Key to your faith Trophy in Adam's Venture: Chronicles (Original Version)

  • Key to your faith


    Find the hidden key

    How to unlock Key to your faith

    Story-related, cannot be missed.

    In Episode 1 you will come across a fork in the tunnel. The left and right paths will have water flowing down across them, and the center will be a locked gate. Take the path to the left first and you will find a post with writing that is turnable. You need to turn these pieces with writing on so that they align correctly. When done it should say:

    Everything can distract you.
    Look beyond the material world.
    Take a leap of faith.

    By aligning these correctly you'll receive a cut scene in which the water stops falling. You can now go back out to the main fork and relight your torch. Now take the right path and light the blazer that is there. The door in front of you will now open. Go inside and to the left to find the key laying on the floor. Pick it up for your trophy.

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