you close enough to the next grapple that you see the marker on it. At this precise moment press to let go of your current grapple and switch to the next one.
    8. At the end of these grapples is a ledge that you can swing to.
    9. Pull the switch on this ledge to release a blue beam into the center.
    10. Climb up the nearby ledge and take the zip line that is there.
    11. After arriving on the opposite side of the cave there is another floor switch.
    12. Pull it to activate a red beam into the center.
    13. Take the zip line from this ledge back down to the three colored pillars.
    14. The area in front of these pillars contains a moveable base with crystal refraction on top.
    15. Move in front of the white light that is shooting towards the blue crystal.
    16. Move the crystal closer to the center of the room to cause the red/yellow/blue beams to connect with its respective pillar.

    17. The exit door will unlock in the back of the cave.
    18. Leave through that door and follow the linear path all the way to the puzzle door at the end.

    19. Head through the unlocked door.

    Episode 11: A Full Spectrum II

    1. The path is linear but very dark. Turn your brightness up and walk along the very narrow pathway.
    2. Take the zip line at the red lit T-shaped platform.
    3. This begins a section of linear jumps, ledges, and zip lines. All very straightforward.
    4. Eventually you will arrive at another narrow walkway.
    5. Cross with brightness up and use crouch to get underneath the obstruction (there is also a place to light your torch here).
    6. Use the grapple at the end.
    7. After landing, look up to use yet another grapple point over to another stone column.
    8. Cross the narrow walkway then follow the linear narrow ledge.
    9. Use the grapple point at the end.
    10. Continue along the narrow ledge to end the episode.

    Episode 12: Hold On To Your Belief

    1. Head forward and up the stairs.
    2. Arrange the items like so.

    3. Run up to the tree and activate the pedestal nearby for a puzzle.


    4. This will activate the wind pipes on the 3 items you previously moved.
    5. If successful, the exit door will open.
    6. Run up the steps into the next area.
    7. Continue up the right side and use the grapple point bridge.
    8. There is a pedestal in an open caged area in the midst of a shallow pool.
    9. Take the 6 puzzle pieces from the pedestal.
    10. Turning around, head to your left up more climbing ledges.
    11. At the top there is a grapple point.
    12. Run into the cave to end the scene. As soon as the Eden episode begins you will unlock Adam may yet surprise you!

    Video by rus199410 (51:50 - 1:05:00)

  • You opened the gate of Eden.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 13: Eden

    1. Use the zip line to return to Evelyn for a cut scene.
    2. You need to make the center circle pictures match the pictures on the pedestal.
    3. Select the inner circle and press  5 times.
    4. Select outer circle and press  4 times.

    5. Upon success the center circle rises up as a pedestal. Select it again.
    6. Match up the pictures of the puzzle pieces that Adam just laid down and match the inner circle.
    7. Completing this puzzle unlocks Knock knock... while opening the large door.
    8. Run over to the mining cart and crouch after it starts moving. Ride to the end of the track.
    9. Run back to the plane for a cut scene.

    Video by rus199410 (1:04:46 - 1:07:25)

  • You escaped!

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 14: Airport

    1. Switch between talking with Evelyn and interacting with the door until you get her hairpin.
    2. Unlock the door via a puzzle.
    3. Puzzle Solution (numbering pins from left to right, unlock in this order) - 4, 2, 1, 3
    4. This will unlock Jailbreaker and allow you to escape

    Video by rus199410 (1:08:44 - 1:10:30)

  • You've restored the water supply.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 14: Airport

    1. Switch between talking with Evelyn and interacting with the door until you get her hairpin.
    2. Unlock the door via a puzzle.
    3. Puzzle Solution (numbering pins from left to right unlock in this order) - 4, 2, 1, 3
    4. This will unlock Jailbreaker and allow you to escape
    5. Take the zip line and proceed around the left edge of the perimeter. Stay out of the moving spotlight!
    6. After passing the shack on your right, proceed along the left side of the area.
    7. Keep heading left to find a shed with a car inside. There is no fuel so you must find some.
    8. Run past the car to enter a hole in the side of the tin shed. Evelyn must stop talking before you can actually go through the hole.
    9. Note: A video guide works better here but the areas are really small so you should not get lost.
    10. There is a guard in this first area. The fuel is your first two rights. Fuel #1 of 3.
    11. Leave on the opposite side and enter the second area, which has two guards. Collect Fuel #2 of 3.
    12. After leaving the second area you are outside next to two large tents. The gas in the farthest tent. Fuel #3 of 3.
    13. An alarm is sounded.
    14. Looking out from the entrance of your tent, run over to your right (towards the plane) to a red lit area that has a ladder. Climb up.
    15. Run across the roof and jump over the next ladder.
    16. After climbing up, turn left and use the grapple point.
    17. Follow the path back to Evelyn.
    18. Interact with the car to start the scene and end the episode.

    Episode 15: Jerusalem

    1. Run straight down the path in front of you.
    2. You will reach a soldier who will not let you proceed.
    3. Run to the soldier's right to enter an alleyway.
    4. Continue left to a very small courtyard and enter the shack.
    5. Climb the ladder inside.
    6. Climb the stairs that are on the roof.
    7. Use the grapple point.
    8. Drop down to the street level and run forward.
    9. Take your first left. As you proceed take two more left turns.
    10. You should eventually arrive at a dead end with a long stairway to your left (they do not go anywhere useful). The dead end can be climbed.
    11. After you land, follow the linear path to Evelyn.
    12. Run to the opposite side of Evelyn's area to start a cut scene.
    13. After the scene, put Adam's back to the excavation sign.
    14. Run straight forward, keeping to the right, to another corner. This corner has a purple roof that you need to climb on.
    15. Use the grapple points from the roof of this shack.
    16. You will encounter another boiler puzzle.
    17. Puzzle Solution (press the buttons in this order): -10, -10, +7, +7, -1-, +7, -10
    18. This will unlock both Kill two stones with one bird and your way forward.
    19. The floor nearby can be used to reach the street level.
    20. Run through the unlocked excavation gates and click the gate at the end.

    Video by rus199410 (1:08:44 - 1:21:20)

  • You found Solomon's treasure.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 16: Excavation Site

    1. Run down the path and into the first tent on your left.
    2. Select the Absence Board for a puzzle.
    3. Puzzle Solution: (from top to bottom): William, Catherine, Brian, Alan, Rose, Thomas
    4. Leave the tent and go left.
    5. Complete the electrical box puzzle in the corner.
    6. Puzzle Solution: There are 3 dials on the right side, each with 4 colors. The top color is the "selected" color. The top and middle dials need to be yellow. The bottom dial needs to be green. Activate the device to complete the puzzle.
    7. Climb the lowered ladder and then use the zip line at the top.
    8. Continue out from between the tents and run to your left.
    9. Talk to the solider in front of the tent.
    10. Complete the wire puzzle on the radio. The final solution is below.

    11. Leave the tent and follow the solider.
    12. Talk to him again once you arrive.
    13. Complete the Boiler puzzle. The first damaged button is a +7 and the other is +11. The solution below will list the button press order, numbered from left to right.
    14. Puzzle Solution (press the buttons in this order): 2, 1, 1, 2, 1.
    15. Talk to the solider again.
    16. The solider will give you his security pass.
    17. Run back to the main area and talk to the only other solider in this area.
    18. Go inside and fix the boiler.
    19. Puzzle Solution (press the buttons in this order): 1 (-24), 2 (+7), 5 (-8), 2 (+7), 5 (-8), 2 (+7).
    20. Climb up the ladder then use the new zip line.
    21. Run in the only direction that you can for a cut scene.

    Episode 17: Solomon's Temple

    1. Walk to the far door and inspect it for a cut scene.
    2. Solve the room puzzle. The solution is shown in the picture.

    3. Upon success a green light will now be shining from the central pillar.
    4. Select the central pedestal.
    5. Press twice. The light should have moved to point at Solomon.
    6. Select one ring to be red and the other to be blue.
    7. The purple light will unlock the way forward.
    8. Proceed along the linear path until you encounter a floor switch puzzle.
    9. Adjust the floor switches until the path looks like the picture.

    1. Pull 3rd lever once
    2. Pull 2nd lever once

    10. Exit the puzzle. Evelyn is trapped.
    11. Run across the path you just created and grab a lever from the floor.
    12. Start the puzzle again.

    1. Pull 5th lever twice
    2. Pull 4th lever once
    3. Pull 3rd lever twice
    4. Pull 2nd lever once

    13. Exit the puzzle and head across the path you just made to the other side.
    14. Proceed through the linear path of grapple points until you reach the green-hued room.
    15. Use the grapple to knock over a pillar near the exit on the other side of the room.
    16. Jump up the fallen pillar.
    17. Run to the end and use the elevator.
    18. Exit the elevator and pull the nearby floor switch to free Evelyn.
    19. Run to the end of the hall and complete the puzzle.

    1. Activate the top ring first. Let it turn and stop once.
    2. Activate the bottom ring.
    3. As they turn, the rings should now all align and let the water through.

    20. This will open the way forward.

    Episode 18: Solomon's Throne Room

    1. Use the nearby fire brazier to light your torch.
    2. Light the glistening unlit torch brazier to your left.
    3. Run forward and take the first left then the first right.
    4. Solve the wall puzzle. The final solution is shown below.

    5. Go through the door that just opened and follow the linear path.
    6. In a room full of fire braziers on pillars there is a floor switch.
    7. Pull it to open a pathway through the floor.
    8. Take the ladder down.
    9. Proceed to the water puzzle.

    1. Activate the middle ring first. Let it turn and stop once.
    2. Activate the top ring next. Let it turn and stop once.
    3. Activate the bottom ring.
    4. As they turn, the rings should now all align and let the water through.

    10. Run through the newly opened doorway to the end and pull the floor switch.
    11. Talk to Evelyn.
    12. Complete the final water puzzle.

    1. Activate the purple ring first. Let it turn and stop once.
    2. As it starts to turn a second time, activate both the yellow and red rings. The third turn will begin while you are doing this.
    3. Activate the blue ring after the third turn has started.
    4. As they turn, the rings should now all align and let the water through.

    13. Continue through the newly opened doorway.
    14. Light each of the 4 fire braziers and pull their respective floor switches after lit. Order does not seem to matter.
    15. Run through the newly opened door and proceed until you find a pool.
    16. Use the grapple to topple one of the pillars.
    17. Cross the pool and use the elevator at the end.
    18. Proceed through the linear path using the grapples along the way.
    19. Start the kaleidoscope puzzle. There are way too many steps to list, but your final solution is shown in the picture.

    20. Run through the newly opened door and along the path until you reach a book.
    21. Read the book to unlock Adding a bit of wisdom.
    22. Follow Evelyn to the exit.

    Video by rus199410 (1:21:53 - 1:49:58)

  • You saved the temple mount.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 19: Mine I

    1. Follow the linear path to the mining carts and get in.
    2. Use the grapple to continue. Be prepared to crouch when necessary.
    3. You will ride for awhile but we ready for the next split.
    4. When it arrives, quickly grapple it to switch tracks. It will be right after a very quick segment and next to red explosive barrels.
    5. Shortly afterwards your mining cart is going to fly off the tracks.
    6. Grab the ceiling grapple before Adam falls to his death.
    7. Cross all 4 ceiling grapples to safety.
    8. Run to the end and ride the elevator.
    9. Climb the 2 ladders then use the zip line.
    10. Go inside to start a puzzle. These are the exact steps that will attain the solution.

    1. Enter
    2. Up 1
    3. Down 1
    4. Left 2
    5. Up 1
    6. Right 1
    7. This will unlock the exit.
    8. Down 2
    9. Left 1
    10. Right 2
    11. Down 1
    12. Left 2
    13. Up 1
    14. Right 1
    15. Down 1
    16. Left 2
    17. Up 2
    18. Exit!

    11. Enter the left mining cart. Be prepared to crouch.
    12. After the first area where you need to crouch there is a grapple switch that you must hit.
    13. Exit the cart and keep following the path.
    14. There will be a cut scene that will show you where you need to head next.
    15. Go to the detonator without being seen. The final solution is shown below.

    16. Continue heading forward without being detected.
    17. Crouch through the tunnel at the end.
    18. Begin a second segment of not being detected. Head to the opposite side of where you enter to reach a ledge where you can start climbing.
    19. After jumping down from the ledge, run up and use the elevator.
    20. Go forward but don't forgot to jump across the open gap in front of you!
    21. Start another maze. These are the exact steps that will attain the solution.

    1. Left 2
    2. Up 1
    3. Left 1
    4. Down 1
    5. Up 1
    6. Right 1
    7. Down 1
    8. Left 1
    9. Right 1
    10. Down 1
    11. Right 1
    12. Exit unlocks!
    13. Left 1
    14. Up 1
    15. Right 1
    16. Left 1
    17. Up 1
    18. Down 1
    19. Left 2
    20. Exit!

    22. Enter the mining cart. There are no grapple switches and you only need to duck once.
    23. Begin a third guard area. Go forward and ignore the left turn. This will allow you to skip most of the patrolled area.
    24. Jump over the two silver crates at the end to enter the guard patrolled area.
    25. Stick to the left to find the detonator. The final solution is shown below.

    26. Nearby will be silver crates showing a climbing area.
    27. Jump down and stick to the left as you head forward.
    28. Jump over the gap along the path and then pull a floor switch at the end.
    29. Use the elevator.
    30. Go to the final maze area. Again, don't forgot to jump the gap!
    31. There is only one way through the maze so run through to start a cut scene.
    32. Enter the mining cart to end the episode.
    33. You will unlock Nerves of steel during the episode transition black screen.

    Video by rus199410 (1:51:00 - 2:08:15)

  • You've found the location of Eden.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 4: Luz, France

    1. Try to open the door to the left of the postman to start a small cut scene.
    2. Push the crate away from the postman and towards the maintenance elevator lift. Once inside its door will close.
    3. Move to the boiler on the right to start a puzzle.
    4. Puzzle Solution: -11 then +3 five times to reach the red marker.
    5. The crate will rise in the elevator and you are now allowed to climb the red ladder.
    6. After the cut scene on the roof is over head left and jump up onto the silver crate and use the GP Bridge.
    7. Interact with the windmill to start a puzzle. You need to make up an addition formula to equal the answer next to the light bulbs.

    8. Continue in the opposite direction and use the zip line.
    9. On the other side there are 2 GP Bridges that you can pull down. Do so.
    10. Cross the bridge to the left. You will see a shovel on a table to your right.
    11. Interact with the windmill to start a puzzle.

    12. Use the zip line on this platform to reach Evelyn.
    13. Complete the final windmill puzzle.

    14. Use the zip line to return to where you were previously and return to the professor.
    15. Talk to the professor and afterwards he will open a hole with a ladder in the roof. Follow him down.

    Episode 5: Templar Church, Luz

    1. Select the projector on the central table to begin a puzzle. The final solution is shown below.

    Puzzle Steps

    1. Press once
    2. Move down two
    3. Press twice
    4. Move right one
    5. Press once
    6. Move up one
    7. Press three times
    8. Move up one
    9. Press twice
    10. Move right one
    11. Press twice
    12. Move down one
    13. Press once
    14. Move down one
    15. Press once

    2. Wait for the professor to stop speaking and then follow him to the church.
    3. He will babble an equation and eventually you will be able to select the 4 hanging bells near the entrance to start a puzzle.
    4. Puzzle Solution, select the bells in this order (from left to right): 1, 4, 2, 3, 4
    5. This will reveal descending stairs.
    6. Continue downward and grab the glimmering torch on the left.
    7. Light the torch in the nearby brazier.
    8. Look around the room until you find a large spider web.
    9. Use the torch on it then crouch through the tunnel.
    10. In the next room pull the floor lever to let the other people inside.
    11. As you head towards the chest you will unlock Onwards, to paradise!
    12. Interact with the chest to end the episode.

    Video by rus199410 (18:28 - 30:10)

  • You've teamed up with Evelyn.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 3: Route de Luz, 1925

    1. After talking with the man, run up and interact with his vehicle's engine.
    2. Align the wires to solve the puzzle.

    3. Get back in your car.
    4. The trophy will unlock during the cut scene.

    Video by rus199410 (15:34 - 18:00)


Secret trophies

  • How can you sleep at a time like this?

    There is no way any trophy could be easier. You start up the game and as soon as the story begins, just do nothing for about 90 seconds. The trophy will unlock once you have waited long enough.

  • You've spun all the globes around.

    There are 3 standing globes (of the Earth) that you must spin to unlock this trophy. Episodes may be replayed if you miss any. The trophy will unlock immediately after you spin the third globe.

    • Episode 1 (Oxford) - In the office where you begin the game.
    • Episode 1 (Oxford) - One of your story tasks is to get a book from the library. The globe is located in the library.
    • Episode 5 (Templar Church, Luz) - In the office where this episode begins.

    Video by rus199410

  • You've defeated James Saint-Omair

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Episode 20: Mine II

    1. Stay crouched most of the time to avoid gunfire and bombs.
    2. Hit water towers as you go by to cool the mining cart wheels.
    3. This is mostly just watching and there are only two water towers to hit.
    4. During the straight sections you need to release both Evelyn and Abraham using the grapple. This section will keep repeating until you accomplish this task.
    5. You will split off of the main track and head outside.
    6. Hit the very first grapple to switch tracks.
    7. Skip the next grapple point.
    8. Hit the third grapple point to escape your doom.
    9. This will unlock It all ends with a bang as the other cart flies off the cliff.

    Video by rus199410 (2:08:30 - 2:11:32)

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