Got Ya! Trophy in Adam's Venture: Chronicles (Original Version)

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    How to unlock Got Ya!

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    This trophy is awarded for completing the final puzzle in Episode 3. You must use the room to cage and stop the evil warmonger. While the puzzle itself may look hard it is fairly easy to solve. The controls on the right side of the room will control the disc selection and the disc rotation, while the controls on the left combine the discs and flip them. There is a 9x9 diagram on the right wall that corresponds to the 9x9 flooring. You are going to want to trap the sixth square the boss is standing on.

    To do so you must make the three hanging circles match the diagram for that floor space. By selecting the correct circle and deciding which way to rotate and flip it will make them match when all the circles are combined.

    Control Layout:
    Flipping control____________Disc select control
    Combine control___Bridge___Rotate control

    During the time you are flipping and rotating, the bridge in the middle will get pelted with falling rocks. You will go from running across it, to jumping across it, to shimmying across it. The more you do this, the more will be demolished.

    Once you have all three circles set up, hit the combine lever to capture the boss. This will pop the trophy as well as the Fully Ventured trophy.

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