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    Ah...look a Book!

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    Once you've passed through Solomon's throne room and solved a few more puzzles, you'll come to an area that's covered in moss and is nothing but a slim path leading to some spiral steps. But only half of the staircase in there currently. You will find a puzzle on the wall located to your right.

    This puzzle is like another one in the game, but it has coloured crystals you need to match together on the same wheel. To do so you need to rotate these wheels to place all the same colors together on each wheel with the same color center piece.

    To do so you'll need to look at the puzzle like this:

    D E B

    Each letter corresponds to a wheel.

    Now you'll need to turn each wheel so that your colors are all together. Here is the sequence for doing so starting from original positions:


    The staircase will now complete itself and you are free to continue to the top. Once there you will get a cutscene, and the trophy.

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