Rope Master Trophy

  • Rope Master


    You are the master of ropes

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 2 you will need to get past a guard checkpoint. To do so you'll need to find the side path that leads off to the left. At the first corner of the path you will find a beam sticking off the side of a building, highlighted by green lights. Continue past this to an excavation site and go down into the site.

    On the first floor you'll want to light your torch. Continue down to the second floor and you will find a puzzle with 4 doors. Pulling the levers will open some doors while closing others.

    The solution for the doors are as follows:

    Use the levers from left to right: 3,2,1.

    Continue through the newly-opened doors, past the tombs to the archway on the left with the cobwebs blocking the path. Use your torch to burn them away. To your right will be the rope.

    Head back outside to the building with the beam and use the rope to climb up and over to meet up with Evelyn on the other side.

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  • Story related. In episode 2 you spot a higher area and say something like 'i will need a rope'. Then a little further on in the level you find a rope. Pick it up and the trophy is yours.

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